10 Best Online Transparent GIF Maker Websites

Transparent GIFs are a famous form of visible content shared online. They are created by removing the background of a photograph and changing it into a lively GIF. There are many online tools to be had to help customers create these transparent snapshots. In this article, we are able to discuss the ten excellent and prominent GIF maker websites, expanding on the preliminary list supplied.

10 Best Online GIF-Making Websites:

1. EzGif

EzGif is broadly seen as one of the high-quality free online GIF makers to be had. It has a user-pleasant interface and offers a variety of editing equipment with EzGif.

  • You can effortlessly create GIFs with backgrounds and excessive satisfaction. 
  • The internet site allows you to add delay time, change the animation velocity, rearrange frames, resize, rotate, add loops, and more. 
  • Its versatility and simplicity of use make it a top-notch preference for both novices and experts.

2. OnlineGIFTools GIF Transparency Maker

OnlineGIFTools is another industry leader in blatant GIF manipulation. This website gives a streamlined online experience, allowing users to create noticeable GIF results easily. 

  • It supports batch processing, so because of this, you can add more than one document right away and process them simultaneously. 
  • It supports various document codecs, making it convenient for customers who paint with exclusive picture types.

3. Filmora Meme Generator

Filmora Meme Generator is an unfastened online tool that goes beyond just creating apparent GIFs. With Filmora, you can make photos, GIFs, and video memes with no watermark. 

  • The user-friendly interface lets you easily edit your GIFs, exchange text length, color, and function, and add captions.
  • It also offers the capability to position textual content inside or outside the GIF. 
  • Filmora Meme Generator can quickly convert videos into GIFs, making it a flexible tool for content creators.

4. GifPal

GifPal is an entirely online and person-pleasant GIF maker software tool. It stands out because of the large series of outcomes that may be delivered to GIFs. 

  • GifPal gives you control over the brightness, hue, comparison, and saturation of your GIFs, permitting you to fine-tune the visible look. 
  • The internet site also functions as a gallery of lively GIFs that you can probe for inspiration or use for your very own initiatives.

5. Wave.video

Wave.video is frequently referred to as an influential online video maker, but it also offers a GIF maker tool with Wave.video, you may create animated GIFs from videos, photographs, or a combination of each. 

  • The platform provides quite a number of editing tools, including the ability to feature textual content, stickers, and effects on your GIFs. 
  • Wave.video is a high-quality alternative in case you want to leverage the power of video content and convert it into desirable GIFs.

6. Make A GIF

Make A GIF is a versatile unfastened online device that allows you to create GIFs from films, pictures, or a mixture of each. It offers a user-friendly interface and a vast range of editing equipment. 

  • With Make A GIF, you may add text, stickers, and effects for your GIFs, giving them a personalized touch. 
  • The platform also presents an option to simultaneously proportion your GIFs on social media structures, making it handy for quick and clean sharing.

7. Imgflip

Imgflip is any other internet site that will let you create GIFs with apparent backgrounds. It supports a number of file formats, which include JPG, PNG, and GIF. 

  • Imgflip offers a simple scroll panel that permits you to manipulate your GIF’s delay time, width, height, and more.
  • It presents quite a number of enhancement tools, which include textual content, stickers, and consequences. 
  • Imgflip’s intuitive interface and simplicity of use make it a popular choice among users.

8. GIFMaker.Me

GIFMaker.Me is a free online tool that allows you to create GIFs from movies, photographs, or an aggregate of both. Similar to different systems, it gives various enhancing equipment to personalize your GIFs. 

  • You can upload textual content, stickers, and consequences, permitting you to create visually attractive and specific animations. 
  • The internet site additionally presents the option to share your GIFs on social media platforms directly, simplifying the sharing process.

9. Gifs.Com

Gifs.Com is a free online tool that empowers customers to create GIFs from motion pictures, photos, or a mixture of both. It affords a consumer-pleasant interface and a number of enhancement tools to enhance your GIFs. 

  • You can add text, stickers, and consequences to make your animations more engaging and appealing. 
  • Additionally, Gifs.Com lets you immediately share your creations on diverse social media systems, allowing smooth distribution.

10. Picasion

Picasion is a free online device that focuses on developing GIFs from photos. While it doesn’t provide video-to-GIF conversion, it provides a truthful and intuitive interface for creating lively GIFs from static photos. 

  • Picasion also offers editing tools, allowing you to add text, stickers, and outcomes to your GIFs.
  • The internet site affords a choice to immediately share your GIFs on social media, making it convenient for sharing your creations with others.


In conclusion, those ten online transparent GIF maker websites constitute a number of great options to be had for creating stunning GIFs. Each platform offers a range of editing gear, user-pleasant interfaces, and the capacity to create splendid GIFs. Whether you are a professional designer or a beginner, those websites will help you craft visually appealing apparent GIFs readily. Remember to discover the numerous capabilities of every platform to find the one that best suits your unique wishes. Happy GIF-making!


Why are GIFs so popular?

GIFs are really entertaining and also help improve the SEO of any website. Additionally, they also entertain people on social media and are a popular form of entertainment.

How do I create a transparent GIF?

You can create a transparent GIF by getting rid of the history of a photo and changing it into an animated GIF using an online GIF maker website.

Can I create a transparent GIF from a video?

Yes, you can create an obvious GIF from a video using an internet transparent GIF maker website.

What are the top GIF-making websites?

Here are some top gif-making websites-

  • Imgflip
  • Picasion
  • GifPal
  • EzGif

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