10 Instant Instant Photo Background Removal Tools to Use for FREE

Clearing the background out of a photograph may be a time, effort-consuming, and difficult process. That’s especially true if one is not really skilled at graphics and isn’t aware of how experts do it to complete the work. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools that can help you get the job done easily. 

In this post, we have listed the 10 best background removal tools that you can use for free.

Top 10 Free Online Background Remover Tools

1. Removal.AI: Background Remover

Removal.AI is an AI-powered tool that specializes in image background removal and photo editing. They offer image enhancement services based on cutting-edge technology. By combining knowledge-based strategies with modern image processing algorithms, they have created a product that has made photo editing super easy. 


  • Background Remover: its most important function, remove the background on any image.
  • Bulk Background Remover: make background removal easier by removing it in bulk.
  • Photo Editor: no need to go anywhere else to create striking images, remove and edit all in one place. 
  • Removal for Desktop: download the application so you can still use it even offline. 
  • API Access: make this available on your website by integrating their API. 

Years of professional experience in photo editing, retouching, and artificial intelligence technologies have been accumulated by a skilled team. The goal is to make clients’ workflows easier in order to boost productivity, creativity, and design.

2. Remove.bg

Remove.bg is a web-based tool that allows you to remove any photo’s backdrop. It works completely automatically: you don’t have to manually separate the background and foreground layers; simply select your image and receive the output image with the background removed right away.


  • Background remover: make background removal super easy by simply uploading them on the site.
  • Templates for easy design: available templates that can be adjusted according to what you need. 
  • API Access: through API integration, you can easily remove backgrounds on your site! 
  • Desktop access: you won’t need the internet to remove backgrounds, continue your work even offline.

Remove.bg detects foreground layers and separates them from the background using advanced AI technology. They have various extra algorithms in place to improve the results, such as improving small details and preventing color pollution.

3. Adobe

Remove the backdrop from your photos quickly and easily, then edit them in Adobe Spark with shapes, colors, graphics, and more.


  • Beautiful typography: have access to Adobe’s vast typography library. 
  • Professional themes: Adobe has got you covered with its hundred of professional themes. 
  • Share easily: share your image everywhere, easily. 
  • Make an impact: create something that makes everyone click. 
  • Available on desktop and mobile: no matter how big or small your screen is, produce great work anyway.

Adobe’s game-changing innovations are reshaping the digital experience landscape. They bring together content and data, as well as new technology, to democratize creativity, influence the next generation of narrative, and inspire totally new business categories.

4. BG Eraser

Bg Eraser is really a totally automatic background removal application. No necessity to use PowerPoint or PhotoShop to remove the backdrop physically or manually.


  • Fast and free: edit more with free, you remove the background of a maximum of five images a month. 
  • Accurate and stunning: your work will look clean and wonderful  
  • Drop and remove: it’s so easy to use, all you have to do is drag it on screen and drop. 

An internet program that automatically removes the background from photos, pictures, and graphics. Without requiring an account, you can delete photos with dimensions smaller than 700px for free.

5. Pixomatic.us

Pixomatic Online Photo Editor is dedicated to assisting you in making your vision a reality. Anyone, from novices to expert photo editors, may produce mind-blowing photographs thanks to the user-friendly platform and simple tools. 


  • Cutting out hair made easy: ever had a hard time making their look natural? Worry no more!
  • Meme maker: no need to go to a different site to make a hilarious meme
  • Editor: no need for photoshop when you can edit your photos right then and there. 

Create double exposure photographs, erase the background, retouch faces, eliminate undesired items, and much more with the revolutionary features!

6. Ipiccy.com 

iPiccy provides a number of powerful and simple photo editing tools. Crop, rotate, and resize photographs in seconds, all with just one click. There are over 100 picture effects, PRO-level photo upgrades, facial editing, and frames to choose from. This is unquestionably the ideal location for your photographs.


  • Photo retouching: Tools like “Thinnify,” “Shine Remover,” and others with similar names, it’s easy to figure out which tool is best for which case.
  • Change eye color: want a new pair of eyes? Correct red eyes? iPiccy can help you with that and more. 
  • Cartoon effect: this can also be utilized to make amazing effects, edits, and manipulations.

iPiccy Photo Editor’s ability to change the background is a fantastic and unique feature. That’s because iPiccy provides a variety of tools for modifying your background, including some that directly erase parts of the image, others that lift and move parts of the image, and even more

7. Kapwing.com

Kapwing gives people the ability to create and share stories over the internet. Their online free media manipulation suite includes the internet’s most famous meme creator, subtitler, editor, looper, filtering, and much more. Stop motions, highlight features, and trim a post may all be done in an Instagram Story. This is and will remain free.


  • No ads: due to their dedication to offering the best services, they have not run any ads. 
  • Free: Kapwing is entirely free. Simply upload a video and begin editing it!
  • No watermark: Simply login in to your Kapwing account to create material without a watermark!
  • Online: Because Kapwing is cloud-based, you can access your movies from anywhere.

You may utilize the Magic Wand and Erase tools with the Kapwing Background Remover. Simply click anywhere on an area you wish to delete from your photo with the Magic Wand and select “Remove Pixels.” Adjust the Sensitivity slider to control how much is deleted when you click.

8. Baseline

The Baseline Background Remover tool removes the background from any image with a clear focal point quickly and easily. Artificial Intelligence can remove the background from an image, saving you hours of human labor.


  • Different payment tiers: depending on your needs, you don’t need to pay too much when working with Baseline
  • Free with features: even the free option is loaded with options that can help innovate your brand. 
  • Access to stock image: no need to shop for stock images anywhere else when you can have access of them here
  • Invite guests: invite guests to help you design! 

Baseline’s objective is to make it easy to maintain a brand. From gathering and organizing your brand assets to producing new materials, Baseline makes it exceedingly simple.

9. Clipping Magic

ClippingMagic.com is a website dedicated to making it as easy as possible to remove image backgrounds. Cedar Lake Ventures, Inc. owns and operates it.


  • Dedicated hair tool: hair should be separated from clean backdrops. As long as the colors involved are distinct, gradients and some noise usually work.
  • Powerful algorithm: maximizes your input while reducing the amount of work required to get a transparent or white background.
  • Intelligent auto-crop: Clipping Magic will crop your image with adjustable margins, realign the result, and instantly adjust for shadow.
  • Auto-clip AI: get a totally automated result right away. Then use all of the features in the app to tweak it or get creative!

Clipping magic is one of the most intensive sites when it comes to photo editing. You can find all that you need on this site. 

10. Depositphotos

Depositphotos is a business marketplace that connects creators of high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors, and movies with eager buyers. 


  • Personal and professional work: for online projects, collages, presentations, or product photos, the tool is ideal.
  • Save time and money: there’s no need for green screens, elaborate photoshoots, or hiring designers. You can remove backgrounds from the internet at any time!
  • Automatic: the final image will be immediately downloaded in PNG format with a transparent backdrop.

They were able to create an ideal venue to merge business and creativity thanks to the efforts of great experts from all around the world and world-class technology solutions.

Which do you think is the best background remover tool?

If you’re looking for the best free photo background remover or photo editing tool, the list in this article will be really useful. These applications and apps will undoubtedly assist you in removing the image’s backdrop. All of these apps and tools are suitable for personal use, give each one of them a try and see which one best suits your needs! Depending on how often you use it, some of these are available to download for desktop use and all of them can be accessed anywhere in the world. 

You can make all of the necessary modifications to the photographs with only a few mouse clicks. No need to work through manual background removal when there are so many options at your disposal! 

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