How to Choose the Good Domain Name (5 Tips and Tools)

The name you choose for your blog, largely influences the future of your blog. Blog name may sound less important to many, but choosing a good blog name will benefit you in the future in establishing your blog’s authority as a brand.

Are you going to start a blog ?

Then you must really spend some time before choosing a name for your blog ! But, what all should you consider before deciding a name for your blog? in this article we are sharing some good tips to choose your good blog name.
How to choose a good blog name – Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss today. Today, we will be taking you through some important points to consider before choosing a name for your blog.If you follow these points correctly, then you’ll be able to choose a perfect name for your blog. And in the future, you’ll notice how important the name was, in the success of your blog.
Diving into the topic, below are 5 points to consider before choosing a name for your blog.

1. Make It Delicious

While choosing a name for your blog, make sure that the name is short and easy to remember.
Choosing a blog name with limited alphabets will help your visitors to remember the name without any issues. The name should be related to your topic. So that, whenever your reader thinks about the topic related to your blog, your blog’s name should pop up in his/her mind.
Also, be careful not to make any spelling errors. For instance, some people use “z” instead of “s” in the name of their blog. Such spelling errors are going to influence your blog negatively.
If the name of your blog is somewhat unique, easy to remember and easy to type, then your readers will surely remember it !

2. Niche Matters

Choosing a name for your blog, that resembles with your niche is a good choice. This will favor your readers as well as Search Engines.
As I said earlier, whenever a reader thinks about a topic related to your niche, then automatically your blog’s name should come into their consideration. And Search Engines will also like if you choose a blog name that somewhat matches your niche.

3. Try To Add Keywords

As you already might be knowing, keywords plays a big role in determining the SERP of your blog and blog posts. If you focus your blog posts on keywords will less competition and more search volume, then you’ll surely be able to grab attention.
Similarly, if you’re able to bring up some keywords [related to your niche] on the title of your blog, then you’ll be getting a great positive boost.
Therefore, while choosing a name for your blog, give first preference in adding some keywords to it.

4. Do Some Research

Researching about your competitor’s is an important task in blogging. Well, the same rule applies while choosing a name for your blog too. First of all, do a random Google Search by the name of your blog, and check out for competitors.
If your competitors are having greater authority in terms of Google Pagerank, Domain Age and Domain Authority, then ranking for those terms will be a difficult task.

5. Avoid Violations

Lately many people have tried to make their clone of popular sites. Some people often try to violate company copyrights by using names that closely matches to other popular sites out there.
For example, few weeks back I noticed a site, resembling These names will hurt the copyright of such popular sites, and they may even sue you !

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