7 Formulas: How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

The importance of social media marketing has kept on increasing. Bloggers nowadays try their best to drive more social media traffic to their blogs. Twitter is one of the best social networking sites and there are many people who love to tweet daily. It is necessary to not only drive traffic to your blog from all the possible sources. If you want to increase social media traffic, then you’ll definitely need to drive more traffic from Twitter to your blogs.
Blogging success can’t be achieved without good social media traffic. Twitter has millions of active users and that’s why you may definitely want more and more people to tweet your blog posts to their followers.
Is getting traffic from Twitter easy?
ah! Nothing can be achieved easily
You need to be active, creative and at the same time you need to connect with more and more people on Twitter. In this post I’ll be mentioning 8 tips which will help you out in getting more traffic from Twitter.

1. Increase the Number of Twitter Followers

The most important thing that you need to do for getting more traffic from Twitter is that you need to increase the number of followers that you have at Twitter. You can’t expect to get lot of traffic from Twitter just by having 500 followers, but if the number of followers will become 50,000, then you can definitely expect to get lot of traffic to your blogs from Twitter.
You need to connect with real people regularly as then only your followers at Twitter will increase. One thing that you can do for connecting with more people at Twitter is that you can follow other bloggers at Twitter. At the same time, you can retweet the tweets of others and you should also try to appreciate the good tweets done by the people followed by you.

2. Short Tweets and Quotes Can be Useful

Sometimes short sentences containing less words can be more powerfulthan the longer ones. This is what you need to understand for driving more traffic from Twitter.
I’ve seen few bloggers having good number of followers who often make use of short tweets for promoting their blog posts. You just need to be creative as well as you always need to tweet about something which can be interesting for your followers.
You need to generate curiosity and that can be only done by making use of short creative tweets having powerful words.
Another thing which you can do for getting more retweets is that you can make use of Quotes while sharing your blog posts. Some people really like Quotes and if your Quote is interesting or motivating one, then they may definitely decide to retweet it to their Twitter followers.

3. Mention People in your Tweets

If your tweets are not getting noticed by your followers, then you can definitely start mentioning people in your tweets.
You can easily mention anyone in your tweet by tweeting with ‘@username‘. Here the username should be of the person whom you want to mention in your tweet.
Mentions are recommended because people mentioned in the tweets get notified about it. Most of the times people you have mentioned in your tweets may decide to retweet the tweet, but if they don’t, then you shouldn’t get disappointed.
Mentions may also help you in building new contacts at Twitter and this may automatically increase your followers at Twitter.

4. Make Use of Hashtags

Hashtags won’t only help you in getting maximum traffic from Google Plus, but at the same time they’re very useful at Twitter too. You can make use of the related hashtags and you can also try to include the trending hashtags for getting more exposure for your tweets.

5. Include Images in Your Tweets

An easy thing which you can do to make people get attracted to your tweets is that you can upload images in some of your tweets. By attaching suitable and eye-catching images in your tweets, you may definitely be able to get more exposure than what you did before.
You should always try to make use of images which people will tend to click without thinking much. If you’re good at using designing softwares like Photoshop and Illustrator, then you can definitely try to make some images for your tweets.

6. Tweet Button at the Top and Bottom of Blog Posts

Nowadays sharing buttons have almost become a necessity. If you want to get more social shares, then you definitely need to position the sharing buttons properly. I’ll recommend you to have the sharing buttons not only at the top, but also at the bottoms of the blog posts. By making the sharing buttoms more visible you may be able to definitely get many more shares than what you did before.

7. Schedule Your Tweets Properly

Are you tweeting at the wrong time?
Tweeting at the right time is necessary for getting maximum traffic from Twitter.
If your’ll tweet when most of your Twitter followers are sleeping, then definitely your efforts will go in vain. By tweeting at the right time your tweets will get more exposure and you’ll be able to get better result. There are some tools which can help you in scheduling your tweets at the right time.
I hope that the tips mentioned in this blog post will help you in getting more traffic from Twitter. You won’t be able to drive lot of traffic just by being active for a week or month. But, if you’ll stay pro-active for few months or a year, then you’ll definitely get successful in driving lot of traffic from Twitter.

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