10 Best Travel Bloggers On Instagram You Must Follow Now

Instagram has quickly become so fascinating for the social networking enthusiasts. An Instagram account, filled with some great images of world’s most beautiful locations will certainly lure you. It will make you feel a bit sad, if you do not travel a lot. Blogging used to be a hobby for the travel enthusiasts, but now it has become a passion and a way of earning a handsome amount.

Many travel bloggers have joined Instagram in the past few years. Now they offer a glimpse of their new travel experiences on Instagram. If you wish to reveal some exciting details on some unknown travel destinations, you should follow the travel bloggers on Instagram. We are revealing information on top 10 travel bloggers you should follow on Instagram to know about their experiences.

1. Shivya Nath (@Shivya):

The first name in this list is Shivya Nath. It is possible that you may have viewed some images clicked by Shivya because she is one of the most popular female travel bloggers in India. She had chosen to travel the world at the age of 23 while she was busy in a corporate job. She had spent her childhood in Dehradun and she always wanted to go beyond the mountains and view the hidden treasures of Mother Nature around the globe. She has worked for Singapore Tourism Board. Now she moves all around the globe and shares amazing pictures on her Instagram account.

2. Pranav (@voyagenomad)

He is a digital nomad, web developer, and a travel blogger from Odisha. Pranav is quite famous among travel enthusiasts, who need tips before visiting new locations around the world. His followers consider him a great travel advisor and that’s what he is. Pranav has traveled to many places right from Gangtok, India to Cape Town, South Africa.His passion in discovering new places through his lens presented a new kick in experiencing life. His story telling is simple and presented in a benevolent way.You should also follow him if you want reveal some amazing facts about different holiday locations and if you want to know how to prepare for a relaxing trip.

3. Amrita Das (@amritadas15):

This may sound crazy, but Amrita Das is a travel blogger who had quit a great job to be a travel blogger. She is a true inspiration for many women, who want to visit different states and countries. Amrita has travelled above 20 states in India to capture the beauty of different cities in this country. She timely writes about her travel experiences and posts appealing pictures on her Instagram page. You should follow her, if you want to reveal where she is traveling now.

4. Shubham Mansingka (@shubham.mansingka)

While many Indians do not take blogging seriously, Shubham has made it his passion and profession. His mother had inspired him for traveling around the country. Now he has become a travel blogger, who finds traveling the most exciting and satisfying activity to do. His way was never so easy because Asthma has tried to put a big barrier in his way, but he has conquered it. Now he timely travels across different states to create some interesting posts for his blog and India’s renowned newspapers like The Hindu and HT Brunch.

5. Kaushal Karkhanis (@ExoticGringo)

Kaushal Karkhanis is a digital strategist and a renowned travel blogger. He is from Mumbai, but it would be quite tough to catch him there because he is a big travel enthusiast. His journey had begun back in 2007 while he visited Goa. It was impossible to stop him because after Goa’s journey Kaushal has travelled South America, America, Europe, and many Asian countries. He actively shares his travel experiences on Instagram. Search for @ExoticGringo on Instagram and you will find his account. There you will see numerous eye-catching images of different locations. His travel experiences will also encourage you for planning a perfect trip to one of his visited places.

6. Ankita Sinha (@ankionthemove)

She is a travel blogger, who takes traveling as the most entertaining part of the life. She is a YouTuber, she is a Vloger, she’s a fashion blogger, and she is also one of the most renowned female travel bloggers. Her instagram page is filled with a number of high-quality pictures, clicked on different parts of the world. She will truly inspire you to travel the world and her pictures will enhance your hunger for some very delicious meals.

7. Lakshmi Sharath (@lakshmisharath)

She is a professional travel blogger, a Vlogger, photographer, and travel enthusiast. You may find it quite amazing that she had started travel blogging back in 2005 and still she is an active blogger. During 2014, Lakshmi was featured in the UK’s list of 100 international travelers. She is the one, who not only travels, but also creates some great stories on her blog. So, you will find her Instagram page and blog very interesting.

8. Siddhartha Joshi (@siddharthajoshi)

He is the wanderer, who finds traveling the best activity in the world. Siddhartha has above 40k followers on Instagram and that’s what shows his fan following. He has started travel blogging back in 2010 and since then he has traveled many locations. His Instagram page reveals the true beauty of India and that’s why he is one of the best among the Indian travel bloggers.

9. Neelima Vallangi (@neelimav)

She describes herself as a nomadic travel writer and adventure lover, who finds peace in traveling the high-altitude locations. Her Instagram page currently comprises a number of eye-catching pictures of hilly locations. Those pictures will force you to ask here, how I can visit that location.

10. Rutavi Mehta (@rutaagayire):

Rutavi is another travel enthusiast who had worked 7 years in the hospitality industry and then quit that job to be a full-time traveler and travel blogger. PhotoKatha is her blog where she shares the stories and photos from her trips. Her Instagram page offers a glimpse of her current trips and travel experiences.

All the listed travel bloggers have travelled a number of scenic locations. You can follow these travel bloggers to reveal more about new travel destinations in India and around the globe. You will get some great suggestions and also some tips to follow while you are on a vacation.

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