30+ Travel Blog Income Report: How Much Money Do Travel Bloggers Make

Welcome to our blog income reports, where I will show you monthly income earnings from top bloggers. It’s time to have a look at the figures for this month, and I will tell you exactly what is blog revenue of Travel bloggers.

How Much Money Do Travel Bloggers Make

If you are a beginner blogger, after 1 year of hard-working on the blog, you can earn extra $500-$2000 per month on Average. After you can significantly increase the monthly income from the blog.
More and more people read blogs, and this is a really perspective niche for making money on the Internet.

How to Make Money with Travel Blog

How much money you can earn with travel blog depends on the amount of traffic you receive and how large the list of emails of your subscribers is and social media presence, the travel destinations, and the amount of work invested, so it’s important to consider all the variables.
You can start making real money on the Internet during your first year of blogging.

How Do Travel Blogs Make Money

There are three main income sources for travel bloggers

Sponsored Posts

For travel blogs, sponsored posts and campaigns is a great way to earn an income while covering travel expenses.
Destinations and brands are willing to pay $$$$ to be in front of an audience that is already highly interested in their location, product or service.

Advertising Revenue

For any blog with steady monthly traffic (think 20k+ sessions/month), ad revenue can be a solid income stream.
While some travel bloggers may choose to sell their own ad space, many choose to join an established ad network.
Some of the most popular ad networks for travel bloggers are MediavineAdThriveGoogle Adsense and Media.net.

Affiliate Marketing

By recommending online products they already use and love, travel bloggers can earn passive income by sharing affiliate links on their blog, through social media, or email.
Amazon.com is a great source for travel items and just by sending their traffic over, bloggers can earn a percentage of the sales.
For more ideas see this List of Travel Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers.

Other Income

Here’s a few other common methods travel bloggers use to generate income:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Physical products
  • Digital Products
  • Course and Online Training
  • Consulting and other services

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Travel Blog?

While it’s nice to think about all the money coming in, it’s also important to know where the money is going out. Here’s a few examples of common travel blogging expenses:

  • Web Hosting (I use Namecheap)
  • Email Service (I use Mailchimp)
  • Pinterest Scheduling (I use Tailwind)
  • Photography/Video Editing
  • Support Staff/Virtual Assistants
  • Travel Equipment & Supplies

And of course…the actual cost of travel!

Travel Blog Income Reports

How much money can you make from a travel blog? Check out these income reports from some of the top travel bloggers!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do travel bloggers make money on Instagram?

Just like with sponsored posts on a blog, advertisers love to have their destination shown off in front of an engaged, targeted audience.
Watch for words like #ad, #sponsored, #hosted, #partner to see which of your favorite travel bloggers are making money on Instagram.

Do travel bloggers get to travel for free?

Yes! While some of the top bloggers regularly score all-expense paid trips, many just have a portion of their vacation covered. For some that may be flights or accommodations, and for others an activity or local food tasting.
To make travel more affordable, a blogger may work with several sponsors to cover the majority of their costs.

How do I start a travel blog?

Once you’ve chosen a niche and a domain name, you’ll need a hosting company that can set you up on WordPress.

If you want to make blogging your business (even if you’re starting small) I highly recommend choosing a web host that focuses on speed, uptime, and customer support (without blowing your budget).

Namecheap has done all of those for me (including 100% uptime!) and has really helped take my blog to the next level. Check out their WordPress Hosting Price here.

They can also get you set up with a domain name if you’re starting from scratch, and make it a breeze to get your blog up and running!

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