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Hey Guys, Do you want to be successful Youtuber?  Obviously, The answer is YES. So, In this Blog, We will discuss ” How to be Successful on Youtube”. Before Starting the topic, I want you to know that if you are here and doing exactly what I am going to tell you, You will see the changes yourself. Only your Hard work matters here.
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10 Secrets For “How to be Successful on Youtube”

Title: A Creative Title with Keywords

Firstly, You should choose that title which can give a clear picture about Your video content. ( Please Don’t Lie ). Secondly, It should contain some X factor which means look interesting that people will open it immediately. Also, Use Keywords and Tags in Your Title. Don’t Spam your title with unrelated Keywords. In the end, I will also mention few sites where you can get ideas of writing good titles.


Make it awesome. Most important part of your video which gives a sneak view of your video. You can do two things.First, one is Take a screenshot from the video you are going to upload which is creative, funny or defines your video and then edit it using photoshop. The second option, which I usually suggest more is Take a separate picture for your video and edit it. I will mention about sites for thumbnails in the end.

Tags Optimization with Keywords:

Keywords are those words for which you want to rank your video or what your video is about. Do include Keywords in Youtube Tags Section and differentiate them with commas. For example blogging tips, How to Blog, blogging hacks, How to be a blogger, etc. For Keywords Research, You can take help from these


It is the most important part of your video after title & tags. There are total 5000 characters allowed in it. For optimizing your description, include all kinds of keywords and phrases in your description. [ Note: Don’t Spam it and use only relevant Keywords ] One more thing, Also include your social media links, your message, your website or channel link so that people can connect with you easily.

Ranking Factors

1. Number of Views:

For Determining Your Search Rank, this is the most important factor. You can do so many things to increase views on your video such as Share your Video among your Friends, Relatives and ask them to share it as well, Use Annotations for making them watch your content, Increase your subscribers numbers and automatically, mail will reach to them about your video or Use Promotion for it. [ We will talk about Promotion & Annotation properly on some another post soon ]

2. Watched Time of Your Video:

According to this factor, You don’t only want views but also want people to watch your video as long as possible. Basically, You have to hold your Audience Attention until the end of your video. For checking out Audience Watched Time, You can go to My Channel Account > Video Manager > Analytics > Audience Retention. For Grabbing Audience Attention, You have to Make Content of Video Best & Unique.
3. Likes, Dislikes on Your Video:
These are factors that help Youtube determine How people are interacting with your video. It’s Obvious if no of dislikes are more, People didn’t like the video + Youtube too. Make Sure You Ask People to Like your video and subscribe your channel in intro, outro or when you are sharing your video on any platform.

4. The number of Video Shares:

Sharing Your Video can affect your Search Rank positively. Tips for Getting People Share your video are Annotations, Verbally tell them to do so, Make an outro for it.

5. Subscribers:

This is one thing everybody knows. But here are some sources which can help you gain subscribers such as Collaboration with other channel Promotion, Intro, Outro, Friends, etc.

6. Incoming & Outgoing Links:

These links include social media links you mention in your description or those coming towards your channel and videos. This will surely help your video to rank high in Search Engines.

7. Playlists & Category Choice:

Optimize Your Playlist Name and Category with Proper Videos and Keywords or You can ask viewers to create their own playlist.

8. Video Responses- Comments, Embeds:

Ask your viewers to respond to a question in the comments or with a video response. Youtube loves if people interact with you. Think about more creative ideas for interaction. Also, When your video is embedded on a website or blog, it helps determine your search rank.

9. Consistency:

Posting Your Videos Frequently will make sure that you are serious about your channel and it also helps to engage more viewers every time. Youtube Creators favor those channels who maintain their consistency and content.

10.Transcribing For Good Ranks:

Search Engines cannot tell what is in your video. So, You have to tell them by transcribing your Videos according to your region and language. [ I will make another post for completing describing How to Transcribe a Video ]

11. Related Videos and Branding:

Maintain Your Brand or Personality for all your videos. This helps to come at the top in Related Videos Section and Obviously it will become something so that people can recognize you with your video title or brand icon.

Sites For Writing Good Titles By Looking at What is Popular
Sites For Analyzing / Generating Title For Video
  • Share Through
Sites For Creating Thumbnail
Summary For How to be Successful on YouTube:

I am concluding My Blog Post in below Infographic which will help you to understand all points which are important for vlogging and answer for all newbies ” How to be successful on Youtube “.
Follow these 19 Mantras / Secrets, You will see some positive change surely. : If You are not getting good results immediately, Don’t Get disheartened. Put more Hard work For Your Channel and also
Motivational Tip: If You are not getting good results immediately, Don’t Get disheartened. Put more Hard work For Your Channel and also remember ” YOU ONLY FAIL WHEN YOU STOP TRYING”.
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