Blog Vs YouTube – Choose What is Right For You

Hello! Guys, How you doing today? Today our Topic is Blog vs YouTube. I know most of you guys are very well known for Blogging. Right? If not, then read one my previous articles: Head Start to Blogging: Simple Steps to Start a Blog. Vlogging term, I think sounds new to you, But by reading this article, I’m sure you must be very much cleared about this term.
Blog vs YouTube is the biggest debate going on for Internet Marketers plus in Digital Marketing. These 2 are Biggest platform for sharing Knowledge and information and Earning Money online.
First of all, Get Familiar with few terms that I will use in My post throughout to tell you about Blog vs YouTube. –

  • Blog – A term also known as ” weblog .” It is a kind of online journal where we share our information in the form of text, images.
  • Blogging – It is an act of writing content or posts for a blog.
  • Vlog – It is a kind of a blog where we post content in forms of videos.
  • Vlogging –  Act for making videos for a Vlog.

In these days, Youtube is quite the biggest network for uploading and downloading videos. Not only this, YouTube is the most major Platform in making money for Digital Marketing experts.
Before we go on to the differences between Blogger and Vlogger I would like to Say Whatever you like from both of these, they both are superb hobbies which anyone can opt and can do daily plus can make good money. Now Look at the difference between Blogger & Vlogger.

  • Blogger – Blogger is a person who runs a blog or a website and creates Content for his Blog.
  • Vlogger -Vlogger is an individual who creates Videos & runs a YouTube Channel.

Both Blogging and Vlogging have some cons and pros. Now let’s discuss it.

Blog vs YouTube / Blogging vs Vlogging

Blogging has been around us since 2000’s. It is a more recognized concept if you are thinking to start a website and earn money online.
Compared to Blogging, Vlogging is a new concept which is just evolving from last 5 years.
As domination of Vlogging is increasing over Blogging, People are getting confused what should they start a blog or a vlog. Basically, Blog vs. Vlog is central debate nowadays.

Main Questions are:
1. What are vlogs advantages and disadvantages?
2. Pros and cons of Blogs?
3. Which is a better way to earn money?

So, our main point of debate is to find out Which is most effective when it comes to Earning Money & Marketing.

Benefits of Blogging

The Advantage of Blogging is that you can generate a lot of traffic from a blog quickly. Reasons are:
  1. Google Loves Long Form & Unique Content
  2. Blog SEO is easy as compared to Videos SEO.
  3. Blogs Establish More Trust & Authority

Blogging is also a good option because You can also opt Free Blogging Platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, etc. But it is always recommended that You should have self – hosted Blog.
You can target more Keywords and Provides Links within your content.
Requirements for Blogging are An Internet Connection and a Laptop.
If You can write well and convey your thoughts to readers, Blogging is Best for you.
Affiliate Marketing is another technique that can use on your blog to earn more money.
When it comes to content creation for Bloggers, it is relatively easy to upload an article or post to your site.

Challenges of Blogging

There are so many Tutorials & resources available online that can help you create a blog without knowledge of coding even. Some Major Platforms are available for blogging – WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.
It all depends upon your choice. You can make a free blog or spend money to make your blog more prominent.
Also, Learn:

  • How to start a Blog in easy steps.
  • How to Write a Blog?
  • Write Blogs Effectively & Drive more Traffic

The Main Challenge Bloggers are facing is to remain updated with Search Engine Optimization changes.
Knowledge of SEO can make your blog rank high in searches of the search engine. SEO includes Keyword Research, Permalinks, Right Title, Right Formatting & Meta Tagging, etc.
These are skills that are required to be a successful blogger.

Cons of Blogging

Yes, guys, Blogging can cost you a bit also if you are not using Free platform. You have to purchase domain & then renew it every year. You also have to buy hosting for your site.
To bring traffic to your blog, You have to remain active on all social websites, Learning SEO is not enough.
Choose Theme & Plugins wisely.
You have to take care of crawling errors in Google Search Console.
There are many factors involve for a successful blog as compared to a vlog. I will recommend Blogging for those who can invest their time + money. Those who can write well & have patience and can do Hard Work for making their site on top.


Vlogging is similar to blogging in many ways. The main difference is in place of writing, you will create videos of your own/experiences/lectures/animations like stuff. And will upload to YouTube.
Requirements for Vlogging are:

  • An Account on YouTube
  • Laptop or Computer
  • Working Internet Connection
  • Camera or Video Softwares

Creation of Content:

Main Focus being a Vlogger is to create unique & informative videos that people love to watch and share. There are many Vloggers in India for Example. Sanam & Shirley Setia for Music, BB Ki Vines, etc.
They make creative videos which require lots of techniques and not easy to learn easily.

Camera Selection or Soft wares:

You need a good camera or smartphone for recording. There is also a requirement of a mic for proper audio. Soft wares are also required for editing & making your video creative and impressive.

Upload Content:

After all editing if you do or not , You will upload your video on your YouTube channel with right tags & category. That is only way of SEO for videos.
If you want to earn from your YouTube channel , you have to monetize your videos.

Pros of Vlogging

Well in our debate of Blog vs YouTube , you will see it is super easy to create YouTube channel , you don’t have to buy anything lifetime to run your channel.
A minimal SEO Knowledge is required for your videos.
With power of  Creative Videos, People are getting success & fame. Videos are more appealing to users who don’t have time or can’t read long articles.
You need not have professional writing skills to run a vlog. You Tubers have become the new rock-stars of the 21st century with huge followings that go into the high millions.
There is prediction that 85% of people will more towards vlogging in future.

Why to choose YouTube for Earning Money ?
  • Legitimacy –  Building up trust & brand with videos is more easy.
  • Traffic – Today’s generation is moving towards watching videos rather than reading posts.
  • More Interaction – You will get many reviews regarding your videos. They can be positive or negative. You have to take everything in a positive way.
  • Revenue – You can generate a good amount of money with videos.
Cons of Vlogging

Biggest Challenge is to create impressive videos with video editing software & camera.
Also, You have overcome your fear of speaking in front of camera or facing it.
You have to follow all rules of running a YouTube Channel & make sure that you don’t violate any Copy Right Policies.
Affiliate Marketing can be done only in description part. But mostly people don’t even read it.
While Vlogging, You need to write scripts for your videos. Your accent should be good so that people can understand what you say.
I will recommend vlogging to those who are confident + have knowledge to create videos.

Why not to choose YouTube for Earning Money ?
  • Video Editing can cost you a lot. Firstly , you have to purchase them. Then, You have to learn How to use that software and it can take 3-4 hours even.
  • Privacy– There is always stress about your looks or accent that if went wrong an make you embrass in front of all. You also lost privacy.
  • Poor videos can impact your YouTube channel & followers badly.

Conclusion: Choice is Yours between Blogging and Vlogging

So, This will all about Blog vs YouTube. The choice is entirely yours. Both have their own pros and cons as I mentioned above. Look after them wisely.
Your choice should also depends upon your skills. If You love Speaking , Go for Vlogging. If You love writing , Go for Blogging.
You can do both Like I  run a blog and vlog simultaneously. I post a video per week over content that I posted in my blog. It takes 3-4 hours to create a video and then editing and uploading it on YouTube.
While on a blog, Time Taken is 2 hrs maximum.
Remember whatever you choose , You spend time in it and Remain consistent.
Hope, This blog will guide you all about Blog vs YouTube debate. If you have any queries or Knowledge you want to share with us, Do mention in comments or drop a mail to us.

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