10 Best Free VPN Services to Stay Anonymous

Using free VPN services is the go-to idea when you want to unblock or access a restricted website and has become popular over the past decade. It’s a human psyche that users will always opt for a free ride rather than paying for the service. The same applies to using VPNs as well.

We won’t go through the basic dilemma of ‘what is a VPN?’, as we already know why and who use VPN services. But the real question is, which VPN is the ideal pick? VPN’s have a history of sharing user data with third-party companies, and users need to be aware of the shady ones.

On this page, we will highlight the Free VPNs that will cause the least amount of damage to your online privacy. However, you can get to know the detailed guide on top free VPN tools and make up your mind.

Secure and Free VPN Service for Protecting Your Privacy

1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is in our top list because it gives you 500 MB of data till the time you consume it. With the popularity, Hotspot Shield became a premium VPN service that was once entirely for free. The service has a no log policy and provides tech support as well.

While 500 MB is not the optimum number for streaming Netflix, but it will give you access to blocked websites easily without delays and buffer issue.

2. Hide.me

Hide.me is another free service that gives 2 GB of free data access every month. If you consume the data within a month, then you can access the same data package the following month. The data package comes with the designated protocols and the option to choose between five countries, which is sufficient.

The service guarantees stable encryption protocols and ad-free surfing experience, which is a rare option. However, users cannot access Netflix through it but can unblock other online websites.

3. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a premium service that has a free VPN service as well, which gives unlimited data. But you will face multiple connection lags due to the free aspect. Netflix is not available on on the free service, but it is capable of torrenting. You can never avail all the features on the free account but more or less enjoy sufficient services that include limited access to servers and countries.

The wireframe of the VPN is easy to maneuver and comes with the multi-platform facility, which covers secure encryption to provide privacy online.

4. Windscribe

This free VPN is a good pick considering having 10 GB of free data that comes with an extra 5 GB by making a tweet on twitter. Further, the service offers another method to increase their data package by 1 GB by referring Windscribe to a friend.

Free users can avail feature R.O.B.E.R.T (ad malware blocker). The service has a secure privacy policy which incorporates high-grade encryption.

5. Opera

By name and the service, Opera isn’t a VPN tool but works as a web browser similar to other famous search engines. The service offers a build in VPN feature that is automatically enabled when you start browsing from the browser. The VPN works like any other VPN service providing online anonymity and access to unblocked sites.

6. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a premium VPN service that offers a free version as well that gives 500 MB data every month but if tweeted on twitter user will automatically get 1 GB extra for data services. Free users have the benefit of using all the premium features that give an edge to them to unblock geo-restricted content.

7. Freelan

Freelan is not a famed free VPN service but offers useful features for online protection and offers peer-to-peer torrenting. Further, the free VPN provides extra added security to protect users on all networks.  

8. Speedify

Speedify is a good VPN service that gives access to all premium servers without any subscription cost. The only major limitation to the service is the data package that is provided. The service offers 4 GB to free users for a month which can drop to 1 GB due to unwanted reasons.

The performance of the tool is fast on all the servers, and location connectivity is easy without facing any delays.

9. Turbo VPN Private Browser

This VPN service is a newer entrant in the VPN industry that offers a seven day free trial period. The VPN has three pricing plans for premium users. The browsing experience through Turbo will be safe and secure because they offer an encrypted tunnel for browsing.

The seven day trial period is a drawback but will be worthwhile due to its safe browsing experience.

10. ZenMate

Previously ZenMate is a top free VPN tool that was available for all. Now with its revamped image, the facility became a premium subscription tool that is an excellent addition to your devices. The service now has a free seven-day trial which has no data limits. Available on almost all operating systems OS, ZenMate is a necessary tool to encrypt and secure devices and user information.

What’s Your Pick?

The list of free VPNs could go on, but these free tools mentioned above are the most famed and listed after thorough understanding by enforcing objectivity. Everyone wants to secure their online presence, but it comes with a cost.

This is how digital marketers can reduce their costs by securing their online identities through free VPN services.

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