How to Send an Anonymous Text Message That Can’t Be Traced Back to You

The internet has made the impossible possible in a short span of time. Now, it is a lot easier to stay connected with your friends and even make friends with strangers. It is also possible to send anonymous messages to people.

It is a lot easier than it sounds. You can use any of the social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to text anyone without revealing your identity. Or you could use an email service that allows you to send anonymous text messages for free. 

If you are really into anonymous texting or conscious about revealing your identity on the internet, you should definitely try certain apps that keep your identity hidden and let you communicate with them at the same time. 

Best apps for sending an anonymous message that hides your identity as well

Disclaimer: sending messages anonymously will only work for you when you don’t use it for illegal purposes. In case something happens, your identity will be revealed and proper action might be taken against you. Therefore, use these services only when you have the right intentions. 

1. Signal


  • Offers end-to-end encryption and is the safest texting app when it comes to protecting your personal information and hiding your real identity. 
  • It comes with a feature that allows you to hide your caller ID and text any other app user anonymously. 
  • The receiver has to turn on the ‘sealed sender’ option in order to receive messages from anonymous people. This gives a safe corner to both the sender and the receiver at the same time.

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2. Phoner


  • It is another great option if you want to learn how to text anonymously on android. 
  • The app has a feature that allows you to send texts privately via an assigned phone number.
  • You can use the app for texting as well as calling. You need to sign up via email.
  • The app is initially free to use but you have to get a paid version if you want to reap the premium features of this app. 

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3. TextMe Up


  • TextMe Up is exclusive to US and Canadian citizens.
  • It is absolutely free to use and you can use free unlimited anonymous texting for your own benefit. 
  • You can use multiple phone numbers with the same email ID. 
  • The receiver of the anonymous texts doesn’t need to have TextMe Up app.
  • You can buy a premium subscription if you want to anonymously send texts to people internationally. 

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4. Cover Me


  • Cover Me is one of the best choices if you are looking for a paid service. Free services aren’t always reliable, therefore, you might want to get this app.
  • It lets you have a second number and anonymously send text messages to people internationally as well. 
  • With Cover Me, you can secretly send messages, send disappearing texts, and keep the chat history private. 
  • This is also a great app to store your private files as it has password protection. 

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5. FreeTone


  • FreeTone is almost similar to the TextMe Up app.
  • It allows free text messages only to users residing in the US and Canada.
  • The number you will get assigned here comes with a voicemail as well. 
  • You can sign up via Google, Facebook, or any other email address to avail free SMS texts.

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How to keep your number hidden while sending texts?

In this tech-savvy world, it is quite easy to get phished and get your identity misused. This is why it is important to learn the importance of keeping your identity safe while dealing with strangers. If you don’t want to use your phone, you can still send anonymous texts to anyone on the internet. Here’s how-

Use a private email service– this is useful if you have a space email ID that doesn’t trace back to you. All you need to know is the recipient’s email address. 

Use a messaging website– this is another way to keep your number hidden while sending texts. Just try any free messaging websites like Pinger or TextNow. If you want to skip the step of signing up, you can make use of TextEm or TextSendr.


Free unlimited anonymous texting isn’t something that you can only pray for, you can do it anytime you want, with or without your phone. This article was all about those apps and websites that allow you to send anonymous text messages for free. You can use these free services to protect your identity and get your work done in no time. 


1. Can you send a message that can’t be traced?

Yes. A Virtual Private Network maximizes the chances of having your identity hidden. You can also use the incognito tab to do so.

2. How do you send a message without a trace?

You can use the above-mentioned apps to send anyone an anonymous text. Your identity won’t be revealed and your goal will be accomplished.

3. Can an anonymous text be tracked?

If the message isn’t sent via an encrypted app, there are chances of it being tracked back easily. Therefore, it is advised to use some paid services that will keep your identity safe. 

4. Is there a texting app that leaves you anonymous?

Yes, there are several apps that let you do so, for example, signal and telegram. However, if you decide to do something illegal, you will be tracked down. 

5. What’s the most private way to text someone?

There are various apps that allow you to do so. One such example is Signal, which is great for safe and secure texts, video calls, voice calls, and practically anything. 

6. Can you find out who sent an anonymous text?

The answer is yes. If the text message has threatened or disturbed the recipient, they have all the right to reach out to law enforcement and track down the sender. Therefore, if you want to keep the trouble at bay, don’t send anything offensive.

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