All About Event Blogging: Tips to Hack Event Blogging (Newbie Guide & Ideas)

Hello, Bloggies. Today we’re going to explore about Event Blogging, what is event blogging? How to choose a perfect niche for event blogging? How to rank, generate and earn through event blogging?

Today we’re going explore how blogger’s rank and earn through Event Blogs in no time.

I’ll also make sure that I put some practical examples for exploring it even better & I’ll also give you some tips that will help you to create an event blog.

Selecting a niche and ranking it is one of the most difficult tasks however there nothing that bloggers can’t do. Let’s just don’t waste time and take a launch.

What Is Event Blogging?

In simple words, event blogging is about creating a micro-niche on the trending topic that is for the short term. In bloggers word, it’s a short term money making machines.
Event blogs get instantly rank on the specific keywords and gets organic traffic. Doesn’t it sound so easy? Yes! it is, but you have to do all the “little things” very carefully.  What are these things? How they rank so damn easily? How?
Wanna know how? Continue read…

Select The Niche for Event Blogging

My friend as I mentioned above that event blogging is about trending topics. So, create a niche on any trending topic that is going live in next 2-3 months.
You must be thinking that why next 2-3 months, why not just create a niche on today’s trending topic? My friend, it takes the time to rank keywords even when you using EMD.
What? Don’t tell me you don’t know about EMD. Dude! EMD (Exact Match Domain) That is the secret key to ranking a micro-niche and creating a profitable event blog.

The Power Of Exact Match Domain & Profitable for Event Blog

Let me tell you one thing, I just LOVE EMDs <3
You can rank any keyword without working too hard, but there are some limits. Don’t think that you can rank “Google” with having “Google” in your domain.

What Is EMD?

EMD stands for Exact Match Domain and it’s about working on a domain that is your keyword. for example; You have a keyword “love me hate me” and you just want to rank that keyword for the short term, you just have to purchase a domain name “lovemehateme(.)com” Simple is that!

How It’s Profitable for Event Blogging?

Here you just have to use some common sense nothing at all. EMD means exact match domains can rank very easily with just little bit quality backlinks and content.
Now just imagine you have the same EMD, that you want to rank that is in trend and you’re ranking on 1st page 1st result. How’s it feels? Doesn’t it feels like heaven?
Yes, brother. It can possible even there are thousands of bloggers that doing the same thing but more intelligently.
Okay, Let’s just take a practical example here.

First, you have to promise me that you will never share this with anyone because it’s a very dangerous and only performed by highly trained bloggers. OK, fine I’m just kidding!

Today, I’m going to reveal a micro-niche that I’ve been working on from last 3-4 weeks and I’ll tell you that why it’s ranking on 2nd page instead of the 1st page.

Practical Example, Mistakes, and Tips for Event Blogs

Let me tell you one thing first this is not an insane traffic because the keyword that I want to rank is on the 2nd page and still I’m getting traffic from Keyword Variations.
But it’s can generate some $$ in a short time because I’m using Google Adsense for monetizing from it.

Monetizing Ways from Event Blogs

I don’t want to explain this in deep because we already know how to generate money from 1000+ daily traffic. Don’t tell me you don’t know, man! Okay here are some Monetizing ways from event blogs.

  • Google Adsense (CPC) – Best CPC provider in the market. Google understand your hard work and provide you the best CPC rates.
  • CPM – It’s about getting money on every 1000 impressions. Your blog is ranking and getting a huge amount of traffic then you must use any CPM provider like “Revenu Hit”ProPellerAds” etc.

These two are enough but you also can use Affiliate Marketingbut it totally depends on your niche.
So, why I’m not getting traffic and not ranking on the first page with having the EMD? what mistake I’ve done? Why I’m ranking on the 2nd page with having EMD? Why? Why? Why?

Mistakes That I’ve Done That You Don’t Have To Do

So, what kind of “Ch#tiya-panti” I’ve done? Well, blogging is not an easy task however it’s not difficult also but you have to focus. You have to analyze your competition properly, you have to take decisions more intelligently. Okay!
Let me tell you what mistakes that I’ve done here.

Akhand T#tiyapa (Mistakes) That I’ve Done

  • Over Confident – Yes! this is the first mistake that I’ve done. I go so damn easy on quality and building backlinks. Don’t do that!
  • Analyze Your Competition – This is the biggest mistake that I’ve done but you know what, that’s how we learn but you don’t have to do the same mistake. You must learn from me and don’t do this silly mistake.
  • Latest SEO Tech-Ticks – Yes, I’m using 18’s technique to rank a keyword. You don’t have to do it, learn some new technique to be in the game. Learn, Experiment, Get failed but eventually you become a Pro because that’s how it goes.

Last Words!

Ok guys this all I have today but it’s not the end, we will start the Q/N again, you just have to stay connected with us @Facebook
Wanna know which niche I’ve been working on?

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