15 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools for Browser Compatibility Testing

A user-generated list of top Cross Browser Testing Tools arranged by popularity. A mixed bag of best free & paid Cross Browser Testing Tools to check the look and feel of the website in different browsers & operating systems.

1. CrossBrowserTesting

CrossBrowserTesting offers a live testing environment with access to more than 130 browsers across 25 different operating systems and mobile devices. With this tool, you can test your AJAX, HTML Forms, JavaScript and Flash with any browser.

Pricing Free: 7 Day Trial Paid: Starts $29/Month

2. Browserling

Browserling works easily on any OS/Browser. Testing can be saved in screenshots and a video recording feature is being worked on. Browserling does not use an emulator or another form of simulation; instead, they run the selected browser in a virtual machine. This makes their results very accurate.

Pricing Free: Upto 3 Minute Sessions, With Limited Features Paid: Starts $19/Month

3. BrowserShots

Browsershots is probably the most comprehensive free cross-browser testing tool available. BrowserShots allows running cross-browser compatibility tests with great customization options like browser type, operating system, screen size, color depth, JavaScript status and Flash enable/disable settings.

Pricing Free To Use

4. Browsera

One of the best-automated compatibility testing tools available. Browsera automatically highlights differences in the way browsers render your design, thus simplifying the testing process.

It also detects JavaScript errors, and the commercial version can test pages behind subscription or log-in walls. It can also test dynamic pages.

Pricing Free: Test 25 Pages (Limited Browsers) Paid: Starts $49/Month (500 Pages)

5. BrowseEmAll

BrowseEmAll supports and tests all desktop and mobile browsers. Automated analytics, screenshots, and side-by-side compatibility testing are the USP of BrowseEmAll.

Once launched, users can select their resolution and their browser and will then be able to live test their website within that environment without any server-side component. Developer tools can be launched alongside the website to inspect elements and correct any layout issues.

Pricing Free: 7 Day Trial Paid: Starts $19/Month

6. BrowserStack

BrowserStack provides live, web-based browser testing with instant access to more than 300 desktop and mobile browsers, with the ability to test local and internal servers, providing a secure setup.

Pricing Free: N/A Paid: Starts $19/Month

7. Equafy

Selenium cloud execution, automatic site validation, finding bugs at three different layers, automatic issues detection and business facing reporting are the major features of Equafy.

Pricing Free: With Limited Features Paid: Starts $9/Month

8. Testize

See your website the way your customers see it. Simply enter a URL to see how a website appears on 25+ browsers, mobiles, and tablet devices.

Testize allows validating your site to identify issues that may impact your site performance, usability, SEO, W3C compliance, rendering, across mobile devices and browsers and more.

Pricing Free: N/A Paid: Starts $14/Month, $29/One Time Payment for 1 Website

9. Viewlike US

A little different than the other cross-browser testing tools which let you see your site in different resolutions. Viewliks provides some useful details for responsiveness.

You can also obtain speed and usability scores with this tool. It will also provide details on the usability rules such as if your site uses plug-ins or if font sizes are unreadable. You will then see a screenshot of your site in different resolutions.

Pricing Free To Use

10. Litmus Page Test

One of the best browser testing tools for developers which not only allows to check the display of your website in different browsers, you can also test email campaigns and how they’ll display in various email applications.

Pricing Free: 3 Day Trial Paid: Starts $79/Month with Email Testing

11. Multibrowser

Multibrowser is an offline, real, sandboxed web browser testing tool with built-in video recorder feature. One of the best Responsive Design, Mobile, iPhone, & iPad Simulator testing suite which can run offline in your own Windows desktop environment.

Pricing Free: N/A Paid: Downloadable Version @ $149

12. Quirktools Screenfly

Free and easiest Cross-Browser testing tool in the list. Just put URL and see how your website looks in different web browsers. Feature to test website view in custom dimension is one of the best things about Screenfly.

Pricing Free To Use

13. Responsinator

Another free and easiest Cross-Browser testing tool which tests website for mobile browsers only. You must try this free tool once.

Pricing Free To Use

14. SauceLabs

Specially recommended by Adobe Systems, Sauce Labs offer testing for over 250 different versions of browsers and devices. They are providing the testing infrastructure that includes Selenium, JavaScript, Mobile and Manual testing facilities.

Pricing Free: 14 Day Trial Paid: Starts $29/Month

15. TestingBot

Tests can be performed manually or automatically for over 100 different browser and operating system combination. During the test, TestingBot takes screenshots and records a video so that it can confirm the test was successful.

Pricing Free: 100 Minutes of Manual/Automated Testing Paid: Starts $20/Month

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