Top 15 Free & Premium Web Analytics Tools to Grow Your Business

Without a good analytics system, your online business is flying blind. True!

So here is a list of top 15 web analytics tools to see how your website is doing and ways where you can generate revenue out of your website.

1. Google Analytics

Google analytics has capabilities of tracking each and everything one can think of. From basic visitor info to company revenue, GA tracks everything. GA works like charm once integrated with Google’s other properties like webmasters, Adsense, and adwords.

GA is geared toward Internet marketers and small business owners who want to learn more about their website. Google Analytics helps marketers and website owners understand traffic patterns, traffic sources, conversions, bounce rates, paid search statistics, and more.

Pricing GA Standard is free for up to 10 million hits/month. Beyond that GA Premium is recommended at $150,000/year

2. Woopra

With the detailed overview of each customer visiting your site, you can add their names to profiles for identification.

You also have the ability to chat live with individual site visitors. This can be a great feature for your e-commerce site to interact with customers.

Pricing Free: For up to 30,000 actions/month Paid: Starts $79 for up to 400,000 actions/month

3. Clicky

Clicky gives real-time data reporting. Clicky has something very attractive to offer—similar in-depth results to Google Analytics, but with a much cleaner interface.

Clicky clearly lists every visitor, including when they visited, where they’re located, where they were referred from, how long they stayed on your page, and what actions they took.

Pricing Free: For 3,000 page views/day Paid: Starts $9.99 for 30,000 page views/day

4. CrazyEgg

A great tool with their variety of maps to help track visitors – heat maps, scroll maps, etc. Definitely worth checking out with their 30-day free trial.

Crazy Egg uses the power of Heatmap technology to give you a visual picture of what site visitors are doing on your Web pages.See also  11 Ways To Improve Google My Business & Maps Rankings

Pricing Free: All plans for first 30 days Paid: Starts $9.99 for 250,000 visits/month

5. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is best known as a mobile analytics tool, but it also offers advanced segmentation of your website visitors, event tracking through funnel data, retention reports of engaging and returning customers and a targeting system that groups users with similar profiles.

This tool will help you retain your lost customers by sending notifications on the web or mobile.

Pricing Free: For 25,000 data points Paid: Starts $150 for 500,000

6. Kissmetrics

KISSmetrics tells you, in great detail, what your website visitors are doing on your website, before, during, and after they buy from you. Google may tell you what is happening on a website, but KISSmetrics tells you who is doing it and when.

You can see how behaviors change over time, identify patterns and see the most typical and recent referrers, among other stats. It offers a “Timeline View” of visitor activity in an easy-to-understand visual format.

Pricing Free: All plans for first 14 days Paid: Starts from $250 per month for up to 500,000 events

7. ChartBeat

It is focused primarily on real-time data and real-time analytics. Along with reporting page views, it also tells you how people are engaging with your content.

Its robust dashboard, iPhone app, and email alerts notifies you immediately of any server crash or traffic spikes.

Pricing Free: 30 Days Trial Paid: Starts at $9.95 per month

8. Foxmetrics

FoxMetrics helps track customer engagement in real-time. Not only can you track what your customers are doing on your website in real-time, but you can also track the customer life-cycle including where they are clicking, what e-mails they are opening, what products they are purchasing, and more.See also  18 Free Website Usability Testing Tools for Optimizing User Experience

It gives more comprehensive information about your customer including software downloads, product views, newsletter views, purchases, and more.

Pricing Free: 14 Days Trial Paid: Starts at $299 per year for 1,000,000 events

9. Statcounter

StatCounter is a reliable and powerful web tracker that is customizable based on your data requirements.

It provides two levels of analysis: One – Simple Aggregate stats about your visitors and second – highly detailed analysis of the last few visitors depending on your log size.

Pricing Free: For 250,000 pageviews/month Paid: Starts $5/month for up to 500,000 pageviews

10. W3Counter

The tool is aimed at beginners. W3Counter will give you the basic stats for your site in a free and easy package. You’ll eventually want to graduate to a more performance-focused solution, though.

A notable feature is a “click overlay” that shows you where you’re getting most of your clicks, directly on a representation of your website.

Pricing Free: For up to 1,000,000 visits/month Paid: Starts $5/month with advanced tracking features

11. Gosquared

This tool has a specific segment dedicated to track and analyze data from e-commerce websites. It gives you data such as estimated revenue of the month, categories and products that receive higher traffic and the referral sites and so on.

It gives you user engagement metrics on an individual level.

It has a very user-friendly interface, with widgets that you can customize based on your requirement.

Pricing Free: 14 day trial on all plans + Free for up to 100 profiles and 1000 data points Paid: Starts $68/month for up to 1,000 profiles and 100,000 datapoints

12. Mint

A self-hosted web analysis tool that is comparable to Google Analytics in terms of the kinds of data it collects. It tracks all basic statistics like referrals, searches, popular pages and traffic trends.

It comes with a really fresh layout, with clean and easy to understand charts that display the info that you need to know.

Pricing Free: NA Paid: $30 for each website

13. Clicktale

With Clicktale, you can see what your viewers did while on your site, visualizing their interactions with your on-page content, to see if there are any parts of your site that really draw attention or parts that get totally ignored.

Pricing Free: For up to 400 recordings Paid: Starts $9 for up to 1,200 recordings

14. OpenWebAnalytics

One of the best open source web analytics tools which is easily comparable to Google Analytics, if you like to use open source projects, this is one of the best serious alternatives.

It comes with the ability to record the browser screen on user’s sessions so you can see if people are getting stuck on a particular part of page.

15. Matomo

Another open-source tool that runs on PHP and MySQL. Matomo is used by nearly 900 thousand websites. It can be used to provide analytics for the Web, for e-commerce sites, for intranets and can also be used to analyze server logs.

The reports are highly customizable and easy to work with. It also filters out referral spam, which is something GA doesn’t do.

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