YouTube Alternatives: 20+ Video Streaming Apps and Video Sharing Websites

There is no doubt that YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world, with over 1.8 billion users, and is the second most visited website after Google. 

With the availability of faster, cheaper internet and an ever-increasing demand for video content, many companies are creating new websites for video content creation.

Videos have become one of the largest sources of learning, making money, entertainment, and marketing. Therefore, many people wish to explore new video sites that are coming up with new features and ideas and are better than YouTube. 

Here are 10 video sites that offer new and exciting features and profit you more as compared to YouTube. 

10 Best YouTube Alternatives for Content Creators and Businesses

1. Vimeo

Vimeo is the most trending video site aside from YouTube at present.

  • This site is famous for its excellence in video content and offers a safe interface for its users.
  • Vimeo is known for balanced privacy and security settings like password-protected videos, domain, and geo limitations, and it also offers ad-free streaming to its users.
  • It is a perfect platform for content craters, artists, and filmmakers. Users can personalize and upload videos limited to 500 MB.
  • It has numerous alternatives from enterprise to plus plan and storage subject to the usage.

2. Vevo

Vevo originated in America, stands for ‘video evolution,’ and was founded in 2009. It provides a platform for new artists to present their music. In addition, it unites global audiences with top-notch quality music content. 

  • It is a music-centered video platform used by many artists for the promotion and launch of their music.
  • It has a collection of live performances and music videos, which is free of cost. Users don’t have to register for streaming videos.
  • It provides better-customized experiences to explore videos of your favorite artists. Hence, it has gained new user bases through its high-quality video content. 

3. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is an entertaining, legal, accessible, and safe video site that offers a more customized comprehension than YouTube.

  • This video site has about 300 million unique monthly users, which makes it one of the largest video sites on the internet.
  • It provides similar features, i.e., navigation panel and layout, compared to other websites like YouTube.
  • For privacy, it offers private, password-protected, public videos and an age gate element to protect children from restricted content.

4. Twitch 

Twitch is an American video-streaming site, and it has gained massive popularity, with 15 million users in recent years.

  • This site focuses on video game live streaming and also includes video casting of esports competitions, creative content, and physical streaming.
  • Twitch is free of charge, and you can access its video content without having a registered twitch account.
  • It is accessible through various means, including game consoles, the web, and mobile.

5. Hulu

Hulu is an American online video-streaming website that provides unlimited streaming of movies and trending TV shows.

  • Users can setup up to 6 profiles and can stream videos on their phones, TV, desktop, and tablet. 
  • This YouTube alternative provides live TV with over 65 channels.
  • This video site provides a vast streaming library with no ads.
  • Users can download videos to watch them offline.

6. Spotlightr

Spotlightr is similar to YouTube, which allows you to search for topics ranging from entertainment to technology.

  • It provides over 3600 videos and is also available in various languages like Spanish, English, etc.
  • This alternative to YouTube offers users videos of recent events and provides topics, TED books, podcasts, etc.
  • It has a built-in audience builder that can help you in your marketing campaigns.

7. Uscreen

Uscreen is an OTT platform for video monetization that enables you to watch videos online and arrange them by categories and titles.

  • This site is built to support you in launching and creating your own video streaming business.
  • Users can stream videos through various mediums, viz. TV, Android, and iOS.
  • It has speech algorithms to enhance the viewing experience of users.
  • It offers videos on various topics based on the viewer’s interest, like news, entertainment, etc.

8. Peertube

Peertube is a free and open-source video site that allows users to create a video-hosting website. 

  • This decentralized alternative to YouTube allows users to upload, stream, and share videos without worrying about their data privacy.
  • It is like a tool that users can install on a web server.

9. Wistia

Wistia is a video hosting platform designed especially for marketers and businesses. 

  • This video site provides users with a data-driven approach that helps them improve their marketing campaigns and businesses. 
  • It has 4k video support.
  • Creates ads based on viewers’ behavior and activities.
  • It syncs data and emails with CRMs and software.

10. Facebook watch

This website is a video-on-demand service provided by Facebook that offers free streaming of numerous content and allows users to interact with each other.

  • Its feature offers users to watch trending videos as per their interests.
  • This site has a larger audience and scope than YouTube as it provides users with various benefits, from content creation to original shows and live events.
  • Facebook Watch also allows users to monetize their content through sponsorships and ads.
  • It has content from Facebook as well as from third-party creators and various media platforms.


1. What is the best website for videos?

Here are some websites that show some of the best video content on the internet.

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Wistia
  • SproutVideo
  • Dailymotion, etc.

2. What is like YouTube but not YouTue?

At the time of Youtube’s release, Dailymotion was also launched back in 2005. It is a platform with around 300 million monthly users and resembles Youtube in several ways. 

3. What is the most popular video website?

The most popular video platform is obviously Youtube, but some other websites rank closer to it, including Bilibili, Dailymotion, Twitch, DLive, etc. 

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