Types Of Web Hosting To Choose Best One (Infographic)

So many new enthusiastic bloggers are stepping into self-hosted web hosting with WordPress to start their professional blogging career.
What I noticed from last two years of my blogging career is so many new bloggers don’t know basic things about web hosting, types web hostings available at present and which one is suitable for them.
When I bought the web hosting for my blog(initial days of blogging), I didn’t know all this information, blindly bought the shared web hosting from BlueHost.
Recently I went to my friends home and he knows that I am blogging since a long time, suddenly he asked me how to start a blog and what resources he need to set up blog.
I explained him everything like you need to buy a domain name, choose best web hosting and install WordPress CMS (content management system).
Today I Thought of sharing an infographic about web hosting which explains everything about what is the web hosting, web server and types of web hosting services and its starting prices.

Types of Web Hosting

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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an internet hosting service which allows organizations and individuals to keep their internet files which are accessible through the worldwide web.

What is Web Server?

A server is a disk space where we can store all our files like images, content, graphics, videos, documents which are available via the internet to public.

Who is Web Hosting Provider?

A company who owns the web server and leases or rent their disk space to individuals or organizations at some price based on customers requirement, usually they take care of the maintenance and other resources like bandwidth, uptime, hardware, and software which are important for websites to deliver content easily to public.

Shared Web Hosting Services

Here one server is shared with so many other websites, all the resources like bandwidth, uptime, web space are equally shared with other users, it is the an affordable web hosting service for small businesses and individuals who are starting their website without much traffic to their website.
Once your site traffic increases you server will consume  more resources on that server, so web hosting provider will ask you to upgrade your service, shared web hosting prices start from $4 per month.

Virtual private server

Here the main server is divided into multiple virtual servers which act as an individual web server with defined bandwidth, uptime, and space. So here resources are not shared with other users, it can handle a decent amount of traffic without making any problem to you.
VPS is suitable for professional bloggers and companies which have more than 100,000 unique visits to their website, VPS hosting prices start from $19 per month.

Dedicated Web Hosting

The user gets dedicated web server which has root access to his people (administrators), in dedicated web hosting there are two categories like managed web hosting and unmanaged web hosting.
In managed web hosting, the company (service provider) will take care of the maintenance of the server but in unmanaged web hosting user has to take care of everything related to that web server.

Cloud Web Hosting

Here different web servers at different locations work as a single server to the client which maintains website load time equal at all places around the world, cloud hosting is growing its popularity day by day and people are migrating to this hosting.
The best thing about cloud hosting is its price starts at $5, we can upgrade our plan once we start getting good traffic.


I hope this types of the web hosting article helped you to understand basic things about web hosting, if you like this infographic then kindly embed this infographic in your related articles.

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