How Bloggers Can Use Tumblr For SEO

Couple of months back I wrote an article about how to use Tumblr for marketing your blog, today I chose the topic Tumblr for SEO which will give you some important SEO advantages it has to rank better in search engines.
I think most you know about the Tumblr platform speciality if you don’t know, no problem, I will repeat the speciality of Tumblr once again in this post.
Tumblr platform has multiple functionalities of Social media and WordPress(Content management software) where we can like, share, comment other users posts like social media and we can use this platform as blogging platform to write articles like WordPress.
I am not going to discuss these functionalities right now, I will share only about SEO advantages we have if we start using Tumblr effectively.

How To Use Tumblr For SEO?

I never used Tumblr for writing articles, but regularly I use this platform as a social media platform to promote my blog articles and to increase the followers by engaging with other users by reblogging, and commenting the good posts.
Engagement with other users, consistency, building relationships with influencers is important to become successful in Tumblr community, like other social media platforms.
Now we will get into this topic how Tumblr helps SEO.

DoFollow Backlinks

Whenever you share your blog’s URL in the Tumblr you will get a dofollow backlink to your website, as you know it works in social media platform style if somebody likes or shares ( it is called as reblog) in their account it will give us another dofollow backlink.
Tumblr has high domain authority and it is in the list of top 100 sites in the world, can you imagine how much high-quality backlink you are getting from Tumblr which can help you to rank better search engines.
We have to be little bit careful in selecting the anchor text to get the backlink, don’t use exact keyword phrase in Tumblr, try to use LSI keywords to share your blog post because if that post goes viral you will get a lot of dofollow backlinks to your website and you may get Penguin penalty from Google.

Integrated Social Media Signals

Search engines do consider social media signals as one of the ranking factors, there are some proven studies on how some articles ranked in the first position of Google even without good content because of the social signals it received, so if we get good engagement on Tumblr search can consider these social signals as ranking factor.

Easily Discoverable By Search Engines

Search engine bots crawl Tumblr very frequently if we have good engagement content search engine do prefer to display the posts in results just like Google Plus, so we have to post all our articles in this platform to enable search engines discover our content.

Fast Indexing

As a blogger we do prefer fast indexing of our posts immediately after publishing the article in search engines, Tumblr will help us to index our articles very fast because whenever we post an article in this platform search engines can easily detect the new content and automatically crawl and index our article.
In my experience, I noticed Tumblr and Inbound community are the places to post our article for the fast indexing.

Brand Factor Improvement In SEO

Tumblr allows us to customize our URL in this platform where we can add our brand name in the Tumblr URL.
Here in this screenshot you can observe how I customized the URL with my blog’s brand name
There are so many studies conducted on brand reputation in SERP(search engine results page) conclusion of the studies stated that search engines do prefer brand value, so we have to include our brand in all the places wherever it is possible.

Posts Can Go Viral

Tumblr is known for memes, Gifs, this is the one place where we find a lot of memes in the post, 90% of this community users are young college going students where post virality is very high.
If we plan our content we post on Tumblr with memes and Gifs then chances of going viral is very easy but we should have a proper content strategy for this platform.

Hashtag Support For Content Discovery

A hashtag is very useful to find the content, all the social media platforms are incorporated this functionality even Tumblr also supports hashtags.
Google has started adding hashtags into search results, most of us are using it effectively to drive the traffic to our blog, if we use hashtags in Tumblr it can help us to bring long term traffic to our blog.
we can use these hashtags to find the influencers in this platform related to your niche so that we can follow and make relationships with them.


In this Tumblr for SEO I tried to share some of the advantages it has over other platforms, I request you to share your opinions, experiences and thoughts about Tumblr in comment sections, so that it can help other readers to understand more about this platform.

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