10 Best Websites to Start an Online Petition

An individual can’t bring a massive change alone, which is why petitions exist. It is one of the best things that the internet has given humanity. Now, anything who wants to bring a change can start an online petition and bring a change by encouraging people to sign it. 

If you are a changemaker and want to bring a change in this world, you should start creating online petitions.

Before moving ahead, it is important to understand the actual meaning of the petition. According to the internet, a petition is a formal written request that people sign in order to appeal to the authority to consider the situation and take an action for the same. 

Top 10 websites to start a petition online

Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 legit websites to start an online petition. You can use any of these websites to start a revolution to bring a change in your locality, state, country, or even the world. 

1. Change.org

Change.org is one of the most popular websites when it comes to filing a petition. Doe to its legitimacy and popularity, people from around the world know about it. 

It also takes the stand of making the world a better place by raising awareness of social issues. 

It has a large email list that also informs people who have signed the petition about ongoing petitions and encourages them to sign them. 

You can also visit change.org to raise funds or donate. You can create a petition for free or buy a premium membership to create customized pages. 

2. iPetitions

iPetitions is a free website for people who want to create and share petitions online. It also offers physical spaces where people can come and sign the petition. 

It is also possible to build a community of people who care and are vocal about social issues. 

With the petition, you can include things like questionnaires, polls, etc.

The platform runs on donations, making it a free space for people to raise awareness.

3. Thepetitionsite.com (Care2 Petitions)

Care2 Petitions is a sub-site of the Care2 social network which offers a free platform to create an online petition. You can visit the website and sign trending petitions as well. Here. some of the major issues are taken into consideration. 

It is more like a social media platform for petitioners and changemakers.

4. Civist

Civist uses the power of WordPress to create an online petition. You have to first install a WordPress plugin and sign up with Civist to create and publish a petition. 

It also lets you spread awareness to more people as it can extract emails from your contact list. 

You can either create a petition or raise funds via Civist.

5. Causes 

Causes is an online platform where people can gather and raise awareness about burning social issues. 

It is easy to create an online petition and invite people to understand the motivation behind your petition. Causes help your petition reach your congressman or a representative who can take an action. 

It also lets you raise funds for social activities and causes. 

6. SumOfUs

SUmOfUs is an NGO that is vocal about burning social issues involving global warming, human rights, corruption, global peace, politics, and whatnot. 

They consistently create campaigns and fundraisers and you can take part in them as well. 

You can create fundraisers in languages other than English including Spanish, Mandarin, and French. 

7. GoPetition

GoPetition is another website that lets you create online petitions. More than 80,000 petitions have been created by people living in more than 100 countries. Due to its huge popularity, changemakers use this website to start a petition and bring a revolution. 

With a little bit of programming language, you can also add extra elements to your petitions. 

Additionally, it also lets you see the signature data coming from different locations. 

8. Avaaz

Avaaz, meaning voice in Hindi, is an online petition platform for people who want to do something for society. 

It has got all the features that one might need to create a petition. You can choose from 17 different languages and you can also interact with the community to support your cause. 

You might be surprised to know that Avaaz was involved in raising awareness for the Paris Climate Accord. 

9. RallyCall

RallyCall is also another platform that lets you publicize your voice and lets you add creative features to your petition. Some features RallyCall offers include adding a deadline to the petition and assigning decision makers for the petition. 

10. UK Government and Parliament Petitions

This website is specifically for people residing in the UK. Oftentimes, the state doesn’t consider petitions from third-party websites. This is why you should use the UK government and parliament petitions to officially create a petition if you want the government to hear your voice. 

If your petition gets more than 100,000 signatures, it is eligible for a debate in the parliament. 


1. How do I start an online petition?

You can use any of the abovementioned websites to start a formal petition. All you need to do is visit the website and sign up for a petition. You can share the link and the purpose behind starting the petition and 

2. What is the best way to start a petition?

Here is how you can start a petition-

  • Select the person or group that has the power to make the change possible. 
  • Generate the body text and write the appeal. Keep it brief and crisp.
  • Request your target population to sign.
  • You’re ready to make a change now.

3. What is an online petition website?

Online petition websites are platforms that easily let you create a petition in a few minutes. Those who want to sign the petition can add their details like name and email address to formally support the cause. 

4. How do I promote my online petition?

Social media is one of the best platforms that lets you share and promote your petitions and reach a larger audience. You can also try methods like emails, personal messages, and website ads to further promote your initiative. 

5. How many signatures does a petition needs for congress?

There are different thresholds that a petition must reach. In the first level, it needs to have at least 150 signatures in 30 days and for the next level, it needs to have 100,000 signatures in a span of 30 days.

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