Top 10 Popular Singapore Classifieds Sites List for SEO

This is now the time for everything to go digital, right from advertisements to selling, to matrimonial and bookings; everything now is digital. If you still feel that flyers and other non-digital platforms will appeal out to the people out there, you are wrong. There are honestly many people who prefer online ads and online searches than saving up flyers for further use!

Here are some advantages of having free online classified ads

  1. Your reach- You honestly cannot imaging the reach of your company or the firm to shoot up if you still choose to stay offline in this world of digital benefits. Online websites and the ones that offer free classified facilities to you are the ones that have the maximum coverage for the advertisement you are looking for! The reach is the main thing you would want to look for, in any classified- be it offline or online.
  2. Time and money saved- You can save up to lot of money when you go digital now that you don’t have to give in money for papers, the print and the other items needed for the same! The time and money you save up here can be used somewhere else as well. There are many productive ways of using the time that you invest in printing of all the flyers and posters and the similar things.
  3. Contacting the firm will be easier- Contacting the firm will be much easier when it is online, on a website or similar platforms; than having the offline mode of advertising. When you advertise offline, you have almost no chance of the customers contacting you for their queries. So, this is another added advantage of the online marketing and advertising.

If you are looking for SEO specific advertisements that provide you the ideal platform to market your product or the entire firm, here are top 5 of them. These 5 websites of Singapore have everything under their roofs and also provide with optimum facilities, that too for free. Other than being completely free for people who just need to run their ads on the website, there are slabs as well that will give you many other options to pay them and have your ads run on the optimum sides of the site. The slabs are that of top, gallery and premium ads. These are for people who need to see maximum turnover out of the ads they posted in the minimum of time possible. Hence, there are other slabs for people looking for even more chances to promote their page online!

Top 5 Popular Singapore Classifieds sites list for SEO:


Brief: The Locanto is that platform of the Singapore websites for classifieds that provide you with the maximum traffic from the SEO oriented content. You are bound to have certain requirements when you look for the online classifieds websites, like having SEO friendly content, having the maximum traffic brought to the site, being able to access to edit or update the classified when and how required. All these facilities are provided on the Locanto. Started in the year 2006, when digitisation was just another concept, this has come a long and far way introducing new firms on a daily basis, to its crowd. This is the most famous in Singapore, and has also been launched in 49 other countries.
The pros of using this-

  • This one is completely free, but also provides features that are usually available only after you pay to certain classifieds.
  • You are allowed to upload about 10 images, which is a pretty higher bar for classifieds running free, to give to the customers.
  • Based on the location of the customer looking up in the classified page, you can easily have your location fed up to the website too. The ones near you can find you and visit you, offline.
  • Gives you space to have a separate ‘Personal information’ that will give away the fact that you are authentic and makes it easier for people to easily contact you as well!

2. CRAIGSLIST Singapore

Brief: The oldest of them all, it started off in the year 1996. When you open the website, the entire layout is vintage typed and gives off the vibes of exclusivity to the advertisement sector. This one is established in 70 countries and over 700 cities across the globe. The reach for this website is usually high, all the time throughout the year! The free classifieds’ ad section is for the ones who are only looking out to run their advertisements as a part of interface.

  • This one gives you the privilege to have 24 images and about the same quantity whilst posting the advertisement. When posting an ad, you cannot have all content and no images to promote the same, hence this facility.
  • You can post an ad without having opened an account there. Unlike a lot of classified websites online, this one does not require you to create an account and then post content there.
  • This one too has an option that gives the customers and clients looking out for classifieds to directly contact you via the information you choose to write in.


Brief- STClassifieds, formerly known as ST701 Stores, is a local classifieds or the ads website, happily used by many Singaporeans. It provides customers a great online platform for trading both new and used products, from computer & electronic devices products, furnishings, to style clothing, and child & kids’ products. STClassifieds is managed by SPH – Singapore Media Holdings, the biggest posting & Advert Company in Singapore.

  • Customers can publish Ads without having a STC account.
  • Free publishing categorized Ads that is not available for other websites, which is available in this one.
  • Free publishing up to 10 pictures that is a good thing considering the fact that this one is free advertisement.
  • User-friendly website with easy-to-use features other than the already mentioned ones.


Brief- is one of the main web sites in Singapore, advertising a lot of users daily, especially people from Singapore expatriate community. Website services include community forum talking about property record, online dating services, and categorized advertising that also gives in selling your products. Although the categorized ads service is free of charge, you need to sign-up a merchant account in order to place Ads and contact Supplier.

  • You have to open an account that will facilitate other features from the website. This account is free from charges and you just have to login every time you need to post something.
  • You can post up to 5 images online. This is also a good amount considering that the website is free of cost.
  • Other than the free slab, there are other slabs available as well.
  • The interface and the layout of the website are very up to date and has the crowd been attracted to the same.
  • The crowd and the traffic attracted to this is all time high.
  • This one’s a website only, and does not have an app of its own.

5. GUMTREE Singapore

Brief- Gumtree Singapore is the biggest and most popular classifieds website in Singapore. It has won the headline of “Singapore’ Number One free ad site” for offering excellent online classifieds services, linking large numbers consumers every month. Besides Singapore, Gumtree’s group of categorized websites are commonly used in many other nations such as the U.S. Empire, Ireland in Europe, Belgium, Southern Africa, Sydney, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

  • Customers can look at sellers’ “get in touch” information that has number, or e-mail suppliers via contact us with page, without having any consideration further.
  • Users can publish Ads without having any payment mode.
  • Free publishing categorized Ads.
  • Free posting up to 10 pictures.
  • Friendly user-interface web page, publishing Ads looking Ads features are easy to be used.
  • Gumtree Singapore’s cellular app, which is available for both iOS and Android operating system gadgets, is very useful and practical for cellular users.

Want to buy some pre-owned products to save money? Or do you need to put on the market some things that are no longer used? 100 % free ad ads website, a highly effective route linking supplier and customer in the quickest and most practical way, may help you best. Nowadays, free classified listings ad is one the most highly effective resources of internet marketing over the Internet. You can market company at countless numbers of free categorized sites. You are available your old things or you can market your company without charge by posting free categorized ads. The ads that run on these websites are the best provided that you utilise the facilities and features provided by each of the website to the maximum.
You can always post multiple ads using these websites that will eventually help you in the longer run of the firm’s marketing, at the bigger picture.

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