How to Make $100 A Day With Clickbank Using Facebook

Do you want to make money with Clickbank and Facebook?? Follow the step by step guidelines to make $100 a day just promoting the Clickbank product on Facebook groups, and fan pages.
There are a lot of ways to promote Clickbank products, but here I will show you how to promote all kinds of Clickbank products on Facebook without any investment.
Facebook is a world #1 social media site where billions of users available. You will get a massive amount of targeted audience on Facebook. You will get all kinds of targeted audience such as men, women, students, employees, teenagers, kids, moms, dads, businessman etc. AND you will also get targeted traffic from all over the world. So here is a great opportunity to promote ClickBank products and make some extra money online from home.
Follow the methods below to promote the Clickbank product and make money on Facebook.

Method-1: How to Make Money With Clickbank Using Facebook Groups

Facebook group is a perfect place to promote any ClickBank products and make money without any investment. You will see a lot of groups of all niche or topics where thousands of members are available on each group. You can easily find your relevant groups and make money promoting Clickbank products.

How to find and join Facebook relevant groups

First, you have to log in on your real and genuine Facebook account, Do not work with a fake account. After login, you will see the search bar at the top left side of your screen. Type your keywords what you want to find. Suppose, you promote make-money online related products, so type “make money online” or “internet marketing” or “work from home” or “network marketing” or “make money at home” or “affiliate marketing” or “SEO” or “home business” or “home-based business” or “online marketing” etc.
AND if promote health & fitness related products then you can search with the keywords such as “weight loss” or “health” or “fitness” or “lose weight” or “diet to lose weight” or “best workout” or “how to lose weight fast” etc.
If promote cooking and recipe related Clickbank products then you can search with the keywords like “recipe” or “foods” or “cooking” or “breakfast” or “lunch” or “dinner” or “diet” etc.
AND if you promote graphic design related Clickbank products you can search with the keywords like “photoshop tutorial” or “graphic design” or “learn photoshop” or “adobe photoshop” or “illustrator” “learn photo editing” etc
When you search for your keywords you will see a lot of results that include Facebook posts, Pages, Groups and mixture result. So now you have to click on group section to filter only the groups. Okay, In these way you can easily find relevant groups. Once you find your targeted groups, now click on the join button to join that groups, it may need time to get approved your joining. Because admin will verify you and then approve. If you send joining request from the fake account they may not approve you. This is why I first told you to work with the genuine account.

How to post on Facebook groups

Anyway, Join 5-10 groups a day and when getting approval, start posting your Clickbank products on that groups. You need 4 major things to post your Clickbank products on Facebook groups. These are an attractive title, a short description, an eye-catching image or photo and finally link of that product. Facebook sometimes does not allow you direct Clickbank product link so you should use a landing page or YouTube video to promote the product.
So, after watching my video I hope now it’s become easy for you to promote a Clickbank product with free blogger landing page. So start to promote your products on Facebook groups and post 50-60 groups daily. AND change your title, description text and photo every day during posting. In this way, you will get a lot of targeted traffic and sales without any investment. You can also work with multiple products at a time but for doing that I recommend you to use separate accounts and join groups of different niche from the different account.
I personally use this method and got huge sales on Clickbank. If you do not get sales on first few days, do not upset, work continuously and success must come.

Method-2: How to Make Money With Clickbank Using Facebook Page

Facebook page is also a fit place to promote Clickbank products and earn money. There are mainly two ways to make money using the fan page. One is if you have your own fan page where plenty of fans are available then you can create a featured pin post on your page and thus you can get traffic and sales. And the second way is if you have no popular fan page, you can find other people’s popular fan page and contact them to create a pinned post for your product for 7 days or 15 days or 1 month with a small charge or fee.
If they agree, you can create a pinned post on their popular pages by spending a small budget. It’s really a good way to get huge targeted traffic and a lot of sales. You can try it. You can also visit to find fan page post related offers. Just search and find them.

Method-3: How to Make Money With Clickbank Using Facebook Targeted Members

To find your targeted audience, Facebook is the best place. How to find the targeted audience on Facebook?? Okay, Search your targeted keywords and find some popular active posts. Suppose your keyword is weight loss, so search “how to lose weight” or “lose weight fast” or “diet to lose weight” etc. AND find some popular active posts, Click on the latest posts section to find active posts. How to identify active post? Okay, When you see there are some likes, comments, and shares on the posts they are active posts.
Once you found some active posts, now you got the real targeted audience. People who are liking a weight loss related post that means that are interested in losing weight. Okay, So now send a simple promotional message to them with your product link and send 10-20 message per day. Continue this process daily. I hope in this way you will easily get a lot of sales without investment.

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