11 Google AdSense Policies Which You Should Not Adhere

Let’s talk about Google Adsense Policies today. As we know that, Google Adsense is one of the most popular Blog Monetisation tool because of it’s CPC given to their customers. But if you want your Adsense account to be approved from Google, You need to follow some Google Adsense rules and regulations which are mandatory for every Adsense Customer.

If you’re not following these rules then my friend you’re surely going to be banned in coming days

In the previous year, I started using Google Adsense for my tech website, before that tech website, I applied for Google Adsense approximately 23 times and the result of all those Adsense requests was Rejected. Can you imagine, 23 times I got rejected from Google Adsense.
Then, I Started my Life with a new domain and I had gone through every single thing why I was rejected. I read all the Adsense Policies and applied them on my website. After waiting for One month approximately, I again applied for Adsense and guess what, This time the result was Accepted.
So, Now Let’s head towards the Basic and the main Google Adsense Policies from which you can make your blog more professional.

Avoid your Google Adsense Account from Getting Banned with Google Adsense Policies Given below:

Here, Each and every Adsense Rules has been written on their Official website. So, If you want to configure all these you can. So Let’s Go!

1. Copyrighted Material

The first Adsense policy is that Adsense publisher should not display Google Ads on pages with content protected by Copyright Law unless they have legal rights to display that stuff. This includes pages that have copyrighted material, pages hosting copyrighted files or links which are being driven to any copyrighted material.
If you’re not following this policy, future is going to be sad for you friend. Don’t copy from anyone, write you own things.

2. Invalid Clicks Activity

This is a serious issue, when i just started my tech website then i don’t know what the invalid activity is and got suffered from this. “Google Banned Me for 30 days Due to This Activity Happened on my Site“.
What actually happened was someone clicked on my Google Ads Multiple times, It was not my fault but still who can argue with Google Hence, i waited for a month to get my revenue back. I studied a lot about How to monitor and stop this activity.
So, you need to check your Google Analytics daily whether or not this kind of activity is happening to your site or not. If this sort of activity happens, Immediately turn off your Google Adsense account temporarily.
Also, You are not allowed to click your own ads. Publishers may not use any inflate impressions or clicks artificially.

3. Maximum Adsense Ad-Unit on a Single Page

As far as on Google’s official website concerned, there is not a
You can check your requirements. Check your website space How much it required. But if you’ve decided to go more than 5-6 ads units, you might be spamming your own post with large number of ads.
AdSense has mentioned this thing: “We may limit or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made.”
Don’t Place Google ads on 404 Error Page.

4. Encouraging Clicks

Being an Adsense Publisher, you may not ask others to click on your ads to obtain revenue as it is against the Google Adsense rules and regulations.

5. Content Guidelines

You’re not allowed to put ads on those pages of your website that violates our Content Guidelines. Adsense is restricted totally on Pornography, adult material or any Gambling content of your website. You must adhere this guideline otherwise, you will be banned or not going to be approved for Google Adsense. This also Includes any content that allows users to place bets and playing games in exchange to earn money from your website.

6. Paid Traffic

If you’re recently or in future in a mood to buy traffic from other websites, then it’s not going to happen because Adsense restrict this and will be going to ban you in future. Promotions of your posts on Popular social media or buying traffic from Quality sites like facebook, reddit can be done because they have high-quality links.

7. Parallel Advertisements

You should not be using any other bad quality Advertisement Program. Let Google Adsense be your only way to generate Revenue. Though you can use Affiliate links but not many on your website side by side with Google Adsense. Some of the best Advertisers are Info links and Buysellads.

8. Tricky Links

Don’t you ever try to do these things like “Click here” to see hot babe. To encourage people to view this kind of content will make violation of Adsense Policies.

9. Altering Adsense Code

Never act like a programmer in Adsense Case because this will be violating their Adsense Policies. Don’t Make your AdSense Ads Sticky. Making them sticky is Against the Adsense Policies.

10. Site Navigation

Most Adsense Requests got rejected due to this reason because their website don’t have proper navigation and proper area for Google Ads. Site should be easy to navigate for users. Site may not redirect users to unwanted website which are not allowed. Initiate Download links which can include malwares, contains popups are not allowed.

11. Unsupported Languages

Google does not support multi-languages to qualify Adsense program. So, If you’re going to apply for Google Adsense in future make sure you’re not using more than one language. If you’ve already approved Adsense account and using it on Multi-language website, then change it to single language. This do not comply with Adsense Policies.
For More Details visit Google Adsense Policies.
So, This Was all about Google Adsense Rules and Regulations which you should know all the time using Adsense for your site.
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