How to Get More Instagram Likes

This is something you can never have enough, that is the number of likes on social channels, Instagram a social platform used by millions is not favorable to anyone unless the account is popular with more likes and shares. And to increase Instagram likes, the content of your posts decides the kind of response you will get, it’s all about what you share and do the viewers like it or not. Many companies come up with new strategies every day to get more Instagram likes. To help you get more likes, the following suggestions, and methods are elaborated below:

1. Quality of photos

Firstly, think as an audience, if you don’t find anything appealing in an image don’t try your luck by putting it out for others. It won’t grab attention, quality of images define its success. Unless you are not giving a DSLR kind of quality to your picture, neither Instagram nor the audience is not going to like it. There are so many posts to react to, you have to give them a strong reason to like your posts.

2. Think about filter to use

The mood or taste of the moment you have captured should be in complete sync with the filter you will be using or else you should not apply anyone. The purpose is to improve the feel of the image rather than damaging its impact.

3. Share everywhere else

Circulate a post at least once on other platforms also, this is the most obvious and require step you should take. Automatically, a lot many users are able to view the post and likes are more likely to be improved as a broad audience will be able to react to it.

4. Command over Hashtags

If you do a quick search on google about top Instagram accounts in a specific city, you would find they all have used the hashtag of that city to make their post count among the top posts of that particular region. This explains how important they are on Instagram, to connect with large audience, you need to add many relevant hashtags. It will take your post far than you ever expected.

5. Specify location

For local businesses, without adding location a business will never be able to reach its exact audience. This also increases the chance of more downloads of an image. Those who are looking for a nearby location would easily be able to find your post relevant.

6. Stay insightful

To get more than the usual and increase the expectation of audience, you should try out some insight stuff on Instagram. Audiences are mostly intrigued to see something interesting and unusual. You can some unseen or behind the scene moments with followers.

7. Be ready for giveaways

When your followers react to your posts daily, it automatically raises the bar of expectation from you somewhere. Hence, in such case giveaways can be a lot more beneficial. People like to get free stuff and when its promotions, the situation is completely win-win. You should utilize the opportunity and add an engaging image with an announcement of free giveaway.

8. Make a deal with influencers

Influencers can become saviors, as they are already popular and have a large number of followers. You can partner with them and ask them to add your product along with their photo, this would immediately put you in the limelight, which you have been looking for. Gradually, a social credibility will be attached to your brand.

9. Experiment with boomerang

Boomerang can be counted as something in between GIF and video. In this type of video, you would see it plays forward first and then backward. A new way among other already seen tools, Boomerang is a smart way to attract attention, as it is more fun to see and gives a dramatic effect to the moment.

10. Carousel is worth your time

Initially, Carousel was only available for ad formats, but now this tool is also available to create effective stories. IN this you can combine different images and moments of an event and can be shared with the audience. Earlier it was used to highlight product features in a very short span of time.

11. Post more about customers

Those followers how to react, like or share your posts on a regular basis, deserves a special acknowledge of gratitude. Most of the successful businesses keep close about of such users and followers, as they are going to be their potential customers. Due to such followers, an ad campaign can be triggered in the desired manner.

12. Tag friends and influencers while posting quotes

The more you can connect and tag people from all around, the better a post will be able to reach. Influencers should also be informed about the updates you are coming with. Especially, when you post regular motivation or inspire quotes from famous personalities, it’s recommended to add as many names as possible.

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