Alexa Rank – What is it And is it Important?

Every Blogger have a desire to improve Alexa ranking so quickly. Improving Alexa Rank under 100000 is one of the top necessity of every blogger as world-wide rank is being provided by Alexa. It is achieved by considering many factors of a blog or a website. In this Blog post I have explained about what is Alexa rank , how Alexa rank is calculated and also the necessary Tips on how to Quickly Improve Alexa Ranking of our Blog.

Steps To Quickly Improve Alexa Rank of our Blog

What is meant by Alexa Rank?

Actually Amazon creation created a popular website called Alexa to analyse the traffic status of a website . One can get the information of any particular website regarding its traffic, Links pointing that particular website, unique visitors, its bounce rate and other internet statistics with the help of this free tool Alexa. It Shows detailed statistics about the visitors such as gender, age groups, browsing location etc.,

Why Alexa Rank is Important?

Because it show s the traffic statistics and website’s reputation. And If you need to monetize your Blog such as say you need to sell some adspots then the advertisers mainly look at the Alexa traffic rank of your Blog. If you rank better in Alexa you can monetize your blog more. Many blog monetization program will accept your blog if you have a better Alexa ranking. So more earnings from a blog is achieved only by better alexa ranking.

How Alexa Rank is calculated?

Usually Alexa rank is calculated by combining the estimated average daily unique visitors of a website and estimated average number of pageviews of a website over the last three months.

Tips To Improve Alexa Traffic of a Blog quickly

1. First Step is to Install Alexa toolbar on your web browser.
2. Second step is to register an account on Website
3. Claim your Blog on If you claim your Blog probably you can see the rankings on next day if it is old blog. In case of a brand new blog it may take few days.
4) Install Alexa widget on your Blog.
5. Consistency in your work is must. Post good unique articles on your blog on a regular basis without any gap. Make sure the content you post on your blog is SEO-friendly. This step will definitely helps you to improve you Alexa ranking fast.
6. Try to build some quality back links by doing some Off-page SEO tactics.This is also one of the important step in gaining better Alexa rank.
7. Your Alexa rank will be also improved if your visitors provide a review of our blog or a website to Alexa. In addition write a review about Alexa in your website.
8. Do guest blogging on some popular blogs as it brings targeted traffic to your Blog. You can create a good exposure and recognization of your blog with the help of guest blogging in popular big blogs
9. Share your website in Social networking sites like Twitter, Google plus, Stumble upon, facebook, Instagram etc.,
10. Finally Organic traffic is the most important aspect to improve Alexa rank of a website so make your blog optimized for search engines to gain good organic traffic from search engines.
So I have revealed all the steps up to some extent to improve Alexa ranking of any new blog quickly . Its now in your hand to implement the above steps in your blog. Do you have any other tips on how to quickly improve Alexa ranking of our blog then let me know through the comment section. Definitely I can assure you can get better Alexa ranking if you follow the above steps. Implement the steps and Enjoy high traffic!

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