9 Best YouTube SEO Tools for Rank your Videos

Youtube is the second largest web crawler after Google in the world. Over 5 million people watch video on the youtube Per day. Mostly Seo expert use youtube to drive traffic to their website because of less competitive than google and other source. In fact Google also love Youtube Video and give space in their organic Listing and give boom to the related website in Search Results. Because of this advantage it is essential to do the discussion on this topic.
There are a lot of tools by which you can optimize your Youtube Channel and can drive traffic to your website. Lets take a look 7 most important from them.

First Things First: The Basics

Now that we are moving forward towards learning the YouTube optimization, it is important to comprehend the basics.
Keyword Research is Essential
As we have discussed keyword research in our earlier blogs too, by now you might have got accustomed with what is the essentiality of keyword research. Finding the relevant keyword meaning what the customer/audience is interested in and what are the most popular keywords. Searching apt keywords for YouTube optimization is easier in comparison to Google or Bing. All you have to do is simply type the desired keyword and the search box will show you results with the most popular searches. However, there are many YouTube SEO tools which can be effective in finding the relevant keywords.
Keep a Track of Rankings
For the range of your favourite keywords on Google, you might be tracking your rankings. It is but obvious that keeping a track of the ranking is an essential part of the SEO but the question is, are you performing the same with YouTube? Are you keeping a track on the YouTube rankings? If you haven’t been keeping a keen eye on your YouTube rankings then this is probably the time when you should start doing so. And with the advent of so many YouTube SEO tools, free as well as paid, you might not at all find difficulty while obtaining rankings.
Be Consistent with Your Content
The thing that YouTube is brimming with extraordinary content might not be wrong entirely. There are incredible content curators and video makers who have been working for years and are producing content which is simply fabulous. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. have one thing in common that all you need to do is create fresh and high-quality content but if we talk about YouTube the case is slightly different, not only do you need to generate unique and captivating content, you also need to be super consistent with whatever you are making. For a long-term viewer relationship and a subscriber base then being consistent with high-quality content is a must.
Don’t Plan For Short Videos
The ultimate aim of YouTube is to compete with Television so that they can charge the advertisers likewise and this can only be attained if there are longer videos. Videos which exceed 5 minutes are, in fact, considered to be better than other short videos as more ads can be run between the duration of video eventually benefiting the site. So, if you are planning for short videos, shorter than 5 minutes, we have just one-word advice to give “Don’t”.
First 48 Hours are Crucial
If you are uploading a video by the intention of optimizing it sometime later, then you are making a grave mistake. The first 48 hours are extremely crucial for each video that you upload. Optimization done in the first couple of days reflects in the ranking and thus, it is important to keep all the optimizations ready.

How to Optimize Videos?

After looking into the basics, it’s time to know more about optimization. Before we move towards YouTube SEO tools, read the given points implementing which can help you in optimizing videos successfully on YouTube.
• Captivating title: The title of your video must be punchy and should grab the attention of the viewer instantly. People aren’t going to buy it if it looks unappealing!
• Transcript: In YouTube’s ranking algorithms, captions or video transcripts play an important role. Make sure that the video transcripts are free from any mistakes.
• Globalize with Translations: Did you know that offering translations can help in globalizing your video? It saves you the time of shooting another video in a different language and helps you grow.
• Implement Best Tags: Tagging is not something which is extremely technical but it is one thing which can help enhance your rankings. Tags can’t be seen easily on YouTube but you can always take the help of tools with which you can find your competitors’ tags.
• Don’t forget Links: Links are important and ensuring that you add links, in your video, to your most important posts can improve the viewership.
Now, you have had a detailed understanding of what you can do to optimize your videos. Moving forward, let us now look at what are the top tools which we can utilize to have a brilliant YouTube optimization.

1. VidIQ

If you wish to gather a loyal audience, then VidIQ is one of the best YouTube SEO tools. VidIQ helps by:
a) Obtain tags which are 10 times more relevant tags in just 10 minutes
b) Find the appropriate keywords for your video which can help to get it featured on YouTube’s sidebar. In addition to that, it also helps in featuring it in related videos.
c) Obtain the keyword score – get search volume.
d) The tool also offers a dashboard with which all your YouTube videos can be managed conveniently.
e) Helps in tracking the social conversations about respective brand and videos.
These are just a few incredible features which VidIQ offers. There are many features which VidIQ offers, utilize them to enhance your ranking.

2. Serpstat

This tool has been developed to perform keyword research and analysis of backlinks ideally for YouTube optimization. The tool is available in free as well as paid version. It helps to research long-tailed and short-tailed keywords. In addition to the keyword analysis, it also gives an in-depth analysis of the competitor. This is one of the most ideal YouTube SEO tools which help in fixing technical errors, optimizing search engine and managing PPC campaigns. With all these features, Serpstat also offers backlink tracking and analysis of backlinks.

3. Tube Buddy

One of the majorly utilized YouTube SEO Tools is Tube Buddy. The tool is utilized for video optimization and promotion. It also ensures an in-depth analysis. Unlike another YouTube SEO Tools, you don’t have to leave the YouTube page to access the tool. This tool can be loaded on the same site so that relevant video tags can be seen in order to analyze the ranking and factors on which you need to work. The tool also helps to locate opportunities based on the search traffic and performance of the channel even outside YouTube. It offers professional captions which are helpful in enhancing the number of views by a considerable percentage. These YouTube SEO Tools are essential in order to conduct a successful video. Eventually, all of this can help to enhance the traffic of the channel.

4. Bird Song Analytics

Bird Song Analytics is one of the most incredible YouTube SEO Tools. It helps in analyzing the performance of competitors. In order to rank above competitors, there needs to be a conduction of competitive analysis of YouTube. It helps you in a number of ways by notifying you when your competitor is uploading any video. It also helps in figuring out the keywords that your competitors are targeting through their videos. This tool offers you with a report that helps you in evaluating your progress.

5. YouTube Search Autosuggest

If you are just beginning to build your YouTube strategy, then chances of your ranking for bigger keywords are very few or negligible. By utilizing YouTube search autosuggest feature, finding long-tail keywords can be really convenient. This is one of the most effective YouTube SEO Tools to generate a higher ranking. Utilizing this SEO tool is very easy.

6. Cyfe

Keeping the significance of content marketing, Cyfe is one of the most effective YouTube SEO tools which have been developed entirely for keeping a track of your content marketing. It is a business dashboard with which monitoring a number of things:
• Marketing: Within this marketing dashboard, monitoring channels like SEO, SMO, email, analytics, and social media is very convenient.
• Client Reporting: If you are having a client and if you have to deliver reports to the customers then you can easily automate your reporting by bringing together all the client data in just a single dashboard.
• Finances: Cyfe is also one of those YouTube SEO tools which not just enhance the ranking but also keep a track of the business expenses, balances and company revenues.
These are just a few features which Cyfe offers, there are many other features such as sales, project management, monitoring website etc. The tool also ensures custom dashboards for keyword research. This makes monitoring search traffic and variation of keywords convenient.

7. Canva

Loaded with easy to utilize features, Canva is a tool with which people can create content that is shareable. The tool offers multiple content types, right from marketing materials, presentations, ads to social media images. This is one of those YouTube SEO Tools where you can find almost everything that you require.

8. DrumUp

DrumUp is one of those efficient YouTube SEO tools which are developed for video promotion. With this tool, people can search for appropriate content and create likewise. This tool also helps in social media management. The tool also helps to schedule video posts for distribution on social media. It is also very helpful in targeting different audience throughout various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. In addition to the above-mentioned features, DrumUp is one of the few YouTube SEO Tools with which you can authenticate all your social media platforms.

9. Keyword Tool.io

In order to enhance website traffic, it is essential to implement proper keywords. It is also very important to keep a track on the search results of what people are searching, their needs, interests, wants, etc. Find terms which are related to your domain and then customize content accordingly. To find the most appropriate keywords for your video, utilize the best YouTube SEO Tools. One such YouTube SEO tool is Keyword Tool.io.
It must be considered that YouTube is one of the biggest search engines. Creating videos is not just the only thing which must be done but with that, you also need to learn techniques with which the video can be optimized properly. Choose appropriate tags, keyword-rich description and in addition to this, you have to encourage people to subscribe to the channel and share the video. Always utilize the best YouTube SEO Tools so you can get the widest target audience. There are multiple other YouTube SEO Tools available for YouTube videos optimization whose implementation can help in growing your business manifolds.

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