5 Important Writing Tips to Connect with Readers

You have written an attractive title for your blog post. Even you have added lots of information in your blog post and do content marketing for the article. But still, you can’t connect with the readers. You are unable to build awareness for your blog. You are feeling down and you are frustrated. You want writing tips?
I understand your situation. Even at the beginning of my blogging I faced this problem.
There are so many ways to connect with the readers. Writing is one of them.
In this article,  I will discuss 5 important writing tips to connect with the readers.

1. Know what readers want

We always hear write for readers. It will help you to grow your blog. So before writing content you should know the readers needs. You need to know your targeted audiences. But it’s not enough. You must be aware what the audiences find in your blog. Otherwise, your hard work will be gone in vain. How to understand the readers need?

  1. Read Comments: Before writing article, you should read comments on your blog. So you can understand the thinking of the readers.
  2. Update Your Blog: Updates your topic and ask readers what they want to read in the article. It will helpful to find information on the topic.

2. You must have deeper knowledge on your topic

Most of the bloggers select a topic but they don’t have good knowledge on it. Even I have seen some bloggers choose a niche for their blog, but they are not interested in the niche. They select it because other bloggers do blogging on it and make money.
You can either select a topic on which you have enough knowledge or before crafting article on an unknown topic you should gather knowledge on it. If you are not a knowledgeable person on a topic you can’t explain it properly and you are unable to engage the readers to your article as well as to your blog.

3. Be friendly with your readers

You can treat your readers like friends. You can ask questions to your friends. You never mind when they criticize you. You can get valuable suggestions from your friends.
You can interact with your readers in a same way. You can ask them to comments on your blog post. When they criticize you, learn from that. Even when they ask for a solution of a problem, help them like a friend.
These can help you to connect with your readers.

4. Share your downfall with the readers

If you treat your audiences like friends, you can easily share your weakness, fear, and worries, you problem. So they can easily understand that they are interacting with a human, not a robot and you can connect with your readers at a deeper level.

5. Stand out of the crowd

When you are going to write on a topic which has been already by many bloggers, then there is no guarantee that readers again read your article. But the topic is helpful to bring traffic to your blog.
In this situation, you can write on this topic with your personal experience. Even you can arrange round up and ask a question related to the topic to influencers. Sharing a personal experience or publishing round up will add value to your content.

Wrap Up

These are some writing tips to connect with the readers. If you want to add more points please feel free to comment here.

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