5 Things You Need to Know About Programmatic Advertising  

The concept of purchasing ad space on blogs and other websites is not new.  You are no doubt familiar with this approach being used for many years. You may not be aware of how programmatic advertising is revolutionizing the way businesses market and build brands awareness online.  Here we will feature five key factors to know about using programmatic advertising for your business.

1. Know Your Programmatic Marketing Options

There are two different management options that marketing professions will offer you for your programmatic campaign. The first method is called the self-serve method.  This popular option gives you total control over the bidding process on different websites and provides the needed tools and resources to get an idea of how your ads will appear in correlation to the rest of the webpage.  It is common to see companies offer real-time data to help structure a marketing plan that maximizes your return on investment (ROI).
The second approach is the managed platform.  This option places most of the ad management, design, and placement in the hands of the professionals.  This is an obvious benefit for someone who is unfamiliar with the process and would like an expert to take control of the management of the campaign.  

2. The Use Programmatic Marketing is Growing

Programmatic advertising accounted for 75% of total digital ad expenditures in the year 2018. Additionally, more than half of the ads displayed on mobile devices are purchased using this method.  This process is even used with video marketing. As much as 56% of video advertising spots are acquired using the programmatic process.

3. Programmatic Advertising is Flexible

We all know how quickly market conditions can change without warning. This may require you to switch your approach and face delays.  With programmatic marketing, you have the option to make the needed adaptations just as quickly as the changes occur. This method protects your investment in a way that was unheard of in the past.  

4. Reduces the Possibility for Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is a malicious activity that involves the diversion of prospects to a different URL, thus stealing your traffic.  Programmatic advertising minimize the efforts of those who seek to fraudulently route traffic away from your intended URL to another location.  

5. Programmatic Marketing Offers Cost-Effective Ads

Ad impressions determine the amount you pay for ads. When purchasing paid media, impressions are critical. This approach to marketing is not only about the reach of your ads.  Paying strictly for relevant impressions is also essential. Programmatic advertising will help extend your online marketing budget and see more substantial returns.


If you have tried traditional online marketing with diminishing returns, you should consider programmatic advertising.  This approach will increase your reach and effectiveness, while also extending your marketing dollars. Consult with a marketing professional to find out what your programmatic marketing options are and how to best take advantage of this marketing method.

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