7 Best Free Keyword Rank Checker Tools for Marketers

Being a blogger we do a lot of research about keywords when we are writing an article, once we hit the publish button we move on to promote that article with our full efforts until we write our next blog post, it is the traditional process we all do as bloggers including me.
I don’t know how many of us are checking search engine rankings for that focused keywords to find out whether all our efforts we put in researching the keywords has given us the results or not.
I do believe that all experienced bloggers are using search engine keyword ranking position checker tools to track their focused keyword positions in Google.
If we want to become a successful blogger then we have to know “which keywords I rank for” and what is the position of those keywords in SEO rankings.
Till now I am using Google Webmaster tools(Google Search Console) to find out which keywords I am ranking for and to know the positions for those keywords, it is the best tool to check your keyword ranking  because it is official data from Google, but here we may not see all the focused keywords positions we targetted because it will show only those keywords we are already ranking for in Google.
If we want to know all the focused keywords rankings in search engines including LSI keywords then we have to take the help of online keyword rank checker tools to know accurate information about our positions within minutes of time.

Which options should a cheap rank tracker have?

  • Keyword volume – the more, the better for you, especially if you’re just starting out. Of course, with cheap plans, you can’t count on hundreds, but the difference between 20 and 100 keywords can be crucial.
  • Reporting options – you want to be able to analyze your data thoroughly, and to export it at least in PDF or CSV. If you can find a tool that also allows you to customize those reports, even better.
  • Competitor analysis – the best way to start on the right foot is to check out how others in your niche did it. Once you figure out what they are doing right, getting some ideas of your own will be much easier.
  • Premium features – the cheapest rank tracking tools usually offer super-affordable plans with one goal; to make you want to upgrade. That’s why they usually put in a few premium features along with the basic ones. So, when you’re choosing which cheap rank tracker you’ll get, consider which premium feature can be of most use to you. Is it YouTube rank tracking, social, white label reports, backlink monitoring, or automated directory submission? Once you determine this, picking the best tool for you will be a breeze.

We tested dozens upon dozens of inexpensive rank tracking tools, and we know what works well, and what doesn’t. So, we compiled a list of our favorites that might help you out.

Today I will share information about the best Google keyword position finder tools available online to check our SEO rankings.
Are you ready to check keyword rank on Google? then check out these tools.

7 Best Free Keyword Rank Checker Tools

1. SERPs 

SERPs website is the best tool with clean interface here we have the option to select the different search engines like Google and Yahoo, different countries for those search engines like United states, United kingdom, and India, there are over countries to choose.
We can retrieve the information for specific devices like desktop and mobile, this tool gives us simple information without any confusing data like other tools, I use this tool regularly to know my SEO rankings.

2. Small SEO Tools

This is another best clean interface  free keyword rank checker tool which gives our keyword positions in Google’s search engines for 5 keywords at a time, but here we have to check individually to find out 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, positions separately which are a little bit time-consuming process.
I do use this tool frequently, the only drawback for this tool is slabs(page range) of the rank positions to check rankings.

3. Web SEO Analytics

This tool is used by a lot of SEO consultants because it gives so much information about our keywords and domain like page rank, links, authority & traffic, and shows results ordered by strength, first when we look at the results we will get a lot of confusion.
We have to study this report patiently to understand the results, this is the only drawback with this tool.
Here is the screenshot of Web SEO analytics keyword position checker.

4. SEO Centro

I found this tool very useful to check our keyword rankings in all search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google another great option in this tool is we can add our competitor’s domain name for that same keyword so that we can come to know the position of the competitor as well ours at the same time.
It shows the top 50 results in Google search engine for that keyword with rank and URL, these results are very impressive to understand the positions.

5. Allo Rank

This website looks very professional in design and shows the results only for Google, here we have the option to select country, domain name, language, and keyword.
This is a premium tool but allows us to check up to 15 free SERP per day, results are shown very impressively by highlighting the keyword position in Google.
I found this tool very interesting to see the clean and impressive results.

6. SERP-Checker

This is another excellent tool to check our keyword positions in Google, the user interface is very clean and we can add multiple domains to this tool.
It displays top 100 results for that keyword if we are ranking in top 100 then it will highlight our URL with the rank position in green color with title and meta description.
We can use this tool to check multiple domains information at a time for one keyword.
Here you can check screenshot of the results

7. SEMrush

SEMrush is a premium tool which allows us to use some features with limited functionalities, we can check all the keywords we are ranking for in Google, SEMrush only displays top 20 SERP results in Google if our keywords ranking in top 20 then it will display all the keywords we are ranking in Google.
If we want to know particular keyword ranking then we have to enter our focused keyword URL to know the position for that keyword.
SEMrush has its own database which checks top 20 keyword rankings in Google very frequently for more than 1 billion keywords, all its data is very reliable.

8. Sureoak

Sureoak is one of the best rank tracking tool with a few features. This is one of the tools with the best functionality we’ve seen. Sureoak is now able to deliver fresh ranking reports, and follow ranking changes over time. Adding keywords and domains is simple thanks to their modern user interface. They offer includes 35 tools that can cover each and every one of your SEO needs.


Some of the tools in this article are premium tools yet they are providing keyword rank checker feature as free, I request you to kindly share your opinions and experiences in the comments section about these free rank checker tools so that readers can understand better about this topic.

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