5 Online Jobs For College Students to Earn $100 A day

Nowadays students keep searching for online jobs as they want to earn income doing part time job from their home itself. Online jobs can help them in saving money for their future studies. I got to know about online jobs when I was in 9th class. I have myself tried out different online jobs as I find them to be very interesting. As a student you may not have the time to do a full time job and that’s why an online job can definitely be the best option for you.
The main reason to write this post is to make college students know about the different type of online jobs which are available for them. If you’re a student, then you should definitely go through this post properly.
There is almost no investment required for most of the online jobs. For some jobs you may be required to acquire some skills and knowledge by joining a particular course, but the knowledge that you may acquire may definitely provide you with long term benefits.
As a student you should definitely have some aims and ambitions. You should always stay motivated to achieve your goals as then only you’ll have to get success in your life. There were some reasons to start this blog, and one of the reasons was to provide useful information to my blog readers.

Benefits of Online Jobs for College Students

Firstly, I’ll like to make you know the different benefits of online jobs.

No Fix Timing

If you’ll do a job, then you’ll have to work for fix number of hours. Online job will give you the option to work at the time you want and there will be no fix responsibility assigned to you. You can even work at the night time daily as then you’ll be able to give time for your studies as well as the online job.

No Pressure

Many of my friends have just joined a job and they keep telling me that they are unable to handle the increasing work pressure. They often tell me that they need to finish the work on time or otherwise their boss may shout on them.

Option to Try Out Different Online Jobs

Another benefit that you’ll get by making the decision to work online is that you’ll be able to try out different jobs. By doing different online jobs, you may be able to earn decent amount of money online and this may definitely make you happy.

Work from Home

If you’ll join a job, then you’ll have to spend time as well as money for travelling to the work office. By opting for an online job you’ll save your time as well as the money that you would have spent on travelling. College students who want to work from their home should definitely check out these different online jobs which can be done from home itself.
These are just few of the benefits of online jobs. Yes, the income may not be fix and you may find variations in your monthly income regularly. But, these are the benefits which makes many students get attracted to online jobs. I have heard many stories about people who started their career with an online job and finally were able to become an Entrepreneur in future.

Best Online Jobs for College Students

1. Freelance Writing

The first online job which I’ll like to make you know about is freelance writing. I’ll recommend this online job to college students because it is freelance writing which made me become a blogger.
Freelance writing is suitable for most of the students. You just need to have good writing skills for becoming a freelance writer. I was not that good at grammar, but then I made the decision to work hard for getting improved at grammar and other aspects of content writing. You can make use of Grammarly to find grammatical mistakes and this tool will definitely help you in becoming a better content writer.
A freelance writer can work directly for clients which he may find at any social networking site or any freelance platform.
UpworkFreelancer, iWriter are some of the platforms which you can join for getting freelance writing jobs for yourself. I’ve worked as a part time content writer for a SEO company for 4 years. This is the reason that I’ll recommend you too to join a good company for getting writing work regularly.

2. MicroJobs and Survey Websites

Students who don’t have much time to work online from home can definitely try out some microjobs and online survey websites. These jobs may not take much time and you may be able to make money online easily. The most important thing is that you should try out websites which are genuine and avoid websites which are not very popular.
Microjobs websites will provide you with tasks like writing reviews, commenting or any type of other simple online work. Survey websites will require you to answer some questions and you’ll be able to get some reward by completing different type of surveys.
Microworkers and Mturk are the 2 websites that you can try out to find some microjobs for yourself.

3. Logo Designing

Logo designing is something which interests many college students. You need to have interest in designing and at the same time you’ll need to expertise in making use of designing tools like PhotoShopIllustrator etc. You can learn to make use of such designing tools by reading some Ebooks or buying a book from a local store. You can even opt to invest your money in a good graphic designing course. If you have decided to go for a graphic designing course, then I’ll recommend you to search for the best graphic designing institutes located near to you.
If you’re good in logo designing, then you can definitely try to offer your logo designing service through Fiverr which is a popular online website for buying and selling online services. You can also establish a Start Up to offer logo designing and other type of designing services to individuals, companies etc.

4. Web Designing

Web Designing is an online job which is suitable for students who’re having knowledge about HTML, PHP or any other web designing language. You may definitely have to spend money for joining a web designing course, but you also have the option to learn web designing online.
College students opt for web designing because they can do web designing in the start as a part time online job, and as the same time they will also have the opportunity to start their own web designing company in future. Nowadays many businesses are going online and that’s why the jobs for web designers are increasing day by day.

5. Online Tutoring

One of the new type of online jobs is online tutoring. If you like teaching, then online tutoring can definitely be the best type of part time online job for you. For getting the opportunity of working as an online tutor you may have to appear for some online tests. Online tutoring may be a new type of job now, but in future the scope of online tutoring may keep on increasing. Many companies may decide to venture into online tutoring and that’s why such jobs may definitely increase.
Many students too may love to opt for online learning as it can be very beneficial for them.

6. Blogging

If you’re good in content writing and having some knowledge about SEO and social media marketing, then you can definitely opt for part time blogging.
As you’re a college student you may not be able to do full time blogging from the start itself, but you may definitely become a full time blogger in future. Blogging requires lot of patience and you may not be to make money instantly. If you’re someone who has patience and you have got the passion for blogging, then you can immediately make the decision of becoming a blogger.
I’ll recommend college students to regularly read blogs which are ShoutMeLoudQuickSproutCopyBloggerSearchEngineJournal and HongKiat. You should try to read my blog posts regularly as I’ll be writing new informative blog posts regularly.
I hope that the information about online jobs which I’ve provided in this post will be helpful for college students. You’re free to ask me any question by commenting below. Earning money online is not as easy as you think, as it requires lot of hard work, confidence and dedication. If you’ll stay motivated, then you’ll definitely be able to earn money online regularly.

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