Top 10 Best Mileage Tracking Apps

When planning to search for mileage-tracking apps, the focus is not just on looking for apps that track the mileage but also on keeping track of fuel costs.

Fortunately, there are various options available to look at and choose from that help to track the mileage. Mileage tracking is one of the most crucial steps of any business that helps in saving money by reducing taxes.

But at the same time, if done traditionally has no serious impact on reducing taxes. Traditionally, businessmen used to collect all the receipts and read them after every drive, but now there are apps available that help in easy tracking of mileages. 

1. Connecteam

The app is not just helpful in tracking mileage but also helps in managing other tasks that, in turn, help in the easy flow of the business. Connecteam is a very popular app among as many as 36000 firms. There are multiple varieties of features available on the app, like a time clock, that help in linking timesheets with payroll.

  • With Connecteam, the manager can enjoy the perks of having access to the time clock that helps in keeping records of the employee’s performance.
  • Connecteam also gives access to GPS that enables the manager to track the location of its employees.

2. Everlance

Everlance is the best mileage-tracking app. It is yet another best option for business owners to keep a track of their vehicle’s mileage. The app uses GPS to track the mileage of your vehicle automatically. The app allows you to upload the e-receipts, making it hassle-free for the users. 

  • Apart from managing and tracking mileage, Everlance can also be used to keep a record of all expenses.
  • Everlance is also helpful in managing reimbursement of the vehicle.

3. Hurdlr

The best feature of the app is to track truck dispatches. Hurdlr is again one of the most reliable apps to track the mileage of your vehicle. It allows its users to track the accurate route that the vehicle traveled through. Another best feature of the app is its easy calculations that help in time-saving. 

  • There are many other additional features available that Hurdlr offers like its easy expense tracking services.
  • Also, you can set separate rules for separate locations.
  • Moreover, the app is entirely user-friendly, giving its users the best experience. 

4. Mile IQ

The best feature of Mile IQ is that it helps in detecting autos while you are driving your vehicle. Mile IQ is one of the most loved mileage-tracking apps because of its easy-to-use feature. The app detects as soon as the vehicle starts and tracks mileage automatically. 

  • The app provides the manager with a feature allowing it to track monthly records along with possible deductions. 
  • The app does not even require too much handling; it continues to work automatically as soon as it is installed and keeps on sending important notifications as reminders. 
  • The app is available at reasonable prices.

5. Triplog

Triplog is another popular mileage-tracking app that allows its users to make reimbursement of expenses easier. The app is most useful in tracking the mileage of your vehicle efficiently and automatically. Moreover, the app has a strong GPS that helps to track the location too.

  • Since the app has a strong GPS, therefore with Triplog, it becomes relatively easier to plan the routes of the journey.
  • Above all the app allows its users to keep an account of the extent of the vehicle’s fuel consumption. 
  • The app is filled with so many extra features that can be enjoyed by its users.

6. Timeero

As is clear by its name, the app is best suited for time-tracking services. Also, Timeero is the one solution that every business owner is looking for. Once you start working with Timeero, there is no need to depend on any other app, as all the extra features are available on Timeero.

  • The app helps its users to utilize their time effectively by providing easy services to track their mileage. Hence. Saving time and energy.
  • Through Timeero, it is also possible for users to track all the time-related data in an offline mode. 

7. SherpaShare

The app is targeted at users who work as delivery agents or are rideshare drivers. There is a lot more to SherpaShare than just keeping a track of its worker’s financial progress. There is a unique feature called driver heatmap that SherpaShare is famous for. Driver heatmap allows its users to track the availability of other drivers in various localities. 

  • There are additional features that come along with SherpaShare, that provide its users with access to valued information regarding various routes.
  • Above all, the interface that SherpaShare comes with is extra intuitive making it one of the best apps for tracking mileage.

8. Quickbooks

The best feature of Quickbooks is that it allows its users to track more than one driving job during a single time. Hence, the app is most beneficial for large businesses that drive multiple vehicles at a time and are looking forward to tracking the mileage of all the vehicles through a single app.

  • The app is available for both Android and iOS users.
  • There are additional features also that the app offers, like activity tracking services, accounts payables, etc.
  • The app is designed in a way that focuses on giving its users the best experience. The app works in both online and offline modes. 

9. Stride

Stride is another great option to track the mileage of your vehicles, and the app is the best free mileage tracker app. The app is automatic and is reliable to track almost every type of expense. There is a huge green tap on the app that allows you to fill in all the required information categorically.

  • The only disadvantage of the app is it’s not automatically started. You’ve to tap on the start button every time you wish to restart the app. All the other process is automated.

10. Shoeboxed

The app is best for users who are stepping into the field of business. It allows for tracking of expenses of the business. Shoeboxed is dependent on the GPS of your device to track the mileage. 

  • Since the app is designed for beginners and hence it is easy to use.
  • The app is more suitable for small businesses rather than large enterprises.


1. What are the best free mileage tracking app?

  • Everlance
  • Stride
  • TripLog
  • SherpaShare
  • MileIQ
  • Hurdlr, and more.

2. What is the best mileage tracking app for android?

Here are some of the best mileage tracking apps for android in 2023

  • Zoho Expense
  • Everlance
  • TripLog
  • Timeroo
  • ExpensePoint
  • MileageWise

3. Is there an app to keep track of mileage?

Yes, there are several apps that keep track of mileage, here are some of them-

  • Everlance
  • ZohoExpense
  • Timeroo
  • MileIQ, etc.

4. How do I track my mileage?

It is possible to track your mileage with the help of odometer, or you can try some of the apps mentioned above.

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