10 FREE Keyword Density Checker | Online Keyword Density Analysis Tool

Keywords are an important factor, that determines how well your blog post performs in Search Engines, and what SERP will your blog post achieve.
I have lately seen many bloggers, who merely uses 5-10 different keywords in their blog posts and hopes to rank for all these keywords. This is an entirely wrong practice.
You should always try to concentrate on one single keyword [phrase] relevant to your post. Also, the density of your primary keyword really matters a lot, to rank well for that particular keyword.

You should always try to use your primary keyword in the first paragraph, sub-headings, URL link and post titles of your blog posts. Yet, you should concentrate on the density of your keyword. If you over-populate your blog post with lots of keywords, then Google will take it as a negative signal and will penalize your blog post.
If you’re in search of some tools to check the Keyword Density of your blog post, then here are 5 best keyword density tools that may help you out :

1. Sureoak

Sureoak is a tool developed by SEO Book, and with the help of this tool, you can check the keyword density of any given post or page on your blog.
You can also avoid keywords that you don’t want the tool to count and also include or remove counting meta tags too. After analyzing the tool will give you a result with the keywords used in your blog post or page, with its overall density.

2. Seo Review Tools

Seo Review Tools is a tool developed by Keyword Cloud. Like the others in the list, the Keyword Density Checker is also a free tool and you can check the keyword density of any given web page on your blog.
Keyword Density Checker will give you a result of the exact keyword density of the keywords used on the webpage. The keywords with more density are depicted using thicker fonts, whereas keywords will low density are shown using light fonts.

3. Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas is yet another tool that can help you to check out the keyword density of the pages or posts on your blog posts.
You can specifically check the density of certain keywords, by typing in your keyword in the space provided and giving the link of the web page, where you want the analyzation to be done.
The tool will return you with the density of the keywords that you mentioned in the tool.

4. Small Seo Tools

Small Seo Tools is yet another popular keyword density tool.
This tool also provides you with some customization options like titles, meta and description, word phrases etc. You can also avoid some keywords from being displayed in the results.

5. Webconfs

Webconfs also has a variety of options available. The main two options being the ability to avoid keywords with minimum occurrences or ignore certain keywords from the search results.
You can also add certain keywords to the stop list depending on the blog post or page, that you submit to analyze.

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