Top 10 Best Job Websites and Job Portals in Germany

Germany is a well-known country for amazing job opportunities and the country is also filled with a massive job-oriented population. Moreover, registering yourself on various job posting websites is the smartest way to get in touch with emerging and leading companies.

Here in this article, we present our best job search websites in Germany that are offering great career opportunities to people and guiding them in their respective career paths. The companies mentioned also offer some unique and amazing services that will be discussed further in this article. 

Top 10 job portals in Germany

1. Stepstone

When talking about the best job search websites in Germany, Stepstone has to be the first to begin with. It is one of the best and most well-known job portals in the country, offering amazing career opportunities to its users. 

  • Not just job-seekers but several well-known companies have also found great employees from the portal.
  • Stepstone works in partnership with various other websites and therefore, the reach of your application widens. 

2. Snaphunt

Another great job website to mention in Germany is Snaphunt which allows its users to get in touch with great firms that provide them with massive career opportunities. The website is famous among companies as one of those companies that offer worthy employees. Hence, the chances of employment increase with Snaphunt. 

  • Snaphunt is a user-friendly website with an easy-to-use interface.
  • The website also lets you share your job postings with multiple job websites. 

3. Kimeta

One of the best job websites in Germany is Kimeta. The website is well-known for its widespread network that allows its users to improve their reach with multiple firms. Kimeta is one of the most suitable job sites as it collects data from many other websites and presents them on a single database. Therefore, it becomes easier for the users to search for jobs.

  • The website has more than 2 million job publications until now.
  • Kimeta also lets companies customize their pricing plans.

4. Monster

Our next top pick for the best job websites in Germany is Monster. The website is used by thousands of recruiters to search for suitable candidates. Therefore, the extent and reach of job hiring increase tremendously with Monster. 

  • Monster also partners with hundreds of other job websites and hence delivering job updates is efficient with Monster. 
  • The job advertisements updated by the companies are also optimal for mobile phones, hence, it is possible to reach candidates, regardless of the type of devices they prefer. 


Stellenanzeigen is another best websites to find a job in Germany. The website permits companies to develop an attractive profile, which further helps in finding suitable candidates. 

  • The site has millions of followers and hence it is famous among job seekers as well as job providers. 
  • Stellenanzeigen helps create a brand image for the companies and hence the reach of each company widens with the site.

6. Jobrapido 

Yet another famous job search website, not just in Germany but across the world too. The website has millions of users from Germany and hence it is very popular among the German population. 

  • There are millions of companies registered with Jobrapido that are constantly looking for reliable workers.
  • Jobrapido has a wide range of industries belonging to multiple disciplines. Hence, you can find a variety of job opportunities on the website.

7. Xing

Xing is one of the most popular job websites, used by approximately 20 million users. Therefore, it is one of the best websites for hiring reliable employees. Through Xing, you will find a great number of the population that speaks fluent German. 

  • The website provides job opportunities in various disciplines.
  • Moreover, Xing is free to use, and hence it helps in reaching a wide amount of the population even with a limited budget. 

8. Arbeitnow

Arbeitnow is a well-known German-based job portal that provides jobs from multiple disciplines. The website is home to many well-known emerging companies. Thus, you will find many opportunities coming your way with Arbeitnow. You just have to decide the type of job that suits you the most and you are surely going to get the best job for you.

  • Even though the website is linked with many industries but it majorly focuses on design and tech-based jobs.
  • Arbeitnow is also a free job website.

9. Berlin Startup Jobs

It is clear by the name that the website is primarily focused on startups, and the site is entirely devoted to the German population. Therefore, it is the best job portal for the audience who wishes to either work or hire solely in Germany. 

  • The website favors every type of start-up regardless of the level of experience of the owners.  
  • Therefore, it is the best place that helps people widen their start-ups.

10. Startup Sucht

Startup Sucht is very much similar to Berlin Startup Jobs. The website is also based in Germany, but the only difference is that its network spreads all over the DACH region. There are approximately 4000 visits to the job portal and hence the possibility of seeking jobs widens. 

  • Startup Sucht is one of the best job portals in Germany that lets you find the most suitable candidates for your job.
  • The website helps to add value to your firm.


We have picked up the top 10 job portals and websites for you in Germany, and these websites will surely help you find suitable jobs for you in the country. There are multiple job opportunities available, and you can apply to each one of them easily through the mentioned websites. 


What are the best job sites in Germany?

  • Xing
  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • Monster Germany
  • Indeed
  • government job portal

How to post your job on German job sites?

Start by creating your account on job sites that you find most suitable for you. You can also rely on multiple job websites. Continue describing yourself and the type of job you are looking for. You can also post job ads on the websites in case you wish to hire employees for your company.

What else can help you hire in Germany?

In case you are just beginning your journey to hire employees, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to learn before you begin your journey. You can seek help by learning the following things:

  • How to improve and diversify your recruiting strategies.
  • Tips on hiring international employees.

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