Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platforms to Boost your Campaigns

Influencer marketing is the new normal in the world of marketing and almost every brand and business is busy doing influence marketing these days. If you haven’t done this form of marketing before, you are missing the chances of boosting your business and brand. 

Before mentioning top influencer marketing platforms let’s check out what is influencer marketing and how it works?

“Influencer marketing or influence marketing is a type of social media marketing. It involves endorsement from influencers, organizations, and people having good social influence and expert-level knowledge in a particular field.” These influencers are getting paid for endorsing the product or service by the company or people they are hired.

As of an influencer marketing platform, it’s a software-based solution that helps users in executing and managing their marketing campaigns in an easier and better way. The best thing about influencer marketing is that it comes with a wide range of features and capabilities. These marketing platforms are available both for huge brands and individual bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

10 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms For A Successful Campaign


When it comes to influencer marketing, nobody does it better than Upfluence. This platform makes it possible for businesses to achieve more exposure no matter big or medium-sized. It comes with a variety of affordable plans and allows its customers to choose the plans according to their budget and requirement.

Upfluence had worked with a lot of big and small businesses including Microsoft, PayPal, and many more. This platform has a massive reach across multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and many top blogs.

Upfluence provides many tools for better management and for boosting relationships with each and every individual influencer. It creates a list of befitting influencers according to the genre of the campaign, track performance, and collaborate accordingly.


If influencer marketing is a 100-meter race track then Heepsy will be like the Usain Bolt. This platform has an incredibly the network base of more than 7 million influencers and that means a lot for the people, businesses, and brands looking for a better endorsement of their products and services.

Heepsy lets its users analyze the authenticity and audience demographics of each and every influencer by providing them advance reports. Users can also get information about their earlier brand collaborations and cost estimations.


If you own a small business and looking for a good influencer marketing platform then you have come to the right place. Fourstarzz is an innovative software-based influencer marketing solution. This platform is basically designed to fulfill the needs of medium and small-sized companies unable to afford high fees or monthly subscription.

It doesn’t mean to ignore or avoid these influencer marketing platforms just because your business isn’t big enough. Fourstarzz has become the best choice for small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs. 

Key Features:

  • The network of 750K+ influencers
  • Advanced filters
  • Influencer report with great details
  • Affordable pricing

4.Tagger Media

Another great influencer marketing platform in the list and this time it’s Tagger Media. This software solution filters tons of data and provides the best possible boost to their customer’s marketing campaigns. It had collaborated with some of the worlds’ biggest brands and businesses including Boohoo, Warner music group, Vayner Media, Allison+ Partners, and many more.

Tagger makes it easy to filter influencers, track performance, and get access to real-time data about the campaign progress. It offers a dashboard to its customers who are quite detailed and this helps the users to manage their influencer marketing exercises in an easier way. 


Driving an ambassador in the world of influencer marketing will help you reach your marketing goals easily and steadily. This platform helps its users to identify the influencers, employees, and affiliates and collaborate relevant to their business genre.

One of the good things about this platform is that it is available for almost everybody, from startups to large businesses and from SMBs to solopreneurs. It comes with a free demo and you can later go with one of its subscription plans according to your budget.

Key Features:

  • Easy enrolling of influencers
  • Offers user dashboard and track influencers
  • Provide real-time data
  • Makes the list of influencers giving the best results
  • Allow various payment methods


Hypr is a more social media-centric influencer marketing platform compared to others. If you want to achieve more reach on social media sites then going with Hypr could be the best idea. It keeps and a keen eye on the social media posts of their partner influencers.

When it comes to database, Hypr boasts to have a database of more than 10 million influencers. It’s software and search engine is such powerful that it can easily detect fake influencers. This way they save the precious data and money of their users and make them achieve the most from their investments and time.

Key Features:

  • Influencer evaluation
  • Powerful filters and trackers
  • Activation dashboard
  • Multiple payment modes and best influencer CRM
  • Data control and privacy


The list of top influencer marketing platforms will be incomplete without including Traackr. It is an all in one software-based solution designed to help you in influencer discovery, real-time analytics, and better management. Utilize its powerful analytics, consistent monitoring feature, and data-driven valuable insights to scale your marketing campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Easy interface and user friendly
  • Robust and powerful influencer search
  • Provide data-driven valuable insights
  • Works with bigger brands and agencies only
  • Powerful tracking of influencers activity and their performance

8. #Paid

Hashtag Paid is quite different from other influencer marketing platforms and functions uniquely. It helps both the brand and influencers to make most of their marketing efforts and that’s a win-win situation for both. It opens the doors of new possibilities by helping you connect with genuine influencer and authentic audience base.

Hashtag Paid helps even small influencers and content creators in earning good money. It’s very easy to collaborate with #Paid and you will just love working with this incredible platform.


CreatorIQ is one of the influencer marketing platforms which believe more in tech then opinions. It deals brilliantly with most of the industry’s problems including follower fraud, fake influencers, inflated network metrics, data theft, and misuse and the list goes on.

Due to its advanced tech-based working style, CreatorIQ is one of the most collaborated platforms in the industry. It has worked with some of the conglomerates and tech giants such as Airbnb, Disney, Amazon, Dell, Mattel, Unilever, and many more.


SocialBakers had started their journey in 2009 as a social media marketing company named Candytech. Later this company developed its own social media analyzing software in order to mine Facebook data without violating the data handling rules and regulations. Doing all these things helps Candytech evolve to Socialbakers.

With time this platform had added tons of advanced features and had become a giant influencer marketing platform these days. One of the best things about Socialbakers is that it had evolved to eliminate the bots, lurkers, and ghosts from the industry efficiently and effectively.

Bottom Line:

Influencer marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Without enough experience, you may end up collaborating with fake influencers and waste paying your hard-earned money. If you are new to influencer marketing then you should not do all the influencer marketing campaigns by yourself.

Going with a quality and trusted influencer marketing platform will be a better option. There are thousands of such platforms available and choosing one for your next marketing campaign will be overwhelming. This post will surely help you in picking the right influencer marketing platform and boost your campaigns.

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