Top 10 Email Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow

With continuous development in digital marketing, email marketing techniques are changing rapidly – and the sad part is you sometimes aren’t aware of it. 

Your email marketing strategy may work for a couple of years, but it won’t work too long if you aren’t updated with the latest trends. Hence, it’s important to keep a sharp eye on whatever is happening in the email marketing world, otherwise, you’ll fall behind and watch your valuable customers diverting towards your competitors. 

Email marketing blogs are a goldmine of such latest email marketing news, tricks, hacks, and expert advice that not only keeps you updated with new information but also motivates to kick-start your email marketing efforts using new strategies. 

Wondering which are those informative email marketing blogs?

Let’s dive in.

Email Marketing Blogs You Should Follow

1. HubSpot Blog

When it comes to the latest email marketing trends, nothing can beat the HubSpot blog. HubSpot blog is regularly updated with the latest information in the email marketing industry. 

The blog teaches you to write and design emails in such a way that your audience will take interest in your product/service. 

The blog also offers free templates, eBooks, and a variety of case studies that help you craft an actionable email marketing strategy to attract customers. 

For example, in one of their email related blogs named, ’31 of the Best Email Subject Lines We’ve Ever Seen’, HubSpot teaches you to write effective subject mail that tempts your audience to open and read email quickly. The blog has elaborated this concept very well using 100 examples from top brands and companies. 

HubSpot blog is highly recommended for all email marketers.  

2. AWeber

AWeber is an email marketing platform used by small and medium scale businesses. It offers tools for several purposes like crafting email and sending, email designing, increasing subscribers, creating marketing funnels, and driving sales via email marketing. 

Aweber is known for its unique tips and hacks related to email marketing. By reading their blog topics, you will understand how to prepare email marketing campaigns based on various seasons and holidays, craft emails that improve user engagement (with templates), and how to test your email campaigns. 

Their blog posting frequency is approx. 4-5 posts every month. AWeber is also known for running a podcast named, ‘Ask Me About Email Marketing’. Here, you get a chance to clear all your doubts. The podcast also teaches you how to make your podcast. 

3. GetResponse

GetRepsonse helps you connect with your customers via personalized email marketing solutions. Other solutions offered by GetResponse are webinars, landing pages, marketing automation, autoresponders, conversion funnel, etc. 

Their blog is regularly updated with tips and tricks from the email marketing sector. From email marketing for beginners to email marketing metrics to measure successful email campaigns, you learn everything on a single platform. 

GetReponse blogs are read by top professionals because of their in-depth research performed while writing any topic. For example, one of the blogs named, ‘30+ Automated Email Responses You Should Send Today’, explains the benefits of automated emails and 30 types of automated email responses that save time and makes your marketing campaigns upgradable. 

4. MailChimp

MailChimp is a popular email marketing platform used by top email marketers to send unlimited emails to more than 10,000 contacts within a few clicks. It’s known for having one of the highest email deliverability rates on the market. 

Additionally, they run an excellent blog where they share numerous tricks and tips to achieve email marketing success. You get to read a wide variety of email-related posts including email in social media, lead-generating email campaigns, email in e-commerce, video and email marketing, etc.

MailChimp blog also creates content based on events. For example, one of their blog posts named, ‘How to make your Valentine’s Day email campaign successful?’, they have explained marketers about ways to reach out to their contacts via email and wow them with a surprising valentine’s day gift offer. 

5. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is one of the popular email marketing blogs read by many top marketing professionals. Campaign Monitor is a software development company and they are experts in selling extraordinary email marketing strategies and solutions to digital marketers and similar professionals.

Their blog covers a wide range of email marketing topics. This includes how to quickly grow your email list, tips to improve open rates, automated email marketing, ways to send personalized emails, etc. 

The content in each of these blogs is well-researched and explained in-depth using a variety of real-life examples.

6. SparkPost

SparkPost offers email deliverability services along with secured delivery architecture and predictive analytics. The specialty of SparkPost is that it signals diagnosis and enhances email performance problems before they negatively affect your email campaigns. 

SparkPost’s blog starts with the tagline, ‘Email best practice, advice, and industry trends for practical use.’ This proves SparkPost’s blog covers a variety of topics related to email marketing including email validation, spam score optimization, email marketing latest trends, and news, etc. 

One of their blog posts named, ‘The Email Blind Spots Holding Us Back from Our Potential’, suggests email marketers implement some unique strategies to their email campaigns instead of using the same template for a longer time.

7. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is one of the highest-rated email finder and verifier tool used by millions of marketing professionals across the globe. With AeroLeads email finder, you can find business emails and phone numbers from professional platforms like LinkedIn and Xing. Using the AeroLeads tool, nearly 69,614 active users have added 3,278,626 prospects until today.

AeroLeads is known for its excellent blog which is regularly updated with various email marketing news. The focus is on letting people know about various email-related tools, platforms, how to find emails to contact prospects from LinkedIn and Xing, and email marketing hacks.

One of their blog posts named, ‘7 Essential Email Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs’ suggests a list of unique and creative hacks for email marketers to boost their sales rate. The article also elaborates on the importance of writing an engaging email subject lines and personalization in the email content. 

8. Emma

Known as one of the best email marketing platforms, Emma offers email automation services. With Emma platform, you learn to design engaging mobile email and create efficient CTAs. 

It comes with an advanced email editor, analytics, and landing pages. Their blog covers a variety of email marketing topics starting from creating an authentic email list to ways to calculate email marketing ROI. Their blogs related to email design are unique and you get a lot of ideas to design emails.

Emma doesn’t post frequently, but when they do, their content is uniquely filled with the newest ideas and trends (expert interviews, email design, and marketing real-life examples, etc.). For example, their recent blog named, ‘Design Matters: An Interview with Branding Expert Debbie Millman’ has interviewed the host of Design Matters – Debbie Millman who shares her ideas and views on authenticity in branding. 

9. Email on Acid

By reading Email on Acid blog regularly, you will learn not only to create an amazing email marketing strategy but also to craft user-engaging emails. It’s one of the best email marketing platforms that feature inbox display, image and URL validation, spell check, and accessibility. 

The blog teaches you everything you need to achieve your email marketing goals. From using emojis and special characters in email subject lines to achieving sensitivity in email marketing during the Global crisis, Email on Acid blog is something you shouldn’t ignore if you want to become an expert email marketer. 

Their blog ideas are out-of-box and creative. For example, one of their blogs named, ‘Using Pseudo-Elements to Progressively Enhance Your Emails’, explains how using pseudo-elements (CSS code pieces used to style specific parts of an HTML element) enhances your emails by making them more stylish and attractive. 

10. Active Campaign

If you are a small business and looking for actionable marketing and sales automation hacks to take your business at new heights, Active Campaign blog is the best platform. Active Campaign features marketing automation, machine learning, sales & CRM, and messaging solutions. 

The blog covers all the email marketing topics including email acquisition, proven ways to collect authentic emails, and various cold email templates to enhance outreach. Active Campaign updates their blog with 12 to 15 posts per month. 

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is challenging but equally exciting. It’s challenging because numerous changes are happening in the marketing world and your competitors too are actively searching for new strategies to attract more customers. 

Despite there are many email marketing blogs out there for you, the above blogs are popular and guarantee you actionable takeaways from each of their blog posts. 

If you regularly keep in touch with the above blogs, you will achieve new heights in your email marketing goals. These blogs motivate you to stay ambitious and versatile in your approach. 

Which is your favorite email marketing blog? Share your learning experience with us via comments right now.  

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