How To Write A Powerful About Me Page For Your Blog

Do you know which is the most important page on your blog?
When a new visitor comes to your blog and feels happy by your work, he pays attention to know more about you, immediately he will click about me page on your blog.
Recently I wrote an article on how to create a media kit for your blog which gives complete information about our brand to get sponsored post opportunities and advertisements but about me page is entirely different compared to the media kit page.
Here we are not expecting any monetary benefits from our readers, just we will share our personal information, goals, experiences and the reasons why we have started this blog.
Human emotions are very important to connect with people, “about me” page is the way to express our genuine feelings with our readers to connect with them.
When you share genuine struggles or happy moments in your life on the about page most of the visitors will relate those moments with their life and starts connecting with you emotionally.
So, we come to know the importance of about me page on our blog.
Next question comes to our mind is how to create an about me page?
There are so many professional bloggers who have perfect about me pages on their blog.
For example,
Mr. Neil Patel’s about me page on QuickSprout blog.
We can take inspiration from these people to design and write our about me page, still if you feel you want some guidance then I will share some of the points which we have to include in our about me page to connect with our readers.

How To Write A Powerful About Me Page For Your Blog

Let’s jump into our topic, step by step I will discuss each headline and why we should write about that points.

How You Are Going To Help Your Readers

You might think why he selected the first headline as how you are going to help readers in “about me page” without writing anything about my personal stuff, it looks funny right’.
Yes, they want to know about you, at the same time they are expecting something in favour of them if you start throwing your personal stuff in the first paragraph itself then they might lose interest.
We have to entice the reader by showing how you are going to help your reader with your experience.
If you are new to the blogging then share your plans, methods and goals, a reader should think you have the vision for your blog and your primary motive is helping people.

Why And For Whom You Created This Blog

We have to do some persona analysis homework before writing this topic, I think most of you know who are your targetted audience.
If you don’t know your audience, just spend some amount of time by taking the pen and paper to list out the people who will get benefit through your articles.
For example,
My targeted audience are affiliate marketers, bloggers, SEO learners, and social media marketers.
Think a short description about your blog by including your targeted audiences information, when somebody reads that sentence he should think that this site is made for them.
Connecting with the right audience will help us grow our business, being specific builds trust and authority.

Your Brands Information

Here we are going to talk about only our brand, you can mention how you have selected your brand name? what is the meaning of that? how you struggled to bring this brand name to this level and so on.
Share you social proof details, mention some testimonials if you have already featured in big blogs, share your article details which are ranking on the first page of Google, share your income report if you are earning from your blog, share your brand collaborations and the blogger communities you are associated with.
Convey your brand’s future goals and plans to gain the credibility from the reader.

Personal Information

Now reader comes all the way knowing about so many things about your brand which you have written in the previous paragraphs, finally he comes to a conclusion that this site is going to help him in his career.
Now the time comes to share our personal information, it depends on individual to share which things you want to include in your personal bio.
General things are, birth location, qualification, previous field, experience, marital status, what forced you to choose this online career, what you do in leisure time, who are your mentors and all that.
Try to keep things simple and genuine.

Asking A Favour (Call To Action)

We can make our blog’s “about me page” as sales funnel because here we are trying to build trust and authority by sharing so many advantages which he gets through our blog, we should try to make him as our loyal reader by offering something which is valuable to him.
If we ask him a favour (Call To Action) to subscribe to our blog or asking him to join with our social media platforms will give us good results, chances of conversion rate are very high if you include your CTA at the end of the page which helps us to build our own community.
Here is the partial screenshot which I have taken from the Backlinko website to show you the about page of Brian Dean.


I hope this how to write a powerful about me page for your blog will help you to design the page, I would like to know your thoughts, opinions and experiences about this topic in the comments section, because it helps other readers to know more information in different perspective.

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