How To Become A Professional Blogger & Be Your Own Boss

Do you always think about becoming a professional blogger?
Are you having the belief in yourself that you’ll able to get more success by giving more time for blogging?
It may not be easy, but if you’re determined then you’ll definitely be able to achieve your goals.
Full time blogging attracts many, but everyone may not be able to continue it for long term.
There are some Indian bloggers as well as bloggers from other countries who’re doing blogging professionally and making good amount of money out of it.
I’m still learning and definitely will like to become successful like some of the other professional bloggers from India.
A professional blogger needs to be very hard working and at the same time he needs to spend more time for blogging as compared to what he used to while pursuing blogging as a hobby.
Professional bloggers are confident and they even leave their job to concentrate totally on blogging..
According to me, you shouldn’t think about blogging professionally unless you’ve already started making good amount of money from it.

Here are the 8 Tips to Follow for Becoming a Professional Blogger

1. Consistency is the Most Important Factor

A professional blogger makes money from blogging because he blogs regularly and consistently.
Professional bloggers try to have a fix schedule for blogging so that they will be able to publish posts on time and promote them properly.
Many bloggers who’re pursuing blogging as a hobby don’t give importance to consistency and that’s why many of them never make good amount of money from blogging.
Being consistent as a blogger is not easy as many times some things may make a person lose focus from blogging.
For becoming consistent you need to be determined, confident and always believe that you’ll be able to achive the goals.

2. Be Determined to Keep Learning SEO and Other Things

Want to earn money from blogging without having enough knowledge about SEO?
You may be able to earn money without having complete knowledge about SEO, but you definitely need to try to learn more about it.
If you want to make money for long term doing blogging, then you definitely need to learn many things related to ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO.
Learning SEO is not an easy thing as you’ll need to read some of the best SEO related blogs regularly as well as implement the things that you’re learning.
With time, you’ll gain good knowledge about SEO and you’ll be able to make more money from blogging.
You’ll also need to know more about keywords research, right social media marketing strategies and learn various other things related to blogging for getting success with your blog.

3. Keep Improving Your Writing Skills

Writing is one of the most important aspects of blogging.
If you need to make your blog readers love your blog, then you definitely need to publish good quality content on your blog regularly.
You just can’t expect your blog readers to become happy by reading the same content again and again.
For making your blog readers come again regularly to your blog, you need to improve your writing style and become as much creative as you can.
If you really want to improve your writing skills, then you need to not only read more, but at the same time you need to practice more. You should try to write on all type of topics as that will make you become a versatile writer.

4. Connecting with Other Bloggers is Necessary

Connecting with some of the best bloggers is necessary as it will make you gain more knowledge and you’ll be able to learn lot of things from them.
This will also help you in getting more social shares and more comments at your blog.
The most important thing for a blogger is to keep learning new things related to blogging and that’s why interacting with other bloggers is always helpful.

5. Do Proper Planning

Proper planning is one of the most important things that you need to do for getting success as a blogger.
By making the right plans and implementing them on the right time, you’ll be able to achieve your short term blogging goals easily.
Many bloggers who don’t have any plans related to blogging often lose their focus for blogging.
You should plan that how many blog posts you’ll publish at your blog in the next month as it will make you get more focus for blogging.
One of the mistakes that some bloggers make is that they make plans, but never execute them. If you really want to make blogging your main source of income, then you definitely need to get more dedication for it.

6. Get Traffic from Different Sources

You can’t depend totally on search engine traffic for monetizing your blog unless you’re expert in getting very good ranking for the best keywords.
For bringing more traffic to your blog, you need to do social media marketing properly and at the same time send emails to your blog readers.
It is the combination of search engine traffic, social media traffic and referral traffic which will make your blog get more success than other blogs.
There are some bloggers who get so much social media traffic that they never rely on search engine traffic for making their blog a successful one.
With time, you’ll be able to find many new ways for getting more traffic to your blog.

7. Monetize Your Blog by Different Ways

Bloggers monetize their blogs by different ways which includes Google adsenseaffiliate marketingsponsored posts etc.
A single monetization strategy may not be enough.
You need to try out different ways for monetizing your blog as that will help you in earning decent amount of money every month.
If you’ll rely only on affiliate marketing, then it is quite possible that less number of sales may frustrate you.
Bloggers who really want to rely on blogging for earning their monthly income should definitely explore all the ways to monetize their blogs as soon as possible.

8. Have Patience to Make Your Blog Become a Brand

One of the most important things which bloggers need to have is patience. Your blog can become a brand, but for it you need to work hard for months or even for 2-3 years.
There may be some months in which you won’t be able to earn good amount of money from your blog.
If you won’t stay patient, then you may start thinking about giving up blogging and shifting back to a 9 to 6 job.
For achieving your long term blogging goals, you definitely need to have lot of patience.
New bloggers need to understand that there is no fix income in blogging and it may keep varying. This is one of the reasons that many bloggers don’t rely totally on blogging for their monthly income.
You need to be very confident and have lot of patience for getting the blogging success that you always wanted to achieve.
After going through this post, you must have realized that becoming a professional blogging is difficult. Even if becoming a professional blogger is not an easy thing, confidence and determination makes many bloggers start doing blogging professionally. Do you think that there is lot of scope in blogging? Are you thinking about doing blogging professionally?

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