How to Hire The Best Company for Lead Generation

f you’re searching for a marketing agency that does lead generation, you most likely want a quick fix to get a database of sales leads.
Let’s be honest. Generating leads is one of the main things that marketers and sales teams here are obsessed with. Sometimes even at the expense of other aspects of the business.
This is especially so for companies who require B2B marketing to obtain their sales leads.
And I don’t blame them since it’s all about ROIs and bottom lines for decision makers.
As a result, the most crucial element in the leads generation process often gets neglected. And that is: reaching the target audience who actually wants to be marketed to. Not to mention, your company’s branding and reputation may get hurt in the process.
Telemarketing and forcing your marketing message down a stranger’s throat is just going to have an adverse effect on your brand.
It’s also safe to say that everybody hates cold calls. Not only is it time-consuming, it also takes up way more time and effort.
In addition, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) that took place in 2012 was a major bummer to businesses who buy databases for sales leads.
So let me clue you in on the types of lead generation companies, how to hire the right one, and how you can faster achieve desired results.

Types of Companies Specialised in Lead Generatione

First and foremost, you need to know the types of companies that offer lead generation services. There are three main types of lead generation agencies:

1. Those who sell leads or database wholesale

The first type of lead generation agency is one which most old-timer marketers are familiar with.
Agencies who provide you a database of sales leads in a matter of seconds probably do so by obtaining contact information of people through undisclosed methods.
While many marketers or business owners who buy leads can attest to the effectiveness of doing so, experts have warned against it.
Marketing and business experts, like Hubspot for instance, can tell us that by buying leads, you’re missing out on opportunities to:

  • Have control of the quality of leads your sales force is in touch with
  • Be in touch with potential customers who are keen on your product or product category
  • As a result, save tons of money by getting warmer leads who close faster

2. Those who run independent lead generation campaigns without telling you how they do it

Such agencies might tell you things like:

Don’t worry, leave it to us and we will help you get on every website, search engine result and social media there is.
But we won’t tell you what we’re doing exactly. It’s a “trade secret”.

I’m not sure about you but as an in-house digital marketer, I’d rather have control of how the agency portrayed my brand and messaging, and obtained my leads.
The last thing I need is to find out that the “lead generation campaigns” by the agency I hired resulted in the poor representation of the organization or product.
Some traditional lead generation agencies have repackaged their services to make them seem more palatable.
Personally, I’d want full knowledge and even technical breakdowns of the campaigns that are driving the leads. Having this control will allow any marketer or business owner to be less reliant on agencies in the long-run.

3. Online Advertising Agencies

While most traditional marketing agencies can truly help you to boost your brand awareness with creative campaigns, an effective online advertising agency could possibly give you the piping hot leads that you yearn for.
That said, online advertising agencies are a dime in a dozen.
As a client-side digital marketing strategist, I engage online advertising agencies for my PPC campaigns so that I can have time to focus on the broad spectrum that is digital marketing.
I’ve learned that even though an agency may present the most riveting pitch you’ve ever seen, they may fail to meet expectations later on.
It’s therefore truly important to understand who you’re about to hire before you decide to commit.

Barking up the right tree

Perhaps instead of hitting Google for “buy leads in Singapore” or “database for sale”, you should rethink what you’re looking for.
Looking into specific tactics to generate leads may seem time-consuming, but buying leads, as explained, is simply outdated and ineffective.
However, if you turn to digital marketing, the stats and data are there. Your investment is accounted for, and you get to save time and money.

Read case studies of successful lead generation campaigns

To replace an outdated lead generation method such as buying leads, there are always new and creative alternatives.

Get inspired with new lead generation ideas, by experts in your niche. Companies like Moz, Marketo, and DemandBase have brilliant case studies on the best ideas and strategies for generating more potential leads.

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