5 Ways You Could be Getting Paid to Tweet

It may be possible for you to make $$$$/month with Twitter. But you need to have thousands of active followers to attract advertisers.

Follow this article carefully as I am disclosing some of the most important facts that can seriously increase your Twitter income. If you don’t make any money with your Twitter followers, this is the article you should read.

Please don’t think it’s easy and quick. You need to do some smart work to get good number of targeted followers.

5 Twitter Advertising Platforms That Pay You To Tweet

1. Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform where advertisers gather to increase their social media presence and create some buzz about their products.

Twitter users can make money if they share sponsored content with their followers. The more followers you have, the more money you can make.
You get paid on a Cost Per Tweet ( CPT ) or Cost Per Click ( CPC ) basis.
For CPT, You get paid when you just share the sponsored content within your Twitter stream. For CPC, you get paid when someone clicks on the shared links.

Most advertisers prefer to pay on Cost Per Click basis. Only if you have huge number of loyal followers, you may expect advertisers to pay you for tweets.
But for most of others, advertisers will pay on Cost Per Click ( CPC ) basis. Click Here To Visit

2. PaidPerTweet.com

3. TwitPub.com

4. Twivert.com

5. MyLikes

Other Ways to Monetize Your Twitter Account

1. Create a Fiverr Gig
2. Become a Freelancer
3. Affiliate Marketing

Drive Traffic from Twitter

Another great way to make money with your twitter accounts is driving traffic to your blog, website or eCommerce store.

By this, you will get a new customer, visitors for your blog, website or eCommerce store.

This is not the direct way to where you will get paid to tweet but, driving traffic can help you generate money from display advertisements on your blog.

Another benefit of this strategy is that your blog/website will get a link from social media to your blog/website that will help you move up in the search ranking of Google.

Twitter can help you reach to a broader audience and exposure, this indirectly helps you make money through higher visitor count.

Get a better job via Twitter

This is again not directly linked with get paid to tweet strategy.  However, if you use twitter the right way, you can get lucky to find a better job based for you.

Sound interesting?

Start with your twitter profile, make a profile that showcases your experience in your field. Writing the right keywords that describe your expertise.

  • Use professional display picture and header.
  • Search for the peoples or companies that interest you.
  • Share your thoughts tagging them.
  • Comment on their share and reply.
  • If they follow you back, tweet them a private message on topics of their interest.

Remember, you just don’t get to paid tweet directly, there are many indirect options too.

These options can help you in the long term.

Promotion of your business, finding a job and building links for your blog are long term options which you should consider.

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