The Future of Digital Marketing in India | Scope of Digital Marketing

India is a developing country with a lot of opportunities of growth. With the Era of Digitalization on peak, companies can no longer ignore digital marketing, especially in a country where the Internet user base is of 450 million. This number will only increase with the time as more people will be introduced to the internet and things it can do for them. Grabbing this opportunity a lot of marketers have already started using Digital Marketing to promote their business and increase public reach.
Another major reason for opting Digital Marketing is that with tech savvy customers, results are highly satisfying for the marketers and hence about 1.5 lakh jobs are created in this sector. The most focused and popular sectors in the Digital marketing, that generates employment are:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Strong SEO is the primary need of any online based business, say a website, a blog or a channel. A strong SEO will help with the better ranking of your page. The job in this particular is to create a keyword enrich SEO that’ll help company rank. This require researching for keywords, using webmaster tool, performing used optimization, getting higher ranks and attract traffic.


Copy writing demands you to create content that has rich keywords on the website, regarding sales page writing, info-graphics, website content, blogs, e-books and whitepapers . It includes engaging new audience via PR, native advertisements, guest posting, etc.

Paid Advertising

With new ventures and blogs coming out every day, it’s not easy to secure a good higher rank and get recognition in less time. It’s also very difficult to gain organic traffic and reach up to people when you’re starting new and aren’t already an established business. To rank higher on the Search Engines Paid Advertisements like PPC (Pay per click), CPC (Cost per click) are used. You have to pay hosting site some amount for displaying your advertisement so every time someone click on it, they’re diverted on your site, gaining you more organic traffic and higher rank.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a process of creating and managing conversion funnels, lead nurturing, drip campaigns and conversion rate optimization. The difference between content and inbound marketing is that inbound marketing is used to create a strategy that’ll help in attracting new users and retaining the existing ones while content marketing focuses more on execution of the strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is the most popular way of attracting audience because majority of the people spend most of their times on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and helps in acquiring more organic traffic to your website. Social media marketing has two aspects (I)Where you organically share your original content  on social media channels or (II)Running  paid campaigns, where you pay these social platforms to make sure that your content is reaching people. This will require you to choose the right platform and target audience wisely.

E-mail Marketing

With the right knowledge of using E-mail automation tools, for every $1 spent in e-mail marketing you can generate a return of $38. As a digital marketer you’ll need to be regular with newsletters and email campaigns. To increase customer’s curiosity you can add interesting subject lines, make the content of the email interesting and drive back traffic to the website. You must keep yourself updated on the subject to understand the properuse of automation tools for sending and tracking these emails and use your full potential.

Conversion Rate Optimization

As a digital marketer, you’ll have to optimize and increase the conversion ratio at every stage of the marketing funnel. Tools such as Heat Map by CrazyEgg’s andsplit testing by Optimizely can be used in converting the visitors frompotential leads to ultimately paying customers.

Data and Analytics

Collection and analysis of data is a procedure that is supposed to be followed in order to understand the response on the website or blog and helps you create a much more better marketing plans and understanding the needs and interests of your customers. With a proper detailed report, it’s easier to analyse and come up with a plan that is beneficial for the company and client both.
That was all about the jobs available in the sector in Digital Marketing. In order to become a successful Digital Marketing Professional, you’ll need to develop these skills:
Creativity, as you’re expected to come up with something unique, in order to compete in market. Hence, you should enhance your creativity so you can come up with unique campaign ideas.
Analytical ability, as you’re expected to figure out the reasons for what is working in favour for the company and what isn’t.
Will to experiment, as the domain of digital marketing is never same. It’s ever-changing with no set guidelines for success. You’re expected to be open to experimenting new ways of getting things done.
Copywriting, because as a digital marketer you’re expected to do copywriting for sales copy, A/B split testing and for creating keyword rich content.
Good Technical Knowledge is must in order to understand social media algorithms and search engine, and performbasic HTML coding if required.

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