Top 21 Funny, Weird, and Interesting Sites and Blogs

The internet is a beautiful place. It helps to solve our curiosity and hunger for learning. Whether you want to go on holidays, to shopping sites, educational sites or do any interesting things, it offers you all the benefits and knowledge of it. You can work online, chill online, learn online, bank online, and shop online.  There are video websites that offer you funny clips, independent documentaries, and rare footage. Some interestingly weird websites offer you to go on when you are stressed, bored or worried. 

You must have some stave-off methods to remove boredom from life by embracing cool, random, exciting websites in your free time. These cool websites will keep you engaged on the internet to kill your tedious hours and help you refresh your brain with some fun blogs. Rather than sitting alone and feeling anxious, go through these sites and help yourself by capturing some weird, fun, and exciting blogs. You will find some exciting lists of these sites and blogs right below, just go through them and enjoy.

List of Top 20 Funny, Weird, and Interesting Sites and Blogs

Given below is the table of Funny, Weird, and Interesting Sites and Blogs to visit when you are bored or stressed. That will help you relieve your tension and help you get joy and fun in living life. 

1Snap bubbles
2Pointer Pointer
3Zoom Quilt
4Eel Slap
5Patience is a virtue
6Falling Falling
8Eat this much
9Feed the Head
10Chess Academy
11A Good Movie to Watch
12Is It Normal
13What the Font?
14Down for Everyone Or Just Me?
15Nicest Place on the Internet
16This is why I’m Broke
17Awkward Family Photos
18The Useless web
19I Look like Barack Obama
20The reason my Son is Crying
21Experience Mount Everest

These were some of the funny, weird, and exciting sites to visit. These sites are explained below. Take a look.

  1. Snap Bubbles
  • In this, you virtually pop the bubbles. This is just like the bubble wrap you receive in a gift, and snapping those bubbles gives a sense of enjoyment. 
  • This site is just a virtual form of those bubble wraps.
  1. Pointer Pointer
  • On this site, you shift your cursor or move your pointer at any location on your screen and where the cursor stops, you see a random person pointing at your cursor. 
  • Photos are spontaneous. It is a good time to pass the website.
  1. Zoom Quilt
  • It is a kind of endless zoom illusion developed with flash features. One of the most unique art online.
  1. Eel Slap
  • This is a Weird website that allows the digital hand of an eel to slap a person on the screen through the computer mice.
  • It depends on how rapidly you move your mouse. As fast you move the mouse, as many slaps you can hit.
  1. Patience is a virtue
  • Good sites to work on an ability to stay patient without getting upset or furious. It is a very valuable quality in a human.
  1. Falling Falling
  • Falling Falling is a very weird website present online. 
  • On this website a thing keeps falling and never gets to the end, it’s weird but interesting. 
  1. Cleverbot
  • Cleverbot is a kind of Artificial Intelligence which deals and talks with humans online and a proper conversation happens between an AI and a human.
  • Start having a conversation with an AI, you will be stunned by the answers and the smoothness of the reply. Hours will be spent and you will not get bored.
  1. Eat this much
  • It is a virtual health dietician site. In this, you have to fill out a proper form which includes calorie intake and food to eat for best results. 
  1. Feed the Head
  • Various weird things happen here with eyes, head, ears, lips, etc. 
  • Disappearance of facial parts takes place; it is a pretty tough game.
  1. Chess Academy
  • This is a kind of site that tutors you about the chess game. Levels differ according to your play skill. Whether you are a newbie, an Intermediate player or an experienced one depends upon you.
  1. A Good Movie to Watch
  • Useful sites for movie lovers. This site allows various search filtering and provides different genres and the latest movies.
  1. Is it normal
  • The users ask about the incidents and happenings of their lives to get the perception of the other individual. And compare it with themselves whether the situation is normal or not.
  • Most users ask some weird questions and get an active response.
  1. What the Font?
  • Websites in which the name of any kind of font is searched and finding the right search isn’t a tough task. 
  • You just have to capture the image of the font and search it in What The Font Website.
  1. Down for everyone or just me?
  • A very effective website in which they check whether the particular website is not working on your device only or is it down for everyone. 
  • Solves many worldwide issues and finds the difficulty behind them. 
  1. Nicest place on the Internet
  • Need a break, Feeling down or sad? Here is the website that will cheer you up with some digital hugs and smooth music. 
  1. This is why I’m broke
  • Do you like buying a unique piece of products online which are not generally available at any other site?If, yes, then this website is perfect for you.
  • You can find one product working dual task just like Camera lenses which also function as a coffee mug.
  1. Awkward family photos
  • As the name suggests, they introduce memes which are related to weird and awkward family photos.
  1. The Useless Web 
  • This website fixes user’s boredom. 
  • What you have to do is click on any word on the site and then it will take you to the weird useless website. Go on and on. 
  1. I Look Like Barack Obama
  • Weirdly Interesting site, It’s about an owner of this website who looks exactly like Barack Obama but in actuality, he has no similarity with Mister Obama. 
  1. The Reason My Son is Crying
  • It contains videos and pictures made by parents to reveal why their kids are crying. Helpful for new parents who are struggling to know the reason for kids crying. 
  1. Experience Mount Everest
  • After knowing about Mount Everest, people want to visit and experience it at least once. Here is the website that will take you to the peak of Mount Everest through 3D display.


What are the examples of some weird websites?

Here are some of the weird websites-

  • Zoom Quilt
  • Pointer pointer
  • Staggering Beauty
  • Snap Bubbles
  • Tane

Do these sites enhance your knowledge?

Yes, whatever you do gives you the knowledge and experience of that particular work. Whether you are playing or scrolling through the internet. You are getting the information and storing it inside your mind, so the next time you encounter the same app or site, you must utilize it more wisely. 

What are some benefits of these sites?

Benefits of these sites

  • Refreshes your mood and mind
  • Helps you concentrate.
  • You can enjoy these sites with your family and friends by forwarding them.
  • Most importantly, it makes you happy.

What are some of the strangest yet funniest sites?

The top 4 strangest yet funniest websites are given below

  • Reasons My Son is Crying
  • The useless web
  • Awkward Family Photo 
  • I look like Barack Obama

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