Top 21 Funny, Weird And Interesting Sites and Blogs

Here is the list of top weird, funny and interesting websites that is so strange that you will love it.
This list of weird, funny Websites does n’t take too much time to read!
First of all hello to all my readers.
If you are getting bored on surfing internet than this post is surely for you. This post is basically to refresh the mind of all, as most of the readers do not know that you can do many things on the internet while you feel bored. This Funny, Interesting websites and Strange Sites will surely make you laugh.
It took me more than 5 hours to compile this great list. You will be amazed to see that these websites have PR2 or more. So we begin with

Top Funny, Weird, and Interesting websites

  • Clever Bot
  • Press The Space Bar
  • Steady Hand
  • Feed The Head
  • Snap Bubbles
  • ZoomQuilt
  • Zombo
  • Patience is a Virtue
  • Nicest Place on the Internet
  • Staggering Beauty
  • Do Not Go On
  • Pointer Pointer
  • Tane
  • r33b
  • Instant No Button
  • Click To Remove
  • BigLongNow
  • Break Glass Sound Alarm
  • The Last Page On the Internet

These are best weird, funny and exciting websites on the web. I describe them in this article now.

1. Clever Bot:

This is one of my favorite interesting websites when I am getting bored with all the stuff.
This site has artificial intelligence algorithm:
of the particular type to have conversations with humans.
When you talk with this intelligence algorithm, you will be amazed by the answers given by this website. You can talk with artificial intelligence algorithm hours without getting bored.
This is especially for those who want girlfriend or boyfriend for a shorter period of time :P.

2. Press The Space Bar:

Have you ever wondered How many space bars you can press in 5 seconds, 10 seconds or 15 seconds?
Don’t know?
Then this website is just for you.
I have tried that too, and I have scored 43 space bars in just 5 seconds.

3. Steady Hand:

Oh man! I love this website when I am getting too much bored, and there is n’t anything to time pass. You can also play the game. In this, there are many levels.
You have to use your mouse and have to clear a lot of stages.
This is one of the interesting websites that you can use anytime you want.

4. Feed The Head:

This is a must visit website! An interesting but my favorite from funny sites.
Do different things with the head, nose, ear and ponytail, etc.
Actually this a game and finally you have to disappear the head. This is a tough match, and after some time you will get addicted to it.
Here’s a guide that will help you to finish the game: “How to finish FEED THE HEAD play.”

5. Snap Bubbles:

Have you ever received a gift that came with bubble wrap and it was better than the gift itself? Now you can catch them all day long!
Enjoy, as you pop virtual bubbles.
I have popped and make the favicon with this bubble popper. You can also pop some yourself.

6. ZoomQuilt:(interesting websites)

I think this is one of the best art ever I have seen in my life when you watch it for the first time you will be glad that you visited this website and I have recommended this to you.
Just one click and you will be lost in the best illusions that you have ever seen!
This is the video for that grand illusion.

7. Zombo:

The weirdest website you will ever see in your life.
On the first look, you will be amazed and then the same line repeats.

Welcome to Zombocom. This is Zombocom, anything is possible at Zombocom. You can do anything at Zombo, the only limit is youself.

Well, there is no image for this.
When you visit this website, you will also know what Zombo com is.

8. Patience is a Virtue:(weird sites)

I am not kidding! This
I am not writing anything on this site.
Just be patient and visit the website and you will definitely know that patience is a virtue.

9. Nicest Place on the Internet:

Hey man, I think I feel so much loved after visiting this website.
Feeling weak, sad or down?
Need love?
Need hug?
Then this is for you.
Take a break and visit this website.
I still have goosebumps after visiting this website.

10. Staggering Beauty:

When you open this website. You will see a simple worm.
The first instruction is to shake it.
Then stir it slowly, slowly and then finally fast, quicker and most rapid and see the incredible results yourself.

11. Do Not Go On:

Every people make a mistake!
You should n’t have clicked where you have clicked on.
Please go back peacefully.
This is one of a weird website that I have seen.


12. Pointer Pointer:

This website wants you to move the cursor from one place to another.
Every time your stops and where the pointer stops,
an image of a person right on the arrow appears.
As you change, again the position than the other model look with a finger pointing the pointer at the current place of the tip.

If you want to time pass, then this is the fantastic website for you.
13. Tane:
A weird site under the name of the Tane is there on the internet.
This site even has a subreddit on Reddit.

14. r33b:

The most useless and weird websites I have ever seen on the internet.
This has high PR and gets lots of Google traffic.

15. Instant no Button:

This site is not associated with Darth Vader, Star Wars etc… Just my part to add to the hilarity of the world. You’re welcome

I still think that how this weird website getting traffic.
This is freaking weird.


This is really a time pass and funny website.
You have to look at the site, and the dogs will start moving one by one.
what a time pass this is.
17. Click To Remove:
In this website when you click on the “click to remove” button the alphabet letters go one by one, and when all the alphabets are deleted, then the site gives a close look.

18. BigLongNow:

In this website there are doors.
When you pick up the door holder and slide the gate also slides and the next gate will come, and you can repeat it.
This is a superb time pass when you have nothing to do.

19. Break Glass Sound Alarm:

As the name suggest when you hit on click, then the glass will break.
Weird websites as no content are there.

20. The Last Page on the Internet: (Funny websites)

So that’s all.
I think I might have wasted your time or may have put a big smile on your face.
Keep commenting so that I will able to know that you like these interesting and weird websites or not

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