Top 10 Best Flight Review Sites

When it comes to booking a flight or looking for the perfect airline, it’s always a good idea to search thoroughly on the different services available, so you can compare them until you find the ideal one for you. This way, you can read good and honest reviews in some specific websites and blogs dedicated to giving future travelers some help. The great thing about all of this is that most of the reviews are from other travelers who just want to help. Looking out for these websites not only gives you reviews, but also some tips, as well as cheaper flight offers, and there’s not a better person to give these pieces of information than someone passionate about traveling. With no further due, here are the 10 best websites and blogs to visit if you are looking for some honest opinion and advice about flights, there’s no doubt this will be helpful. Now, most of these websites are focused on commercial traveling, so if you want insightful information on private jet charters, go to Wijet to read more. 

  1. Tripadvisor

A star in the world of travel websites. Surely, everyone has heard about TripAdvisor, one of the best websites to search for the best prices in the market on different areas, like hotels, restaurants, and even car rental stores, but what a lot of people don’t know is that, here, you can find reviews from a lot of people about numerous airlines, even about some that don’t exist anymore. This is a trustworthy platform that will be truly useful and offer you real testimonies, and besides that, after seeing a large number of reviews and deciding on your choice, you can look for the same deal of that airline, on the same website, all to make it easier for you. Win-win!

  1. Flight-Report

Launched in 2011, the Flight-Report, just like the name says, is a site dedicated to giving people real testimonies to take as a base for travel planning. This platform counts on a large community of travelers that want to help rookie explorers making the best options for their trips. Besides being verified, they are also quite dedicated in giving a detailed, full insight to those looking. One great advantage of this website is that the reviews given are not only about flights, but also about the whole process, from the airport to the waiting lounge, and even the in-flight service. Complete and very useful. 

  1. InsideFlyer

Created to help all the travelers out there, the InsiderFlyer was an idea by a group of travelers that felt the need for passing their knowledge to other initiates, so they don’t have to make the same mistakes. On this website, anyone can share their experiences in order to help, however, it also helps on other matters of traveling. The perfect page to visit frequently, since they release articles about traveling, and weekly updates (sometimes more than one a week, especially now, during the pandemic). 

  1. Skytrax

An online platform more complete than this one is impossible! They took the idea of creating an independent forum so their clients could give a large number of reviews about airlines, airports, and discussions for other travelers to add their opinions. Besides all these excellent qualities, there are still ratings for airlines and airports between 1 and 5 stars, be it about security measures, or other details. Lastly, it’s still here, giving every traveler good tips to follow. 

  1. The Luxury Travel Expert 

A personal blog that gained fame thanks to the quality content they produce. A page that filters the wide range of information out there, making it easier for readers to find what they are looking for. More directed to luxury traveling, but still providing good information, from reviews, video tips, and even a newsletter for those who don’t want to miss a thing. 

  1. One Mile At a Time 

A blog created by someone with a passion for traveling and that when presented with the opportunity, grabbed it, and from that point started to share with the world his experiences and tips. Besides having reviews ready to help, it also gives the reader assistance about loyalty programs, miles, and points. A very useful platform with an interesting detail – it gives visitors the chance to talk directly with the writer about any question they have, for a more personal and detailed answer. 

  1. Thrifty Traveler 

If you are looking for ways to save some money when traveling, then this is the right website for you. You can consult testimonies given about different parts of travelling, tips, and tools, all budget related. Adding to all of this, there’s a guide available to help those beginning their journey around the world. A page that is ready to give the best tips about the right credit cards, to hotels, airlines, or even businesses. Make sure you don’t miss it. 

  1. Flight Travels 

Giving their reader a huge variety of articles about traveling, and making sure everyone finds the right answers to all their doubts, Flight Travels also offers trustworthy reviews about flights and airport lounges. They’re not scared of spilling all the tea on about 69 different airlines! Extremely complete and informative. 

  1. Live and Let’s Fly 

A lot of these websites and blogs will help you get information about different services, however, there are not many that talk about and examine the in-flight meals. Not only that, but Live and Let’s Fly also makes comments about current promotions and the most recent programs available. Top-notch in keeping their readers updated on the tourism and industry news. 

  1. Live From a Lounge 

The good, the bad, the advantages, and the disadvantages of numerous flight experiences is something you definitely want to know about, and if you are looking for that information, this is the right place to find it. This blog was created by an Indian man called Ajay, who became quite famous for his written work on this blog, creating content about traveling. Later, it became more dedicated in giving his readers more reviews to keep an eye on. Besides his incredible page, Ajay is also known for being a speaker in a variety of events, dedicated to the travel industry. If you can’t catch him in person, make sure you see at least his website, it’s definitely worth it!

Now You’re Ready to Fly

Reviews are an excellent way to get an opinion about a service or product you are considering buying, especially opinions from people who already purchased it and have something to say. Of course, they’re not always completely relatable, but most of the time you’ll get an honest opinion from someone who’s not trying to sell anything, but help others understand how it works. Traveling is the same, there are plenty of airlines, flights, hotels, and services to choose from that when the time comes, it’s just hard to pick one, and that’s when reviews come to your rescue. 

Besides that, there are a lot of websites dedicated to showing clients everything they need to know for a great trip, be it tips, warnings, and even the latest news of the traveling world. Next time you start planning your trip, make sure to check some of these websites to know what are the best options for you, the best prices, and what to be aware of, and there’s not a chance in the world these will fail you. Besides that, with everything that is going on with the world, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Thank you so much for your time and I hope you have a great flight! 

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