Top 10 Digital Marketing Gurus You Need to Follow

Digital Marketing. The word is popular itself and trends on the Internet too.

Everyone wants to find tools that help in reaching the customer’s doorstep for their business and can easily get it by Digital marketing.

With Digital marketing you won’t only achieve visitors but also disseminate around the world. Digital marketing is the best option for those who want to earn money online. 

Digital marketing is quite an easy way to advertise your business rather than an offline platform. 

But how could you flow in Digital marketing?

Who guides me “How Digital Marketing plays a crucial role in Business or Blogging”?

First, you need to know “What Digital Marketing is”?

Digital Marketing is an online way of marketing to advertise your business or let you be shown your business worldwide or a specific location in Smartphone users’ Screen.

You definitely know, today’s time Digital media is an ever-growing source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction. The cheapest way of advertising is being online.

Sounds Good. Right?

80% of Android users have been spending 60% of the time a day on smartphones (Digitally) since the last few years. We are moving from newspaper to android app or online for reading news.

If someone asked you something like Smartphones, Shoes etc, certainly you search on Google or maybe on youtube.

I bet you’ll be surprised to know Digital Marketing fills your pocket with big-bucks.

Digital marketing includes SEO (Search engine optimization), Web design, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing that all helps in approaching the customers.

You might have thought, “From where”?

The question may arise on those who are non-technical and not aware of that. 

Don’t worry. Because today I ‘ll share Top digital marketing gurus that you just need to follow.

Digital Marketers let you provide tips and tricks to make your audience or visitors engageable.

Once you understand the fundamentals of digital marketing then you can make a good career in it.

To start a career as a digital marketer requires some basic knowledge of SEO, Marketing (Email and Social Media), you should have knowledge on.

In the beginning, you’ll be finding some difficulties in digital marketing.  

However, once you are deep in Digital marketing, you’ll become a master in Digital marketing. Before that, you have to follow some experienced person. 

Top Digital Marketing Gurus You Need to Follow

1. Neil Patel (UberSuggest)

The name is enough itself to what we are talking about. 

Everyone follows Neil Patel who is keen to enter Digital Marketing.

Neil Patel is the best Guru in Digital Marketing, have Ubersuggest, a free tool that helps in SEO by finding Keywords, Backlinks etc.

You can follow on Youtube from where he shares some tips that will let you help in website or Business marketing. So that you will get updates regarding digital marketing.

In addition to that, Neil also writes a blog on SEO, Content writing, Affiliate marketing and more on the same categories. Unlike Youtube videos, blogs are time-consuming in reading.

Because, nowadays, people are more likely to watch videos rather than read blogs.

Neil focuses mainly on Search Engine Optimization by his Ubersuggest tool for people who are focusing on the same industries.

Despite that, He secured a position in the top 10 digital influencers as reported by Forbes.

As a co-founder at Crazy Egg, HelloBar, Kissmetrics, he helps amazon, Hewlett Packard like companies.

2. Ryan Deiss (

Next is Ryan Deiss, not only famous for digital marketing but best selling author too. He is a founder of and Managing Partner of and

Be the most dynamic speakers on Marketing, People in the United States, follow Ryan Deiss.

He educates digital marketers by the medium of Podcasts, Social media etc  around the world.

3. Rand Fishkin (Moz)

If you are writing a blog or doing blog writing then you must have heard of the “Moz” website.

By Moz SEO tools, you’ll know keywords, link building, site audits, broken Links, page optimization and spam score of your website as well thereby, a better view of the position you will get to know from where I stand in search engines. 

So, further, You would improve rank in the search result… Moz tool also provides Domain Authority score by itself algorithm that many websites use.

In addition to that, He is a founder of, helps in market research and provides audience intelligence insights affordably, what percentage of people search for keywords, sources who frequently talk about specific keywords.

SparkToro provides better marketing especially for those who want to identify where the audience is spending time. So that you’ll easily know should we work on and what the demand of the audience. 

4. Jeff Bullas (

Jeff Bullas mainly focuses on Social Media Marketing and Blogging strategies.


He acquired 8th rank in the world’s top social media marketers in the year of 2014 as well as achieved best content marketing influencer worldwide.

In 2013, Jeff gained a position in the top 50 social media power influencer by Forbes.

He has deep knowledge in Social media marketing, teaches you how to respond in social media.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk (VaynerX)

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most well-known people in the digital marketing industry. Gary is famous for his Podcasts, as the chairman of New York-based communications company, VaynerX, and as CEO of VaynerX subsidiary, VaynerMedia.

He was one of the first in the e-commerce niche, and one of the first marketing influencers who flourished on Youtube with their shows.

He is also one of the best selling marketing authors, an angel investor, a public speaker, as well as VaynerMedia digital marketing agency owner. He’s been on top of most top digital marketing influencers lists for a while and is unlikely to stop there. If you want to learn from the best, Gary Vaynerchuk is the one.

6. Seth Godin (

Seth Godin is one of the best leaders as well as the writer in Digital Marketing. He inspires people and teaches them. More than 60,000 people have taken his online courses, including The Marketing Seminar and several on Udemy. 

He has also written some of the most popular marketing books such as All marketers are liars, Tribes, Purple Cow, Linchpin, etc.

Being Digital Marketers, People liked his book related to digital marketing strategies, by which people receive information in the field of Digital Marketing. The articles written by Seth Godin are easy to understand and short too. Consequently, he is most popular in that field. Godin is best in blogger and Digital Marketing.

His articles are not so very long, but they have the power to garner thousands of retweets within a matter of a few days.

Indian Digital Marketers

The Indian entrepreneurs are not any less in Digital Marketing.

India has competitors in every field, whether in Technology or Marketing. You’ll learn Search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, social media marketing from India’s Digital marketers in Hindi as well as in English. Here I’ll share India’s best Digital marketing trainers that educate in Hindi as well as in English.

Harsh Agarwal (ShoutMeLoud)

I bet you heard the name Shout me Loud when you search on the Internet about Blogging. The name appears at the top when you find How to earn money online. Harsh brought a revolution in Blogging and Affiliate marketing in 2010.

 Harsh Agarwal is the king of Blogging, owner of 10 Lakh visitors reach their website every month. Being in Blogging, He educates how to earn money from Blogging. Moreover, Harsh received many awards in the field of Blogging. 

I know you are finding Digital Marketing Gurus. Right?


The guy mainly works for…

Harsh also writes a blog on Digital Marketing, how to earn money online, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing that all belongs to Digital Marketing.

Ankur Agarwal (AnkurAggarwal)

He educates Marketing without taking money. After teaching Digital Marketing, he gives the job to his students to work for their own company. Ankur also has a youtube channel that belongs to digital marketing. You can follow Ankur Agarwal if you are a beginner and worried about the English accent. 


It doesn’t mean “He teaches in HINDI Language”.


You will go with Agarwal’s videos on youtube and will get a course in Digital Marketing. You could find keyword research, Email Marketing after watching videos. I followed him for 2 years.

Sorav Jain 

If you aren’t comfortable in English, want a Hindi trainer for digital marketing. You can go with Sorav Jain. 

He began his career at the age of 17 as an SEO executive and freelance content writer.

He is CEO of echoVME, a digital media marketing training and services company in India. The company offers top-level social media marketing services for its students and other companies.

Sorav also provides a course of digital marketing Udemy platform. So that you have to learn it by the online medium at home.

Ramit Seth (I Will Teach You To Be Rich)

Ramit Seth said, ” I’d rather use the money to live a rich life”. He thought when spending money on business, you’ll become rich.

There are nearly 30,000 students across the world taking his courses and you’ll be surprised, each paying him $99 a month.

Himanshu Arora (Social Panga)

Himanshu Arora is a Co-founder of Social Panga, an agency offering digital marketing services in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

“Marketing Mafia”, his digital marketing service tag line of Social Panga. The agency offers to blog, Email marketing, UI/UX Design, Search engine marketing, Website Design.

 He specializes in the designing, strategizing and implementation of digital marketing plans and campaigns, and has worked for many leading brands, such as Coca-Cola, SAP, Accenture, Citibank, HUL, Decathlon, Google, Horlicks, NBA, and more. He is one of few selected Google Product and Sales Trainer for Google Adwords and has worked closely with 50+ companies, including both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

Here, It is all about Digital Marketers, You need to follow if you are planning to come in this field. 

Now I need to head it out. Hope! You might have enjoyed it. 

Thanks for reaching out.

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