Top 10+ Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investments

If you’re looking to start working online and you want to try out online data entry jobs, you’re reading the right article. I bring you today they best online data input jobs out there so you can give it a shot.
You should know upfront that virtual data entry jobs don’t pay a whole lot of money, so beware of the sites that offer too much. There are a lot of scams out there. That’s why I bring you a selection of legitimate data entry jobs from home. That way you can do your work without fear of getting ripped off and losing your time.

Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs From Home without Investment

1. AccuTran Global

Just fill out the application and try it out! They offer part time data entry jobs home.

2. Axion Data Services

They pay per piece and they offer trusted online data entry jobs.

3. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s crowdsourcing division doesn’t actually offer traditional data entry jobs. But they do offer small tasks that are very similar to data entry.

4. Capital Typing

This company offers data entry jobs from home without investment.

5. Birch Creek Communications

Admittedly, this company is mostly looking for transcriptionists. Nonetheless, they do offer basic data entry jobs.

6. Clickworker

This is a worldwide crowdsourcing company. They offer remote data entry jobs from home for independent contractors.

7. DataPlus

This company is based in Georgia. They offer data entry online jobs without the registration fee.

8. DionData Solutions

They hire typists with a minimum of 60 words per minute. They offer data entry jobs online free to join.


They ask for at least 30 words per minute. Also, they ask for experience with FrontPage, Excel, Word, Access, and Outlook.

10. Quicktate

They pay per word and they’re looking for at-home transcriptionists.

What is Data Entry Job?

Data entry is all about operating equipment to input data. This equipment is often a keyboard and the data can be alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic. This data input is mostly done for companies. It can come from audio files or hand-written notes. As you can imagine, data entry can take a lot of forms. We’ll discuss this later!

How Much Money Can You Make Doing Online Data Entry Jobs

The truth is you won’t make a whole lot of money. The pay rates are modes, so this can be something to do on the side. Data entry salary varies depending on pay rate structures and your speed. You can get paid per hour, per piece, per keystrokes, per word, or per audio minute. You can make at least $7 or $10 an hour, or one to four cents per word.

What are The Types of Data Entry Jobs

As I said before, data entry can take many forms. You have captcha entry jobs, copy and paste where you have to move text from one type of file to another. You can survey forms, fill out forms, you can type content into a spreadsheet. There’s also image to text, where you have to type the text you see on an image into a Word document. You can also format documents, do transcriptions, proofread, copywriter and e-mail processing. These are just a few of the most popular forms of data entry. You can even look for Google data entry jobs from home or better business bureau data entry jobs.

Do You Need Any Invest to Start Online Data Entry Jobs

No, you don’t! Any sites that ask for a big investment are probably the scam. Some sites will ask for a registration fee, but most of them don’t. Check out the list above.

Who Can Make Money Doing Online Data Entry Jobs

As long as you have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and you can pay attention to detail, you can make money out of data entry jobs. You’ll also need typing skills. Most of these data entry jobs are just copying or transcribing something else. So pretty much anyone can do it!

How and Where To Get Online Data Entry Jobs

Just check out all of the sites I mentioned on the list above to find the best data entry jobs. You can apply and work from home, so give it a shot! You won’t need much, and all of the sites I mentioned are investment free.

What is The Difference between Legit and Scam Data Entry Jobs

Beware of those data entry jobs that promise big payment. Also, pay attention to the sites that offer you information for money that’s already available for free. Be suspicious of classes, training, certifications, etc. Also carefully look into transcription jobs and medical coding because they’re often used as fronts. Bottom line: if they pay too much or ask you for investment “to show you’re serious”, run away.


There you have it! There are hundreds of simple data entry tasks to do out there. You just need to look for online data entry jobs and start working from home. They don’t pay much, but they can still earn you some much needed extra money. Just give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

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