Top 10 Best Websites/Apps To Buy and Sell Products in India

The incredible and rapid growth of technology has forged an avenue on the internet that has become the new norm – internet shopping. Many businesses worldwide have started capitalizing on this new trend, and, therefore, shifting their operations online. Internet shopping is fast, convenient, and reliable. As time goes by, it is safe to say that the accessibility and ease of delivery will only get better and more qualitative. Even according to the stock market, the best websites to invest in are based on e-commerce. While online gaming sites, like our favorite Dragon King, are also in the fast lane when it comes to popularity, online shopping can’t be beaten as it appeals to such a wide audience. Especially in India, where the population is almost 1.4 billion people, online business is growing rapidly. Here, we would like to present to you the 10 best websites in India to sell and purchase items.

Top 10 Websites to Purchase and Sell on the Indian Market

Amazon India Online Shopping

Many would argue that when one thinks of the best websites in the world of shopping, Amazon would rank pretty high on the list. India has its own iteration of the incredibly successful website. Amazon India has an online site that you can access, or an app if you prefer to shop via smartphone or tablet device. The scope of items available is gigantic, ranging from technology to clothes, art, and a lot more. The chances are that you will find whatever you need on Amazon India. What is great is that you may even find items that are not being produced anymore, because the site features a section where you can get second-hand stuff.

Flipkart Online Shopping App

Flipkart is an app that is also great when it comes to the sheer variety of items to buy on the Indian market. Gym gear, furniture, clothes, games, electric gadgets, art supplies, and more, the site is a marvel when it comes to the multitude of options to purchase. The app is very conveniently set up as users can narrow down their search to adhere to specific colors, styles, brands, prices, and other options. In the app, you can read item reviews left by customers, check ratings, and create a wishlist to know what your next purchase will be. It is a fun and convenient app that is great for shoppers.

Second Hall Mall

If you are looking for the best sites like eBay, look no further than the Second Hand Mall. It is a classified ad website that specializes in selling second-hand items and helping people find buyers in their vicinity. On top of that, the website has donations options, as well as the feature to exchange things without having to pay money. Posting ads is free of charge, and the website is easy to navigate. If you are interested in an item, you can stay fairly anonymous, as the site does not require any email confirmation. Second Hand Mall allows users to get their products verified by their in-house team, thus, making things more secure and weeding out scammers.


Koove is another option if you are looking for a place to find and sell second-hand items. Like all the best websites, platforms, and apps for shopping, Koove features an array of security measures to keep the site safe from fraud. User profiles have to be verified, and the comments, as well as chats, are constantly being monitored to keep things respectful and secure.


You might have already heard of OLX due to it being advertised quite a lot. The website is a well-known online second-hand market that is well-respected in the community. You can submit ads for free, and even without creating an account. If hassle-free selling and shopping are your top priorities, OLX will be a great choice for you. This comes with its downsides, as the community is not monitored very well. However, if you are fine with sifting through the enormous amount of items, you will likely discover some gems.

Myntra Online Shopping

If you are a clothing brand or operate wholesale, Myntra is hands down one of the best websites to sell clothes in India. For the customer, on the other hand, Myntra offers a vast variety of clothes to choose from. Something that stands out is that the platform offers free shipping on all orders. From traditional clothes to the latest trends – all needs are covered. The website operates professionally, ensuring complete security when it comes to payments and deliveries. To make shopping seamless, you can also log in via your Facebook account.


Snapdeal is another of those all-rounders, encompassing a huge variety of items to buy. Whether you would love to find the newest fashion trends, the latest gadgets, home & kitchen essential, and more, Snapdeal has got you covered. In total, there are over 65 million items listed on the site. It is said to be India’s largest online market and a place where you are sure to find anything you need. The site offers items from top tier brands such as Nike, Apple, Samsung, and others. A 7-day return period ensures that you can buy without remorse.


Maxdeal is an online shopping market that specializes in connecting vendors to customers in a professional and trustworthy manner. If you have a business idea and would like to reach more people, trying to do it through Maxdeal could give you a huge step up. With millions of customers, there is a large market for all types of items, for both buyers and sellers.

Bigbasket – Online Grocery

Bigbasket is the leading online supermarket shopping app in India. Customers can choose from over 20.000 products form the comfort of their homes and have the goods delivered with a click of a button. The food prices are friendly and the site offers a seamless, with a secure shopping experience.


If you find that you need more variety for your fashion needs, give Jabong a try. The platform features all types of clothes for men and women, including the latest and greatest exclusives from western trends. Fashion lovers are sure to find their happy place here, due to the massive amounts of trendy items to choose from.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best websites in 2020 to buy and sell products on the Indian market. We guarantee that you will find anything you need in at least one of those stores. It is safe to say that India has some awesome sites to do your shopping. What are the best websites to sell stuff in your opinion? What is your favorite online shop to buy items from? Please leave your comments in the section below!

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