How to Optimize Your Apps and Increase Downloads and Ratings

Smartphones have been creating a lot of buzz in the industry for some time now. Mobile phone users are increasing at a fast pace. And it isn’t a surprise to us that an average mobile user for browsing on the Internet spends about three hours and some minutes every day. And looking at the schedule with which most of us work; spending more than three hours is something pretty huge! All those mobile apps and websites that used to perform decently to serve the customers have now become more than a necessity.
However, development of these mobile-based applications is a complex process. It isn’t just about creating apps, there’s more to it. The battle isn’t complete without app optimization for giving customers an effortless user experience. App Store Optimization is also necessary to show your mobile apps on ranking charts of app stores on various devices.
Also, with the ever-increasing competition between Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it isn’t easy to convince a user to try a newly launched app. And if you’re low on budget, chances are further reduced! But don’t worry, we’ve got you some help! We have collected some of the best ways to boost your mobile app downloads and app optimization. Here they are:

Prioritize Your App Store Optimization (ASO)

The process of ASO, better known as App Store Optimization is about enhancing mobile visibility in the store. This is done through optimizing metadata such as the app title, description, etc in accordance with the ongoing trends and store. The major focus of prioritizing ASO is to improve the visibility of the mobile application on ranking charts and increase discoverability.
You may grab some online ASO tutorials or learning programs to understand how it works and implement those practices on Improving your app’s visibility as well as discoverability. You may find these sources to be either free or paid. However, you can easily get the hang of what ASO is all about from the free sources without putting in a single penny!

Make a Free App Launch

One of the best ways to increase downloads is to launch your mobile application for free. You may find this quite weird, but believe us, this can work wonders for you! If you plan to launch a paid application, make it free for a few days and see the numbers increasing. This is because when a paid application is made free, people get excited and curious to know what’s so special about the app that it is chargeable and end up downloading it!
If the main application is free but has a lot of in-apps that are paid, try making your IAPs free for some time and get the number of downloads increasing in no time! As more people are encouraged to use your application, you’ll see a boost in app downloads which, in turn, rewards you of better chart rankings on the App Store / Play Store.

Encourage Reviews

Testimonials are a great source of building trust amongst users. Good reviews encourage more visitors to download and use the app. It ensures the app is useful and provides a good user experience. That is why it is always good to encourage customers to write reviews and feedbacks for others to see.
An important point to note is that you should NOT encourage fake review purchases. It may help you in short-term gains but the consequences could be as severe as a permanent suspension of your mobile application.

Social Media Outreach

Social media is playing a great role in generating more productive business leads irrespective of the industry you may belong to. Hence, you should adopt the power of social media along with quality App store Optimization services to increase downloads and user engagement. Leverage all possible social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Behance, Instagram, Twitter, etc where you can find your target audience to be active and utilize its potential to boost downloads as well as ratings.

Leverage on Other Platforms

Ideally, brands take a time frame of a few weeks to months to promote their apps and products. But if you have a free hand to spend money and want to see an instant spike in the app downloads, manage your spends on marketing your brand in the shortest possible span. Make use of all sources and platforms to promote your application.
We know it takes a lot of courage and guts to take the leap of faith and run a full-fledged marketing campaign at once, but if you win, the results are going to be tremendously beneficial! Structure your marketing campaign in a time frame of a few days to a week at the max.
Leverage platforms for increasing your downloads from social media to App Directory websites to SMS marketing, email marketing, hiring ambassadors / social media influencers, running contests, blogs/magazines that are relevant, content marketing, and other websites like Reddit, etc.

What’s the Upshot?

The bottom line is, App Optimization is not a piece of cake, neither is boosting downloads. Although, if you adapt to some of these tips and ways, you will surely see a positive result in the number of downloads along with better app store rankings.
Never miss out on what your client demands or prefers, that’s the key! Because what might be suitable for a crowd, in general, might not work out for your target audience, so give them what they want from you rather than what you want to sell!
Lastly, we would only suggest you guys be familiar with the changing trends and technologies and be adept with the latest industrial practices and make the necessary changes in your mobile application from time to time.
Follow these simple tricks if you really want to drive some serious app sales and traffic. Read the next blog to learn more interesting facts!

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