7 Reasons To Use Long Tail Keywords For SEO

Long tail keywords are the new trend in the SEO industry. For a new domain it is very effective way to rank in Google. Long tail keywords are something most of the users search on Google.
First of all what are long tail keywords? They are 3 to 4 specific phrases used by customers to find their particular query. They are more specific.
Here are some of the reasons why everyone should use Long tail Keywords

First and the very authentic reason to target long tail keywords is that they have less competition.

Here is an example of a key phrase
Women Shoes– 187,000,000 matches found on Google.
Designer Women Shoes– 40,700,000 matches found on Google.
Designer Wellington Boots Women’s Shoes– 2,420,000 matches found on Google.
Hence proved you will have less competition and rank easily.

Long tail keywords have a higher conversion rate as compared to short keywords.

People who search for long tail keywords are more likely to buy the service you are providing. The more specific they search the more likely they are going to become your customers. In short long tail keywords gives you more conversion rate.

It contains the short keyword as well

Long tail keywords also contain the short keywords. In this way while targeting long tail keywords you are automatically targeting short keywords as well. For example if you are writing on topic “Designer Wellington Boots Women’s Shoes” they keywords also contain a short keyword “Women shoes” in it. This can be said that killing two birds with a single arrow. Now you can rank for both keywords.

In case your niches has a lot of competition this can be helpful in getting more traffic.

Well if you are ranking 1st on a keyword but you are worried about other competitors who are trying to overthrow you anytime. Lets take an example:
Our niche is about travel. I want to rank for the keyword “Beautiful Places”. Exact matches for this particular keyword on google are 604,000,000. In case i prefer to use a long tail keyword which will help me getting good traffic and easy to target then I should use “Beautiful Places In The World” the exact match for this keyword on google are 195,000,000. Hell of difference now you see it is easy for me to rank with the long tail but when we compare both keywords they are almost same however long tail will have less competition.

PPC For Long Tail Keywords is better

PPC(Pay Per Click)  for long tail keywords is usually good. When a customer searches for long keyword he is sure about what he wanted. More long keyword more specific visitors and thus you are going to get higher PPC.  In PPC, we pay every time someone clicks on our ad. If we bid on non-specific, very general terms we’ll are going to have lower click-through rates and lower conversion rates. Thus, a lot of money will be wasted on ill-targeted traffic. But, if you bid on more specific phrases that better describe what you sell or offer, you are likely to attract just the right visitors to your site, and your PPC campaign will pay off sooner.

Ideas From Google Analytics

While visiting google analytics to see who are visiting us with which keywords? Sometime we find long phrases in our google analytics or any other tool we are using. Thus giving us a very solid reason that we should use Long Tail Keywords. People mostly search long keywords.

Better Targeted Traffic

Well let me throw another example here; During a bank robbery the police try to get as much information about the robbers as much they can so that they can get a clear idea about him and catch him. the more information the more chances of success. Similar is the case with keywords the more you describe about what you are writing about the more search engines will know thus give you the right traffic. We all know that right traffic means better conversion.
I hope these reasons are enough to get you on the track of long tail keywords. Ranking a new domain is quite difficult but these long tail keywords are the right thing for a new domain. Start targeting them and get better results and conversions.

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