What is RPM in Google Adsense? How to Increase RPM

What is RPM in Google Adsense interface? Its very simple, “Revenue Per Mile”.
It means, Revenue Per 1000 impressions. So what the difference between eCPM and RPM in adsense?. There is a difference. eCPM is calculated by Page impressions whereas RPM by ad impressions.
AdSense interface shows the total page impressions with adsense ads, no matter how many blocks or units in it. But, latest interface shows the total number of ad impressions and RPM is according to it.
For example,
You have 3 ad blocks on each page and one day you earned 20$ with 10000 Page impressions.
So, average eCPM is = 2$
(Earnings/Page Impressions) * 1000 =  (20$/10000)*1000
What’s the RPM in this case?
New interface will show 30000 impressions, because each 10000 pages got 3 ad blocks.
So average RPM is = 0.67$
(Earnings/Ad Impressions)*1000 = (20$/30000)*1000
Need some prove?
Here is the stats from new interface for today.
I have three ad blocks on each posts except home and other pages. That’s the different. So, page eCPM and RPM are totally different amounts for me.
I’m sure this will give some idea. I could see in other blogs that they say RPM in adsense is calculated by number of visitors and page views, but actually its from ad impressions.

How to Increase RPM in Adsense?

It can be done in two ways.
1) Reduce the number of ads (not performing) on your blog. Of course it will reduce the earnings, but RPM will be increased.
2) Increase your earnings with same impressions.

Quick & Simple tips to improve the earnings. ( I will be covering all points in detail very soon)

1) Above the fold.
2) Don’t place all ads in same screen when your reader is reading.
3) Don’t blend too much with your theme style. Let them know it’s a link and ad.
4) Consider to improve Search Engine traffic.
5) Block the un related ads
6) Remove the ads which is appearing in all slots. ( they are paying less)
7) Try the recommended ad size formats. Do not try anything new with new ad sizes.
8.) Use section targeting.
9) Experiment and test, but don’t decide anything quickly. Give minimum one week.
10) Insert high paying keywords in your blog related to content.
Let me know your thoughts.

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