New to Blogging? My 5 Hands-On Tips for Bloggers 

A sudden interest in blogging? Or perhaps you’ve been curious for a while, to begin with. Or maybe you’ve been blogging for a while; however, you do not see any results.

Blogging for any newbie can sound like a daunting task. Every day you have to create new content and write it in a way that will get people to read it. Choose your topics carefully, then stick to them. Consistent blogging each and every day.

That sounds pretty exhausting and overwhelming. With so many competitors out there, it might start to hinder your capability. It doesn’t have to be that way since it isn’t that difficult, despite what you might think. That’s all it takes—a lot of patience. You can’t grow overnight, but you can grow over time. This is why I have created these 5 hands-on tips for you to get started on your blogging career and also to help you get past your concerns and fears. Let’s get this started. 

Don’t ditch the niche

There is no need for you to stray anymore because we are finally talking about it. Many people are confused about what niche means, which affects their blogging success. Well, a niche is the main topic you will write about. Anyone can start blogging, but many do because they are good at something and want to share it with the world. So, whatever you think that you are good at, you call it a niche. For instance, presume that you are great at social media marketing. In that case, your niche will be social media, where you will discuss strategies and tactics. 

It is critical that you get a good understanding of what niche means to you and your blog when you are starting. Take it very seriously, as it will help you grow and stick to your topic. 

Discover your target market thoroughly.

The target audience is the real deal. After you decide your niche, determining the target audience is the next stage. Let me explain this with an example.

Suppose you are a social media manager for a small or big company. In that case, you will connect with people who are not only interested in your offerings but also in the same niche. So, you will be targeting people according to their demographics. Demographics include—age, salary, marital status, etc. 

A target audience aids in a better approach to writing blog posts. This is why you must get a good understanding before you start to blog in your niche. Deciding a niche is not enough. Who you want to speak to is crucial to your success. 

Basics of SEO for you

SEO is a three-letter word for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the way to improve your visibility and ranking in google search results. 

When your target audience is searching for a specific topic, your blog could have a higher chance of being seen on the first page only if you have used SEO, which includes: keywords, backlinks, title tags, meta description, alt tags, and proper H tags. 

Are you an entrepreneur? Then these blogging tips for entrepreneurs might help. 

The basics of SEO is easy and ensures that your blog is crafted well each day to be seen by your target audience. With time, you will build your brand authority and be more evident to your target market. 

Create social media presence for exposure

Don’t you want to share your blogs with everyone? But you said SEO would help me rank, then why should I share my blog on social media? 

Well, the hierarchy of blog success is not only deciding a niche and SEO alone but also sharing who you are and what you are writing about. 

Social media is the exposure you will get when you increase your blog traffic using sharing methods. The more you share your blog, the better the chances of your blog being shared and read by others. 

You can simply get started by creating an Instagram account (only) if your target audience is to target the younger generation. Likewise, it is with Facebook and Twitter. Go where the crowd is hanging.

Do not compete initially

Who doesn’t desire to outperform their rivals? Everyone!

Understandably, you have not started blogging just for the sake of blogging but also to get out there and provide information to your target market. But it is advised that you shouldn’t compete when you are in your initial days of blogging. It will only bring you frustration and exhaustion.  

However, competing in your initial days is not it. 

It will lead to turmoil and chaos inside your mind, eventually affecting your blogging progress. 

Starting a blog and becoming successful is a process rather than a high-jump race in the Olympics. You have to be patient. 

Impatience means you won’t be steady and eventually end up deep competing with yourself. 

So take your time. Build your strategy game and take one step at a time. 

Wrapping up

Nowadays, blogging is a fast-growing medium for increasing your online presence and acting as your virtual business card. If you are new to blogging, you might still find the thought of starting a blog scary, even with plenty of knowledge about designing or coding. 

Don’t expect to succeed immediately; instead, set some reasonable goals for yourself. Finally, take time to read what other people are saying; there are many valuable tips and resources available on the Internet. Interestingly, you’ll be surprised by how much blogging has changed since you first stumbled upon it!

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