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Submit your website to some of the most popular search engines like Google, Bing, Aol, Entire Web etc. for free web listing. Search engine submission has been an activity that has been followed since ages, and is one of the most common off page activities whenever you have new content on the website.

What is Search Engine Submission in SEO

Search engine submission refers to getting your URL crawled by search engines. By simply submitting your website URL you allow the web crawlers to come and read your web page.
To speed up the activity of letting the bots know that you have a web page ready to be indexed, you follow search engine submission activity in off page SEO.

Difference between Ping Submissions and Search Engine Submissions

Ping Submissions refers to alerting the search engines whenever you have new piece of content added to your website whereas in Search Engine Submission you submit your URL for letting the bots crawl and index your web page.
Few of the SEO’s still focus on submitting the URL on Google and rest, whereas if you focus on the search engine submission sites you can earn a lot of free traffic. Below we are sharing few of the most used search engine submission site list,
To make your website more searchable and get it found on the search engine result pages (SERPs), your website pages/ URLs must be indexed by the Search Engines. Most of the time, the search engine bots of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing crawl through your web pages and index them. But to be sure that your pages are indexed, you can submit them to those search engines.
Crawling and Indexing are the most essential terms for Web search results. I am sure that, most of you know the above terms. But in case you may not, let me share the basics.
Crawling: Crawling is main factor in Search Engine. Search engines use search spider or web crawler to crawl through the different webpages. They reach to every possible page on web to display them in the search results.
Indexing: After crawling, search engine bots includes the web page in its database and index it according to the search queries/ keywords. Once the Search Engine index the web page, people are able to find it through searches.
So, submitting a site to the high PR search engine submission list is the first step towards search engine optimization. Also some search engines are localised or area specific. For that reason, it is better to free submit your websites to the different search engines. Usually most people tracking Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Google is the giant Search Engine as we all know but in fact, if you’re only relying on Google only then you might be missing a lot of blog traffic, SEO & more blogging benefits.
Well… Submitting your blog to Top Search Engine Submission Sites is quite important because it helps us get more backlinks, mention our blog in different top directory submission sites & it also helps major Search Engines submit & index our blog more faster than before. Another best part of doing this is You get traffic from different SEOs, too.
In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the same list so read…
Now without any further delay, let’s jump on to our list of:

Free Search Engine Submission Sites List For Quick SEO

Google is the Major & moreover the Leading & Giant Search Engine out there followed by Bing. If you’re someone who has used the Internet, then there is no excuse you have not used Google & another funny reason you have used Google is that you have come to this blog post may be using Google.
Google was started back in 1998 by Larry Page & Sergey Bin. It’s now said that Google literally receives more than a billion page views & queries every passing day.
If you have built & started your own blog, submitting it to Google is a must to take the step to make your blog live & discoverable to the rest of the World. However, this search engine is enough for your blog to be fully discovered but in fact, you have to still submit it to many other major & top search engine submission sites I’m sharing with you below.

Google Webmaster Tools Features:
  • The Leading Search Engine for Web, Images, Videos, Books & a lot more.
  • Receives more than 1 Billion searches every day & still growing.
  • Literally, all other SEs (Search Engines) & Directories etc follow this SE to fetch & index contents into their directories.

Now let’s jump on to the next one on the list.

2. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing is another Giant Search Engine that has been around out there for the last few years. Bing is backed by Microsoft and was launched back in 2009. Bing also has a Webmaster Tools which allow webmasters & site owners to add & submit their blogs and businesses in the giant directory of Bing and showcase their blogs in the Search Results of Bing.
After you have successfully submitted your blog to Google, you must be submitting it to Bing Webmaster Tools, too.

Bing Webmaster Tools Features:
  • Giant & the Leading Search Engine after Google.
  • If your blog is indexed, you can get blog traffic & a lot more features.

3. Baidu Webmaster Tools

Baidu is the leading Chinese web search engine which was founded back in 2000. If you want to get traffic from a country like China, you must be using their Webmaster Tools to submit your blog there and get blog traffic & with that all out of the way, Improve your Off-Site SEO.

4. Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex is a Russian leading & feature-rich search engine that receives millions of searches every passing day. It’s popular in many other countries as well such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and many others.
If you don’t want to miss blog traffic from such countries then submitting your blog to Yandex will be much useful. So go ahead and submit your blog to it freely.

5. DuckDuckGo

Another one of the leading search engine submission sites is DuckDuckGo. According to Alexa, it’s ranked #338 globally and #231 in the US.
Even though, the search engine does not offer any Webmaster Tools where webmasters & site owners can submit their blogs & businesses but it does have many crawlers and bots that fetch & index sites & blogs from various sources such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia & many more which means you don’t need to submit your blog to DDG but instead, submit it to other major search engine submission sites and DDG will index it automatically.


Gigablast is an Open Source Search Engine that receives millions of queries every passing day. This search engine indexes web pages from various sources as well but it does offer Add URL option to index your blog into their directory fast & quickly.
Submit your blog to Gigablast to improve your Off-Site SEO & get targetted blog traffic.


The next on our list is ExactSeek. It’s an old web SE and directory where millions of users list their businesses & blogs. It basically offers different submission types such as Free Standard, Paid Featured & Rapid Paid Inclusion. Choose the plan that fits your business.

8. ASR (Active Search Results)

ASR is known to be one of the best Search Engine submission sites to submit & promote your blog & site. In case you have not yet joined & submitted your blog there, make sure to do it right now.


VieSearch is another directory & a small search engine to submit your blog & improve your SEO along with that, get a good amount of traffic, Too.


As you may already know about Internet Archive. It’s the leading digital library & way back machine that helps you find the data that was available before but now it’s not existed on the Internet or the file or site is damaged & deleted by a mistake.
Submit your blog to Internet Archive and it will keep a screenshot of it. Here are some more benefits of Internet Archive I know about:

  • It helps you capture a screenshot & cache version of your available contents & blog on the internet and get it back if the contents or blog is not available or accessible on the Internet.
  • Helps you improve your SEO.
  • Get dofollow & nofollow quality backlinks.
  • Improve your SE Ranking.


SimilarSites is a directory which will help you find similar sites to what you’re looking for. You can submit your own blog there and if someone is searching for the same niche you have submitted, they will find your blog in the search results.


It’s another search engine & SEO directory where you can list your blog & get exposure both in SEO & blog traffic. They charge $25 yearly or $100 lifetime in order to submit your blog or site there.


Infotiger was founded back in 2013 and since then, it works as a powerful search engine & directory where webmasters can list their blogs.
Also, submitting your own blog to Infotiger is free & easy to do. Just go to the Add URL page and submit your blog there.


Anoox is another powerful non-profit search engine & a platform where questions are asked and answered. If you want to increase traffic to your blog then submitting your blog to Anoox can be useful & is free to do so.


Beamed is a small directory search engine where you can submit your blog for improving SEO and getting a few click every running day.


Wotbox is a small SE that came into existence back in October 2002. You can submit your blog to this search engine submission site free without signing up with them.


Like SimilarSites, is another directory & platform that will show you relevant sites to what you type into it. If you want your blog to be discovered by other users, then you can submit your blog for free to

18. offers many types of search results like Google, Bing & others such as Web, Images, Blog & News Search results.


Entireweb is a directory & SE where you can submit your blog. It also offers a powerful tool to submit your blog at one submission to multiple search engines and directories at the same time without going into manual submission.
Final Thoughts
This was a list of Bulk Search Engine Submission Sites. I hope you might have found this list very useful. Let me know down in the comments which one you are going to try and also Don’t forget sharing this list with your social media friends because they will much like it.

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