27 Hacks to Supercharge Your Website Traffic in Short Time

Websites without traffic are absolutely useless.
Increasing Web traffic is the most important part of an online business. In 2020, we can use various strategies and hacks to increase your site traffic without taking lots of time. In this post, I’ll share some of these strategies that you can use in your business.

Paid Advertisement

Paid search, social and display advertising is excellent mode of acquiring website traffic. This helps in showcasing the brand and getting the site to be noticed.
However having said that, you need to know how display advertising works before going and spending tons of money on that.
If you’re new to this arena, I would suggest picking up Facebook as your Advertising medium. Facebook Ads platform provides several tools and targeting option to target the right demographic. Take a look at this wonderful course from the
Facebook itself – Facebook Blueprint
Here is one pro tip- Try to inserting high commercial intent keywords also might result in more sales. Now you can use Google Keywords to search keywords with commercial competition and high CPC.

Enticing Headlines

Headlines form one of the most key aspects of the article. An enthralling headline helps to catch the notice of the people.
As per Coshedule, Using simple Headline hacks, they were able to increase search click through rate by 76%.
So, what type of hacks I’m talking about?
Using the Quantity and Time hacks:
Example- How I was able to increase my search traffic by 230% in 4 months.
Example 2- How I was able to reduce 23 kg in 6 months by following Keto diet.
Here is a 1000+ headlines ideas that you can use in blog post with good effect.

Social is still important

Being proactive is also a part of the process. Only generating groundbreaking articles in the hope of people finding it is not enough. Using social media and other platforms help in reaching out. This in turn increases traffic.

Content outreaching and Guest posting

This is a great ploy to increase blog traffic. To build the brand into a bargain, secure guest post frequently. However, be cautious of penalty inducing spammy tactics.
Advanced Guest posting will help you to secure backlinks from very good site. The key aim of this exercise is build relationship with the blogger rather than going for a link.

On-page Search Engine Option

Appropriate editing and optimization of the content for search engines are still prevalent. This increases the organic traffic.
On page SEO is still considered as one of the few easy wins that you shouldn’t let go.
Here is a date hack strategy that you can implement in your On page SEO arsenal.
You should edit the title tags as per the month and year. So, if you targeting a post for a long term strategy , you can make it “2020” in the title tag and sure enough in 2020, your article will receive a little seo boost.

Long Tailed Keywords

If you have the required number of commercially high intent keywords in the article, check for long tailed keywords. It accounts for the majority search on the web.

Referral Traffic

It is not advisable to spend valuable time requesting other sites to link back to you. Instead of this, create content that will literally beg the other sites to link to.

Creating Chat Rooms

These are some fast and effective strategies to increase web traffic. This is an interactive platform and you can use this to get quality feedback to enhance your content further. But new mobile apps have also been doing the rounds recently.

Don’t Overlook Email Marketing

In order to cope up with the latest trends, people often forget about existing business propaganda. Old is gold is truly apt. Email Marketing can create a boom in your web traffic strategy. But be careful not to disturb people with relentless persistent updates.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking determines the strength of the link profile. While creating and publishing content, check for the opportunities to create an internal link. Creating Internal Linking Structures help with Search Engine Options and also result in better and more useful experience for the user.

Mobile first Strategy

People nowadays are using PDAs like Ipads and smartphones to access the web. So it is ideal to make the website so as to provide accessibility and view ability for those devices.
The site should be able to load as quickly as possible or else people might lose interest. So it is essential to optimize the site accordingly.

Creating a Sense of Community

People would like to express their views and opinions, so it is crucial to make the site interactive. To increase more traffic in the site, implement a flexible comment section. If you are able to build a community in the site, chances are high for expanding the follower base. Creating and managing dedicated forums and community section is also required.

Examination of Analytical Data

It is advisable to keep a track of the Analytics Data. This can be done through cloud based applications. Keeping records of demographics, favourable sites on the web and other valuable data can be done via Google Analytics. Paying attention to the latest favourable topics on the web is also a good way of catching up to the rest of the sites.

Go Video way

People are most likely to retain an audiovisual simulation as opposed to textual scribbling. So incorporation of visual content is highly advisable. Video marketing is a great way to get hold of people’s attention. Thus, it helps in increasing your desired traffic goals. In today’s terminology and market situation, these are termed as “rich media”.

Using the exclusive strategy

If you are in a business you need to study your competitors thoroughly. Keeping track of their activities will enable you to put the extra to make amends to your strategies. If your rival company is making great strides in the market scenario, apply tactics to enhance your cause to stay in the competition. It can be compared to the game of chess, thinking about two to three moves before your opponent takes a decision.

Hosting Frequent Webinars

Arrange for live seminars online with a forum for people to have a healthy discussion. People who are eager to learn can benefit from such experiences and take the website more seriously. This is a great way for the engaging audience and also solves the purpose of social promotion. Create options like ‘view later’ and etc. to make it flexible and robust.

Check for Content Discovery Platforms

There are applications and websites offering people with exciting, idealistic and innovative contents. It covers a broad array of interesting topics to catch the attention of the people. Some of them are Pinterest, Flipboard, Scoolpt and etc.

Arranging for Niche Forums

Forums may feel like a cliché when compared to flashy social media platforms. Each forum has its own version of rules and regulations. You can make it interesting by hosting special guests so that people find it worthwhile. People are always in the hope for good advice. Such a platform should help out people to make decisions in their own line of business affairs.

Becoming more Active on the Social Media

Chances of you getting a swift response can get higher if you also engage in the activities on the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit and etc. Instead of being aloof if you reply back, people will find you genuinely concerned And take more interest.

Submission of Contents to Aggregator Sites

This is closely related to the Referral Traffic point mentioned above. It is important not to spam websites with which you are associated. This will only add to your woes and people might stop following you. Some community members on the website are extremely judgemental to the legitimate links disguised in the form of spams. You should be frequent but be careful not to cross the line of being attention seeking.

Interviewing Industry Specialists

Interviews are not only for big personalities or industry pundits. In fact, small-time industrialists might be well known. Request them to share their thoughts on business approach and conducts via email.
Schedule for interviews as per convenience. Publishing interviews on the website are likely to grab the attention of the people. This will further help in the cause for earning recognition boosting your creditability and increasing more traffics.

Create Online Groups

This will help in increasing more traffic for the website. Manage the group to know about the concerns, engage in conversation, learn from the people and organize webinars and forums.
It is likely to solve two-way purpose with the intent of growing as a businessman and implementing certain aspects from the contents of the forum. Google Groups in recent years have become more popular as it is believed to be more active.
It also helps in hosting discussion groups on Google servers. It also provides the opportunity to sell which can be great for content marketing.

Press Release

If there is press release regarding your website, you are likely to hit the jackpot. A single press release is supposed to make a boom in the traffic required to market your website as a popular brand.
This will result in sending good streams to visitors checking out your site. And you are likely to receive high authority links. Networking with contributors, helping out a reporter like HARO, newsjacking is some of the aspects that one can delve into.

Implementation of the Schema Microdata

This option will not only help to increase traffic for your website, it will serve another purpose too. Implementation of the schema or other microdata formats will make search engine bots to find and link to your required pages and updates. Another advantage of this option is it will definitely result in better rich site snippets. Click through rates are improved through such snippets.

Making Yourself More Vocal

Be prepared to devote some time to your created online forums and groups. People really appreciate such generosity and courtesy like replying back to certain critical aspects raised in a discussion or in the comment section. The more you spend time with your followers the better are your chances of increasing the traffic.

Attending Conferences

Learn, implement and grow are the most important aspects in any field be it business or personal growth. Irrespective of the type of business or industry you are in, it is advisable for you to attend conferences. This will help in creating a global scenario for you and make necessary changes in accordance with the changing trends. You are likely to get more help if you ask questions regarding your own business strategies and also provide others with information. Such an exposure is always necessary.

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