Top 10 Websites That Pay You To Write Reviews [Paid/Sponsored Posts]

Blogging is one of the most advanced sources of making money and you can enjoy the perks of a blogger by writing paid reviews. But to write sponsored reviews, your blogs must have a sufficient amount of engaged audience so that the reviews reach a certain minimum public. Moreover, the amount of money you receive per review also depends on the number of audiences you are engaging. 

While writing sponsored reviews, keep in mind that your reviews are authentic so that the audience you have earned so far can trust your reviews and you don’t lose your followers.  

1. PayPerPost

PayPerPost is one of the oldest and most free websites that pay you to write reviews. It is entirely user-oriented and, thus is a very simple website to use. You only have to begin by submitting your blog and as soon as the blog is approved, you can begin writing paid reviews. 

  • PayPerPost is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn money by writing sponsored posts.
  • There are many varieties of posts that you can choose from to review. 
  • Payment varies from post to post.

2. Sponsored Reviews

Yet another well-known website that pays you to write reviews. Sponsored Reviews is a simple website to use where submitting your blogs is not a troublesome process. After you have finished submitting the blogs, you can begin picking up the opportunities that you would like to review.

  • The amount of money you earn varies, it majorly depends upon the number of audiences you have engaged.
  • The website also lets emerging companies reach you. 

3. Creamaid

Even though Creamaid is not entirely a review website, you will still find plenty of opportunities that will help you make money through writing reviews. You will come across a variety of conversations that begin on Creamaid and pick up the ones that interest you. 

  • There are different types of requirements from different companies.
  • But eventually, the payment is based on the extent of engagement.

4. Smorty

Smorty is one of the most honest review websites and hence it is absolutely reliable. You can trust each review of the website and hence it improves the engagement of your blog automatically. The website does not ask you to write a review directly but it asks for your opinion regarding various products. Moreover, there are certain requirements by the website such as you need to be posting at least twice a week, your blog has to be more than three months old, etc.

  • Smorty pays you a good amount of money for your opinions.
  • The website has a user-friendly interface. 

5. CrowdTap

CrowdTap is one of those websites that makes writing reviews fun. Moreover, it is even accessible through smartphones. CrowdTap provides various opportunities under the “daily missions” corner, where they post those products that they want the review for. Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose among the various options provided per day.

  • There are different ways of payment that vary from company to company. But all of them are trustworthy and reliable. 
  • The website also rewards you for reviewing their ‘daily missions’ products.

6. Ciao

Another interesting review website that is worth checking is Ciao. You will get a variety of opportunities from all over the world as the website is open to all across the globe. Moreover, the focus of the website keeps on changing periodically and hence you will come across your preferences every now and then. 

  • Just like all the other websites, Ciao’s payment also varies from post to post but it is directly dependent on the amount of audience engaged.
  • Initially, it is not easy to engage a lot of audiences but with time it gets better.


ListVerse is more suitable for those reviewers who are long-form paid. As it is clear by the  name, ListVerse pays you for making a list of the best 10 products that they want the review for. Therefore, ListVerse offers you the opportunity to show your creativity and make your work fun. Moreover, you get to decide the products you want to include in the list.

  • ListVerse is thus more flexible than any other review platform as the products reviewed are as per your choice.
  • As soon as your blog is published, you will receive your payment.

8. Capterra

Capterra mostly demands reviews of software programs and hence it is famous among the related audiences. Capterra requires you to experience the product first and then write its review so that the review thus posted is authentic and reliable. 

  • Comparatively, Capterra pays you extra money as it requires you to use the products too.
  • The website also requires you to verify your account through LinkedIn.

9. UserTesting

UserTesting is an amazing source of making money for people who enjoy getting into the details of websites and apps. Moreover, reviewing their products also demands a unique way in which you are required to post a video that has to last for at least 20 minutes. 

  • The website pays you $10 per review. 
  • It is a great option for people who like to communicate verbally rather than writing reviews.

10. Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner is another high-paying review website. If you are someone who is into software programs then you might already have heard about this website, as it is one of the most well-known software as well as a tech review website. 

  • Gartner aims to provide honest reviews about the products so that the users know what about the products they are using.
  • Gartner permits only 10 reviews a year, but it pays a good amount of money for each review.


1. What websites pay for reviews?

There are many review-paying websites:

  • Crowdtap
  • Smorty
  • ListVerse
  • Survey Junkie
  • InboxDollars

2. Which app gets paid for reviews?

  • Vindale Research
  • ReviewStream
  • Swagbucks
  • Software Judge

3. How can I get money easily?

There are many ways:

  • Pet sit
  • Babysitting
  • Delivery agent
  • Write reviews 
  • Take survey 
  • Start your thrift store

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