Top 100 Search Engine Submission Sites, Submit your URL to Free Search Engines

In Search Engine Submission, we submit our sites to several respective search engine pages so that we become visible to searchers and get huge traffic. Because of this effective technique, we attract an audience to our site and gain good ratings and reviews for entering the top list rank on search engine pages.

For better results, make sure whenever users search for products, services, and information related to your expertise, your site pops up the first. Visibility of your page in search engines can increase the chance of customers to find and click on your website more easily. So the ultimate purpose of search engine optimization is to attract a high amount of clients, audience, and customers to your account and keep them coming back and back again. Index your website on different search engines properly.

Boost Traffic and Rank with Search Engine Submission 

Several techniques to boost traffic on your site through Search Engine Submissions are

  1. For less risk of money wastage, always use free websites for submitting your site and getting natural followers.
  2. Always use solid titles and good keywords for better attraction of the audience.
  3. Use professional tools to increase ranking and backlinks; by this method, the number of users visiting your site will increase massively.
  4. Search engine submission websites allow webmasters to pick and submit the sites on thousands of web pages on search engines. 

Better Ways to Operate Search Engine Submission Sites

The procedure of uploading your sites on various search engines is somehow similar. 

Just go through the links given in the following table and submit the instructed details correctly. We have discussed these details in the below section

  • Upload the right details

At the time of uploading certain details make sure the data you are giving is right according to requirements.

Some required details will be the homepage link, website title, email, keywords, etc. Provide all the details carefully. 

  • Before submission always sign up first 

Few search engine masters help you upload direct links on the dashboard and some permit you to sign on first. Always sign up. 

The benefit of signing up first is future enhancement and adjustment in your details.

  • Find the top search engines for use

While submitting to search engine submission sites, pay additional attention to the famous and top search engines like Bing, Google, Baidu, etc. As these sites have the highest traffic, make sure to check the updates of these sites, and always visit its web page and homepage. Continuously update your details on the site. 

So these were some of the most important things that should always be on the back of your mind while using search engine submission sites.

Top 100 Search Engine Submission Sites

Submission sites help to get noticed by the huge audience present online; what you have to do is find a perfect search engine.

Here is the table of top 100 search engine submission sites, which will help you save your time and provide you with the most relevant list. 

1Submission 4u
2Look seek
3Entire web
4Web world index
5Active search results
6Search sight
7Scrub the web
8Fyber search
9Black Absolute
10Active search results
11Social submission engine.
13Zhanzhang Baidu
14Salou hotels
15You find it
16Million Short
17One million directory
18Tower Search
19Directory add link suggest
21Tower Search
22Online society
23Atoz India
24Anaximander directory
26Add URL
27Intel seek
29Nexus directory
30Triple web directory
31Ezi street
32R directory
33Free PR web directory
34All free things
35Feed plex
36W3 catalog
37Directory fire
38Elite sites directory
39Synergy directory
40Excite directory
41247 web directory
42Directory free
43Link media
44Master moz
45Prior directory
46Anaximander directory
47Search sonic run
48User town
49Hot vs not
50Info- listings
52Mix cat
54Gain web
55Cipi net
56A1 web directory
57Free web submission
58Splat search
59Site promotion directory
609 sites
6101 web directory
62Similar sites
63Illumi rate
64Elite sites directory
65Site promotion directory
66R directory
67Thales directory
68Mad submitter
69Search sonic run
70Hot vs Not
72Fyber search
74Submission web directory
75So much
76Look seek
77Wot box
781 abc org
79Submit start
80Pegasus directory
81What u seek
wDirectory vault
83So much
84One mission
85Redo zone
86Similar sites
87Site Listings
88Exa lead
90A1 web directory
91Exact seek
92Ghetto search
94Elite sites directory
95Via Search
96Info tiger
97Active search result
98Link center
99Web squash
100Free submission web directory


The deciding factor of whether your site will get traffic or not is the reviews and rating column on the famous search engines. If you have better reviews and ratings, your site will take a good or top position on search engines. And for that, your content should be attractive and graceful. So always focus on some essential factors like site title, keywords highlight, etc. Promote your topic of interest online. 

Promotions and relevant Search Engine Optimization content can help your site reach top position and boost organic traffic on your site. 

The websites mentioned in the above table are free and affordable. Go through them and decide which one suits your profile best, and start working on it. 

Write content that is SEO-friendly and helps you access better rankings and traffic. 


What are some of the best International Free Search Engine Submission sites?

Given below are the Top 7 International Free Search Engine Submission sites

  • Google
  • Baidu
  • Bing
  • ASR
  • Giga Blast
  • Yandex
  • Sonic Run

What are some competitive Features of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP)?

Some competitive features of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) include

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Top news
  • Panel of Knowledge
  • Frequently asked queries, etc. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a Technique that helps improve website visibility on top search engines like Google, Bing, etc. 

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